Thursday, December 30, 2004

That Ole Overwhelmed Feeling

I've been leaving short posts here, not from a lack of what to say but a lack of time to say it in. It's the busy season at the paying job with Agents Licensing renewals due on January 1st. The few quiet moments I have are spent in recovery, not speeding through everything else I have to do. Right now, I should be working on lawsuits but I decided to come talk here first.

I worked on creating deadlines yesterday. January is my busiest month because I want to write a whole year of newsletters before starting on anything else. That way posting should go easier as well. I think I'm going to have to tweak the editing deadlines a little, considering I didn't factor that in with the writing deadlines. *Sigh*

Got the money stuff online finished, but haven't cleaned off my desk or plugged in my battery yet. And I'm not going to go into the download issues I've had with the stupid updated virus scan. I should have just bought the boxed version.

Time to earn my keep.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I need to make some. I need to have a whole year's worth of tutorials done before the end of February, along with the rest of the writing. Time to plan.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Where To Begin

I've been offline and too busy to get on the computer for the past four days. And three of those days, I couldn't even reach the computer. So a recap of the holiday weekend.

Friday Dec. 24
I finished the roof patch job Thursday night, banging my thumb in the process. Most of Friday was spent cleaning the back bedroom: finding places to store stuff, reorganizing a few things, mopping, and vacuuming. Finished the bathroom and the hall. Dad helped me move the mattresses around.

Saturday Dec. 25
Had to cook for Christmas dinner so this was the rest of the kitchen day. Was washing dishes when I looked out the window to see snow falling. Surreal, honest snowfall. Melted as soon as it hit the ground, but it was snow. Finished all the dirty dishes and the stuff that had migrated to the table went back to where it belonged. Had Christmas dinner with my parents and gave them their gifts. All my bedroom and living room needed were a mopping and vacuuming, and I got that done. Sorted through my drawers and recycled some T-shirts.

Sunday Dec. 26
All that's left is the office. And I couldn't walk in there. I moved the stacks so I could and ran out of steam. I waited for my company and colored. And watched all of "The Two Towers" commentary before they got there. Also noticed that something was wrong with Mustard's eye.

Monday Dec. 27

GRE day. Saw my company off and went to take the test. Made a 490 on the Quantative (Math) and 580 on the Verbal. Mustard needed to go to the vet. Put him in the cat carrier, and into the car, and the first stop was Southeastern. I was supposed to drop off my transcript, and I quizzed the person I had talked to on the phone that they were going to be open on the 27th. It was a ghost town.

Got Mustard to the vet and got oinment for his eye. Fixing him will probably happen next Monday. And since I was on the right side of town, I figured I'd check on all the cats. Putz, and Rick's four (two at the Faire site and two at his house) since they're all out of town. No keys.

Take Mustard home and get the keys. Opened the cat carrier door, but it didn't swing open very much. Okay, he'll push it open when he gets tired of it. Go check on all the cats. They're fine, except Putz. I can't seem to make Chad understand that yes, she's little but she has a fur coat. He had both his heaters on 75 degrees. She was ready to run out for relief. I turned one off and the other down to 65 degrees.

Finally got back home. The garbage had been scattered all over my driveway. Mustard was meowing pitifully, still inside the cat carrier. I had to laugh at him.

Mustard doesn't like the oinment until after you get it on his eye. It's just a little infected. Back at work, and we had seven buckets of mail so far. And now lunch is over.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Finished writing Blue Man

Finished writing Blue Man yesterday. Now I just have to type it.

We get to leave early today, WOOT! I have so much cleaning left to do at home; it's not funny.

And I just remembered I didn't say anything about the Yule ritual. It was very nice. We created a circle (which has to be the largest circle I've ever attended) and celebrated the turning of the Wheel of the Year.

Need the extra time at home. Also need to remember to go buy the last Christmas presents.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Addicted to CNN

I'm trying to wean myself off of it. I don't need to know that much about what's going on in the world. I did pretty good today; I only opened five windows in it instead of the usual twenty.

I'm working through Suze Orman's "The Laws of Money" book. I'm ahead of the game now, with very little worries and I want to stay that way.

Now back to the Blue Man that is almost finished.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This is a FIESTA!

Office party day. Though we have to jump around and party and work on the same day. So this is all you're getting today.

P.S. Bought a new mattress set yesterday. And Solistice tonight.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Seasonal cleaning

I accomplished a lot this weekend. I accomplished a lot this weekend. I have to keep repeating that to myself to stave off the feeling that I haven't done enough, I should be finished but that isn't humanly possible. Stupid guilt gene.

The kitchen is clean, except for the dishes to wash. The extra dryer that is being stored on my porch (don't ask) is now on the other side of the porch instead of right in front of the dryer I'm using. The living room is clean and dusted and filled with Christmas stuff. I actually got the tree put together, and I think Mustard understands he can't eat it. I don't know about the climbing yet.

My bedroom: mattress is flipped. And right now storing the hopefully now cleaned blankets in there. Haven't vacuumed or dusted yet. And I have to go through clothes and get rid of some.

Bathroom: needs organizing and and scrubbing. Litter boxes did get changed out and now Mustard has an enclosed one with a door.

Office: Have dealt with all the junk mail that had piled up. Now I need to reshelve books and file papers. Also I think I need a library cart. Tested the HP Laserjet and it's officially broken. I'll just have to save up for a new one.

The Back bedroom: *Deep breath* Putz peed all over the mattress in there, my Scooby-Doo huge stuffed animal, and all the clothes that were on the bed. I think I finally got the bedding cleaned, but the mattress is a lost cause. I used up an entire bottle of Febreeze and it didn't make a dent in it. And of course, we didn't make it to the back bedroom before I took Chad so he could finish stuff at the Inn before he leaves to visit with his mother for Christmas. Hindsight, we should have tackled that room first, but the kitchen looked so much worse.

Need to vacuum and mop all the wood floors.

Then I get to start on all the computer work that has been piling up. I promised I would get Red Planet back to Gold status, and I have work to do on Alt. BM Site and the Library.

And my friends from Florida will be here Sunday. GRE test Monday, and I don't know where any of my overseas address have gone (I think I put them in address book, but where in the office that is *rolls eyes*). I'll have to send out virtual e-cards and I feel guilty about that.

Any wonder why I want a vacation this time of year? Or the big giant remote to put the universe on hold until I'm finished cleaning. I could have so much more done if they didn't insist on me going to work.

And another reminder: Tell Disney thankyou for Gargoyles. And how much we want Season Two.

Take ten minutes and write them a nice thank you letter. Even a
postcard will do. Keep it short and sweet - this isn't the place to
take them to task for sending you on a retail scavenger hunt to find
the disc. Most importantly, tell them how much you look forward to
the release of SEASON TWO.

Here's the address:

Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Department CS
Burbank, CA 91521

(This is the address off the disc.)

Can't lose that address now.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday I'm in Love

It's a catchy tune. No other reason for using it as a title.

I have a Wal-Mart bag full of mail to go through. Joy. Have no choice really, but to bring it to work and sort it; I have bills in it somewhere to pay. Let me get busy.

Finished mail, and everybody is paid for the month. Well everybody that will shut off at least. I still have a few incidental debts to clear up.

Also worked on tweaking this blog, mainly to see how the year has progressed much quicker. I'm having some problems with it, but hopefully those will get ironed out once Support emails me back.

Time to do some typing.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Found it!

Doesn't spoil the naming theme. I just don't know why it wouldn't come up when I put in "Cassandra" in the search engine.

To explain, I used "Cassandra" as my role-playing alias in the Gargoyles TGS forums. This was before I knew about Mary Sues' and their problems. I wrote Cassandra's story out and that caused a lot of confusion. But I went ahead and used "Cassandra" to ask my questions and post my rambles to at Stataion 8's Ask Greg site. Though it looks like there's been a recent facelift, and is called the Gargoyles FiendSite.

Here's my anaylsis of Demona inspired by "Awakenings." Rewatching the episodes made me remember this.

Question received on Sun, April 02, 2000 06:37:37 PM
Cassandra writes...
Okay, I went back an read your rambles on the episodes ( Awakenings - Her Brother's Keeper). You felt the moment when Demona revealed her name lacked punch. It did, for me at least, but not because of the scene itself. From the beginning of Awakenings , the gargoyles had a dangerous edge but Demona was the one with the least control over hers. The scene with the Trio decides to scare the peasants, I knew they were "just picking" (even though it was picking that could have gotten dangerously out of hand). But Demona acted like if she could have found an excuse to rip the throat out of Tom's mother, she would have. By Awakenings Part 5, it's chillingly apparant just how ruthless and demonic Demona has become. Besides, it's a great twist on Goliath's earlier name of affection/endearment, Angel of the Night. Angel=light, darkness=night, demon=fallen angel=darkness=night. The scene became one of those moments when everything felt RIGHT. Of course, what else could you name her? moment. The question was just how long ago was she given the name.

When I first saw the expression on Demona's face when she and Goliath reunited in 1994, I sat up. Yeah, she was glad to see Goliath but she was angry too. My thought first seeing it was "Poor Goliath, nothing good is going to come from this." Looking back now, knowing Demona's history, I have to ask did she read the Magus's version of events from the Grimorum? If the Magus recorded things fairly accurately, then she had to realize that Goliath chose suicide instead of trying to raise the eggs alone. If he had stayed with the eggs, she would have returned with a story Goliath would have swallowed and they could have raised the eggs together. She never would have created the Hunter, she never would have met Macbeth, she never would have made the deal with the Weird Sisters, she would have died centuries ago. And in that moment of reuniting, Demona blames Goliath for all of it. She buries it quickly cause she wants to give him a chance to realize why her way is the only way, but it still there. Wow, all that from one line of dialogue.

There's my feedback for the day. Caio.

Greg responds...
Very cool analysis. I like that second paragraph particularly. I hadn't thought of Demona blaming Goliath then-and-there for all of that. Very cool.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000

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Thursday too long

Having another Diet Dr. Pepper that I shouldn't and looking for my comments I maid about Demona years ago. How her introduction in the 20th century totally chilled me to the bone. Turning out to be harder than I thought. I hope it hasn't gotten lost in a crash or something.

Chad will be spending the weekend with me. I haven't had a chance to ask how plans have changed with is mother. Which means hopefully I can get the house cleaned and decorated since I'll have another set of hands.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wednesday blahs

I think I have settled onto a theme for this week in titles.

*Gritting teeth.* Neil Gaiman won a damn Hugo with a comic book and they had to change the rules not to allow them any more. Movies have had sound a lot longer than you think; before talkies there were orchestras in movie theaters. And I'm reading the bloody comic in question and he's using WORDS with pictures to tell the story.

Her arguement doesn't hold water any ways. You're telling a story and it belongs in the story sections. Art doesn't tell a linear story, even though it may be inspired or inspire one.

But all that's just my nitpicking flaring up. What really pisses me off is the snarky attitude. "I don't have to tell you that I'm moving a thread because I'm the moderator. And of course I know more than you because I'm in the bloody school and that also entitles me not to explain my actions to you lowlifes on the board."

I'm remembering "ultimate power corrupts ultimately." And lack of sleep is blowing things out of proportion. But the extended version of "Return of the King" was good. *Sigh* I just wish they had left in the Scouring of the Shire. I understand the reasons for not, but it's still my second favourite part of the books and I miss it.

Got about half the laundry done. And straightened out the entertainment center. Need to get another shelf to go with it. Need to work in the kitchen tonight; it's the worst. Also need to find my bills and get those in the mail before Christmas. Problem is I don't want to work on math when I get home. But I have to do it before I go clothes shopping.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tuesday has a chance

Fine, I'll stop arguing with London about it. But I will maintain she should have said something yesterday when she moved the bloody thread. Proper net'iquette. And I actually spelt that right. :D

BMFM is coming out in 2006. It's euphoric to have followed it from the beginning to now again.

Chad's cat Putz is now safely home again. She's adorable, very affectionate, but I was tired of being licked awake at about 4:30am everyday. Mustard just crawls into bed with me or just howls a little for food. Though I did roll over him trying to find the snooze button this morning.

Some laundry has to be started tonight. It's going to go down into the 20s. (Farenheit). It's not supposed to get down into the 20s in Louisiana, but The Weather Channel says that it will. *Sigh* I don't have any clean pants. I'm wearing a skirt today and I freeze going outside.

I bought myself Gargoyles yesterday. :D I'm going for the box extended set of Lord of the Rings tonight. Put on the movies and clean. I still don't know where I'm going to put the Christmas tree, or how Mustard is going to react to it either.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday with a vengance

Work is hell. Faire is over. And my disaster area of a house is waiting for me.

Yeah, life is good :p

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Friday, December 10, 2004

Exhausted Yesterday Better Today

I think I was so tired because I woke up night before last during the latest storm and electric outage. Hot and sticky and my knee still hurt.

The knee--the doctor thinks it's Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Basically, it means my leg muscles are pulling my kneecap out of place. I've got a knee brace, ibuprofen, and therapy exercises--which I haven't had five free minutes to go in two days.

Worried about Red. I hope it's just work that has swallowed her whole.

I am feeling better today, more sleep or the fact Chad spent the night. Gutter minds have fun with that one.

Got the GRE scheduled for December 27th. Thank you Governor Blanco for giving us the Monday after Christmas off; the testing center isn't open on weekends. Yes, that really is our Governor's name.

I should be able to get all school stuff done that day and get in. I'm not going to be willy-nilly about this degree. No jumping around taking classes that don't count just 'cause they're interesting. Though I will make an exception if Joe Burns is giving a night or online course in Web Design.

And Fans! has had the most hysterical Friday cliffhanger ever. I know I'm the only one who likes this comic, but a Borg Scooby-Doo should appeal to more than just me.

Last weekend of Faire, but I don't know if I can wear the knee brace in my garb. I might have to be in street clothes 'cause I have to give my pirates their participation awards.

But once Faire is over, I can concentrate on the house and Yule. I know my co-workers think I'm as bad as Scrooge, but it still feels too early to get into the season.

Ah, but I think I found something that shall help. DAAAAA da da da da dum dum. Took fifteen years, but we now have the Phantom on the silver screen! Okay, so it's not exactly "It's a Wonderful Life." Damn, I may have to forgive Joel over the Batman disaster.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


The current To Do list is 22 items long and growing. I haven't wanted to merge it with my long term To Do list; I think that's a semblance of sanity self preservation.

Got the doctor's appointment for the knee tomorrow. So that will be working a half day. :p Need to stop missing so much work, but my knee isn't getting any better with home therapy. And I don't want to start heavy exercising again until I get it checked. And I need to start heavy exercising again to get the stupid weight off. And since I have been stressing lately and it's the days before hell week, I've been craving. No more sugar free chocolates ever, I'll just go ahead and have the real thing. I was so sick last night.

Computer systems under repair so I have a little free time. Better put it to good use and get into the next scene of the Blue Man.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Holiday season is cruel

It's not that they mean to be. It's a happy joyous season to spend with family and friends. It's not its fault that I'm just overwhelmed by everything that must be done, should be done, has to be done. *Whimper*

I haven't even got shopping done for my family yet. Other than Krista's--which I got months ago--I'm thinking gift cards. Kai and Mom both love to shop. And Kai's setting up a new house... okay, so it's been set up for a while but I'm sure she still has stuff she wants. Dad equals movie gift certificates. It's easy and it gets him out of the house if he uses them.

Now I just have to figure out what to get Chad. Oh, the combined efforts of everyone on cast berating him for not getting me a rose finally got through his male skull and he bought one for me on Saturday. Then he joked that he created a girly monster. I offered to kick him in the shins instead of making the puppy eyes.

He wants CDs of the Faire's musicians. I'll get a couple of those to start that collection off. And a wallet, he needs a new wallet.

My knee is still bothering me. I know, I know, I have to schedule a doctor's appointment after payday. I also have to schedule the GRE, eye doctor, dentist, the vet for Mustard, winter cleaning (the whole house needs a top to bottom scrub out), Yule decorating, Yule ritual, screening in the front porch, knocking out the office wall, getting classes for Master's, shopping for Christmas, writing, writing, and more writing.

Okay I can get Dave and Sean movie gift cards too. But what to get Billy and Misty?

I'm stopping this right now, and moving back to lawsuits and typing paragraphs of the Blue Man.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Back to normal

Well, almost.

It's not often I get to surprise my mother, but I did when I gave her a check big enough to pay off the gasoline credit card. I told her I was going to. *Shrug*

Going to start working on "The Blue Man" and finish it while working on Zy's novel. It's interesting looking at the same character at two different ages. Keep thinking about finishing up Zack's saga. That's would only take about three years of free time.

Still trying to figure out what is wrong in my checkbook. I've gotten $40 off somehow. Must be a duplicate record in my registar somewhere. And it's tedious double-checking this, because I had to start at the beginning of the account, listing it in Quicken... from over a year ago. That's what I'll be working on when I get home.

But first, I'm going to the gym. I haven't been in two weeks for various reasons. Time to get back on track.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004


It's finally all official! WOOT!

Now to finish paying the bills.

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House update

Been very busy at work. And halfway closed on the house. Finish the paperwork today and should get the money and a deed. Of course, it means missing a whole day of work since the earliest they could work me in was 10am. *Sigh* I'll just have to be super-super good for the next 4 months.

But it does give me time to do banking, pay things off, and get my car worked on.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Quote I need to memorize

Writers need to learn that those horribly polite form letters do not necessarily mean the work is not good; it just means that those particular words on paper are not what the publisher desires to buy.

Page 213 The Writer's Guide to Fantasy Literature.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Officially Droppping Out

That's right, I'm officially dropping out of my unofficial participation in NaNo, beautiful fail experiement that is was for me. I keep blaming it on the insanity of the month, but the truth is I cannot make myself write everyday. End of the story. I couldn't even get my ass out of bed to write this morning.

Force myself some how, go back to spend five minutes a day on it. Something damnit! If I don't have any damn disciple now, how the hell am I expecting to have it with real deadlines?

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Turkey Day

Parents haven't gone out of town, and coming with us to dinner. Since that was Chad's bright idea, he's moving furniture today. *Sigh* Okay so he's right about I'd be on their shit-list for months.

And it looks like I've lost a 441 word chunck of fighting dialogue for Zy's Novel. And as hard as it is for me to write right now I'm not happy about losing it.

Guess it's back to stripping the table, since I can't find any help on the Internet.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Stressed? Who Me?

Really, I try not to be, but it just happens. Money issues don't make it any better. House stuff should wrap up by Monday or Tuesday. Goddess, I hope so.

"The Rose" was rejected Nov. 21st. Time to send it to the next on the list.

I'm leaving work early so I can catch up on house work and do some writing at home. I'd love to say hello to Chapter Six before this weekend.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

T not slow

I haven't been reporting that. Mainly because I do use this blog to vent and blow off steam, and I don't do so well reporting the good stuff.

Yes, Chad and I have been talking about this all weekend, and then some. Chad does appreciate me. The first thing he told me when I came to help with the tickets and sandwiches on Monday was "Thank God your here." And I'll admit a good portion of all this is me too; I'm not totally innocent. I've been stressed and frustrated about the house situation.

We're going to have Thanksgiving with just the two of us, since both of our families are busy doing stuff we can't participate in. (My parents are planning a trip, and his mother's boyfriend is undergoing a medical procedure.) That's allieviating my frets about him not wanting to spend time with just me.

So let me go get caught up on Zy's novel and finish lunch.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

So how did Sunday go?

Though I don't think I should. I mean I'm having a bad time, nothing to serious just I'm tired and cranky and tired and everything is rubbing me the wrong way. Chad and I are way too used to being single and not used to thinking of being in a unit.

And he has apologizied and sent virtual flowers. And he kept shooing me to work on the novel last night.

I have pirates who want to build. If it's not just me, I may actually get my sunken ship.

Now I have to go get some more lunch, since I'm going to be here probably late tonight.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Another Blogger book deal

I'm happy for them, but really, this thing becoming a novel has about the same chances as me winning the Powerball that I don't play. Just as well, I suppose, I want to write fiction.

Yesterday was the nastiest day at Faire for the past couple of years. I was having flashbacks of the first year we opened. First year: how do stop a drought in southern Louisiana? Alvon and Rick open a Renaissance Festival. Since it was a drought, nobody had any idea what the drainage issues would be. It started pouring first day and didn't stop. Second weekend was canceled because we were wading through thigh-high mud.

The drainage problems have been fixed, so most of yesterday was avoiding patches of clay, staying dry as possible, and trying to cook over a fire in the rain. We have 400 die-hards come through the gate in patches, and the merchants who were open all made money. I got wet and became an ice cube. Waiting on garb to dry so I can get dressed.

Chad and I are spating. He's just being a clueless male, and I'm out of patience with it. I told him he needed to come home with me Saturday night to deal with his cat that's sleeping in my back bedroom. I thought about it later and decided Friday night would be better. Granted I didn't tell him that, because being sleep deprived over sandwich making I forgot.

Friday, I left work early to get survey maps. That's right they finally finished. I visited with Mom for a little while and took her car to go get the plastic bread trays and pick up Chad. He doesn't want to come home with me Friday, but needs me to wash his laundry. Sunday would be better since I'm going to be late going into work on Monday finishing up survey paperwork. Okay fine, even though that doesn't mean any sleep late time for me, since I'd have to get him back on site for 6:30am and nothing I have to do in Hammond opens until 8am.

"Let's go eat."

"Let's wait for Kenn and Amy, they were at the store."

I figured he meant Lowes'. An hour later spent visiting with the Dagoons, "Where are Kenn and Amy?"
"They went to Wal-Mart, they should be back here now."

"Call them!" They went to Wal-Mart in Slidell, and we're now on their way to Faire Site. Slidell being 45 minutes away. I try not to live by my stomach, but going from noon to 8pm is a long time without anything to eat, especially when I normally eat around 6pm.

They finally got there, we packed up the leftover milk (don't ask), and figured now was the perfect time to eat. Of course, Kenn and Amy had already eaten, it's 8:30pm!

I had planned on getting the stupid bread trays, dropping them off at Mom's store, and be home and writing at 7pm at the latest, with or without Chad. Mustard had vanished on me and wasn't inside and I was worried about that.

We eat at Ryan's. I'm still upset over being completely railroaded, and what I needed done completely ignored. Kenn keeps saying Chad should go home with me tonight, and Chad still doesn't get it. He finally says "I need a stress free weekend to catch up on my sleep."

"How is coming to my house stressful?" He stammers something that doesn't answer my question. We haven't tried to have sex since August, every time I thought we would sleep over at the Inn, Joe or Kenn and Amy would show up. But good grief, I know he's exhausted and I wasn't trying to get him to come with me to rape him!

"How is coming to my house stressful!" He doesn't answer, or says that isn't what he meant. "You sure the hell implied it! I'm going home!" Snatching purse off table and I storm out of the restaurant.

Chad sits his ass inside.

I was furious by the time I hit the car door. By the time I got home at 9:30, I was too mad to write. Trying to leave some choice statements on his voicemail, I got ahold of Di and Jeff who needed a place to sleep. Come on over, Kindra not getting any tonight. Not even a cuddle.

What did I say on the phone? I wasn't appreciated, his hobby/business is always more important than my hobby/business. I had put the novel on hold all damn week to help him build his goddamn bag lunches, and all I got was his dirty garb linen. He only wants to be with me because of washing machine, not because he actually desires me. Nobody wants to fuck cute and I guess that's why he doesn't want to fuck me. Bad enough to go through your entire life under the damn ugly duckling syndrome, but even worse when you think you found a guy that looks pass that and he only kisses you to shut you up. And your cat pissed on my guest bed and the clothes waiting for the sewing machine on it. ANd why don't we invite Kenn and Amy over because maybe then you'll want to spend time with me and I can get some sex!

Then he tries to fix this with phone calls. I'm at the still mildly peeved stage. Dinner (with everyone in tow) was supposed to be a make-up. No flowers, even though I told the rose girl to go find him. His excuse on that was "I'm blind as a bat and didn't see her." The Inn was full of cast members! All of which already know we're spatting and you didn't have them look?! "I wanted to be a surprise."

"I was at the pirate camp all DAMN DAY!"

No, he still hasn't dug himself out. And I may leave early today without him if he keeps pulling this stupid crap and the weather is nasty.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Doesn't feel like Friday

Because we had extra days off the last two weeks. Heck I was out sick Monday, and it still feels like today should be Saturday.

50% chance of scattered T-storms both Saturday and Sunday. Yeah, we'll be getting wet at Faire. :p

All caught up on sleep. Now if I get caught up on lawsuit entries, I might have a chance to write today. At least I can count on lunch.

And today is the first day of something I don't want to get yelled at about so I'm not saying. Personal reminder.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

No more sandwiches

That's right, we got done and I was in bed by 10:30pm. Woot! If I was feeling so crappy, it would have been a good night's sleep. I hope I'm not coming down with a cold. Chad says he's not doing bag lunches for next year's Student Days. I retorted with "that's the same thing you said last year and you talked yourself into doing it again." He swears he's going to sell T-shirts. Check this entry in a year and see who was right.

I'm almost finished with "How to Write a Damn Good Mystery" by James N. Frey, but I think a lot of those ideas will be in the rewrite portion. On the flip side, I've already done a lot of work on Zy's novel and I've already completed some steps.

My right knee is hurting. Feels bruised, and hurts every time I stand up. Getting out of the car is agony. I guess I better look up knee problems. After I get what I have written in Zy's Novel posted.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Taking a deep breath

I finally get one during lunch. I hate Novemeber, I hate my job, I hate making bag lunches for Chad.

The current job apathy is because renewal season has kicked into overdrive, and I'm sleep deprived because of staying up making sandwiches for the bag lunches Chad sold for the scool days. Yes, my brain does know all the good reasons for doing it and it understands and it agrees. But my mouth wants to bitch and will continue to bitch. Just one more night.

Greek food good.

I'm reading stuff on copywriting, still wondering if it would make a good career path. I like Jazz's idea to try NaNo in a different month, but I still want to try for 50,000 words. It's not that hard, four pages a day, which is where I should be anyway.

Could I turn this blog into a publishing deal? I don't think so, it's too willy-nilly.

I'm not looking at any changes until after the house stuff is finished. Yes, the survey is still in limbo--every time I call I get a different story. Now the Planning Commission is supposed to call me. I've decided I'm not paying the surveyors until a) I get the survey map, and b) they bill me. Both have to happen.

That's all for now. Let me see if I can take a 15 minute nap.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

725 words

That is a really crappy performance for three days of writing. And of course the weekend is dead writing time anyway. Who's bright idea was it to put NaNo in Novemeber anyway? Why not June? I don't have nearly as much going on in June.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Why did we have to come to work on a Friday?

We only got the 11th off for Vetern's Day. And that caused oodles of fun yesterday. Reading through the link Cassidy found, Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust and enjoying it. Especially needed to have the info on taxes.

Surveyors - I went to see what the hold up was this time. The Tangiphoa Planning Commission didn't have any issues with the land I'm buying, but had issues with a division of the stuff my grandmother still owns and is supposed to be attached to my father's acre. So the dashed lines got erased from the map and she delivered it to the commission yesterday. Commission was closed due to Vetern's Day, so hopefully they'll approve it today and I can leave early and get it done.

I got plastic photo holders to hold my notecards for Zy's Novel in the three-ring binder with the rest of the stuff. That was a good idea.

Chad wasted a trip to the post office trying to mail School Day tickets out. He couldn't remember that I'm off and that means banks and post office are closed too. Then he and Kenn wasted about 2 hours on lunch. I told them Joe has them trained to take forever, and that's why they never seemed to get anything accomplished. It only took me 2 hours after that to put my box together.

I finally got home after 5pm, and got started on house cleaning. Got most of the laundry done, and all dishes but one pot washed.

Caught up with Mom. She got the job at Southeast Something. It's a mental hospital, and she's working with teenagers. She says it's a different world from her old job, and wants me to keep an eye out for office openings. Apparantly everyone in there is retirement age.

Writing, yes I have been working on NaNo, but it's not on the computer yet. As soon as I get it typed, I'll have to do a combined three-day post.

And I think that's it for now.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Vacation Day

You know, that's really a lie. I have more planned for today than any of my so-called working days.

Here's to getting it all done.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The luck of my life

Everything is coming to a head at the same time. I should have map in my grubby hands tomorrow. I should make some progress on NaNo tomorrow. I hopefully won't have to stay late at the office tonight.

Let me eat so I can have some typing time.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ignore the hair in my hand

Ignore the bald spot on my head.

We only had two batchers yesterday. I didn't leave the office till 5pm. When I got home it was doing research for the next portion I have to write.

I did get some writing done on NaNo, but very little. And no time to put it up. I'll go do that now.

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Return of the Sith

If this movie lives up to this trailer, I might cut George a tiny bit of slack for the way the first two came out.

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What a weekend

It was our best opening day ever. Weather was perfect and most everything ran smoothly. My pirates garb looks great, they're playing with the patrons, and we're getting better at the Peasant Court case.

Sunday night, I had to wait for pirates to come back to camp and get their stuff. And then explain to one what Captain Peabody means. Then we had a birthday cake for Mitch, and Chad had to get his laundry. Home before 8pm, but Chad took forever in the bathroom and I was waiting for him to get finished before eating. 10pm, he was expecting me to take him back to the Inn and I was spending will power points to stay conscious. My knee is still protecting stairs, for some reason it doesn't like doing that full movement. And I had a hard enough time getting out of the car when we got to my house.

I convinced him we needed to stay. We have to work on our communication skills. I'm tired of having to go into hysterics to convince him I don't want to wrap around a tree. And then I set the alarm for 4pm instead of 4am. Luckily, Chad woke up at 5am and we hauled ass getting dressed. But then discovered that Chad had left a car door ajar and drained my battery. Mom was about to leave to her new job--no, I didn't know anything about this--and was able to jump us off.

After all that, and I still made it to work on time. Good thing too, as of now we still have 3 people out.

I was in no condition to write this weekend. :p Which is very aggravating, but unavoidable at this stage. Work has now geared into the renewal season, so I think I'll be trying to get the 1667 words a day at home now. Hopefully close to that much.

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Friday, November 05, 2004


I didn't get enough sleep last night, and that is affecting my concentration on the story. Why didn't I get enough sleep? Oh, because I was being girly and crying myself to sleep. Stupid personal shit, nothing to do with the state of NaNo or anything like that.

Should I be flattered or afraid my Dreambook has been signed by someone adopting Tala's name?
I'm proud of her, I knew it was only a matter of time before she had fans, but I also know how hard she fights not to be a depraved basketcase. Okay, I think I'll keep the mixed feelings on that one.

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Okay something is screwy with the posting to Discipline Under Fire. Must be the same thing Jazzy complained about. I sent the email like the Internal Error page told me to.

I got 1495 words done yesterday, but I don't know when I'll get a chance to post them.

I glued the pirate flag together and the peices got a little off. *Sigh* Next year I'm getting five of them silk screened.

Hope this goes through.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

No comments at Discipline Under Fire

Yes, that was deliberately. None of that stuff is ready for critiquing. When it is ready, I'll put it up at Pen to Paper or Forward Motion.

I cracked over a thousand words yesterday. I could have gotten more, but I decided to go see Chad. Okay, he bribed me with La Carretta. Yummy Mexican food. :D And I discovered I can write on an exercise bike.

Speaking of exercise, I'm going to be cranking that up to the next level.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Losing memory

I knew I was forgetting something yesterday--going to the insurance agencts. Because the survey's not finished, I forgot all about it.

Found a new link, The Dionaea House. Have fun. :D

Time to get started on Zy's novel. I have nearly 4000 words to get caught up.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day vacation

Thanks to somebody years ago, state workers get Nov. 2cd off every four years. Go vote for the president now!

I decided I better get it done before attempting to do anything else. I made it to the polls at 8am. 8:20 still in line. I think we need more machines. But apparantly, this is the short line; when the polls opened at 6am, the line reached down the road.

Somebody came out and told us what's going on. My line just got shorter. They need ropes like Disney World.

8:40am done! They split and changed some of the precinct and there's a lot of mass confusion. But I voted and that's all that matters.

Now did I get any writing done? Not really. I finally got all the email addys straight and sent out my "hey I'm on Gmail now" notice to those who matter. That took forever, so I need to keep those address books updated more frequently. Then I cooked. Should have enough food for the next two weeks. So I only got 718 words written. Better than I did yesterday, but DAMN what am I going to have to do to myself to make me sit down and WRITE!

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Tearing hair out

Now I remember why I had to develop the writing hour AFTER my co-workers left. Yes, we have slow, yes, I could be writing, but they won't SHUT UP! I can't concentrate! Bloody hell I'm going to have to do half my writing in the moring or after I get home.

And surveying crap is supposed to be finished next week. Goddess, I'm getting tired of that run around!

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Fastest update in the West

Can't waste precious writing time. I'm officially dieting now along with working out since I only lost 2 and 3/8 inches over all and gained 5 pounds.

Hopefully surveying stuff will be done by tomorrow.

NaNoWriMo has official started. Away I go.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

More Halloween pics

For details on construction, see Eowyn dress notes Day One, Day Two, and Day Three. (P.S. I do not recommend trying to do a sewing project in three days.)

Craziness at work and no writing. *Bonks head on desk* Maybe I can scribble at dinner.

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I was in bed at 6:30pm and I don't remember anything until the alarm went off this morning. I didn't even take anything to help me sleep!

Too much to do, too much to do, too much to do.

I need to finish all the writing projects, finish sewing pennants for the camp--pirate tent is coming this weekend WOOT!, plan my ritual for Samhain, shopping at some point.

And surveyor stuff STILL isn't finished. GRRRR!

But at least 4 days off in November and I'm not doing anything for at least 2 of them. Writing time!

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Nothing else got done today

What working brain cells I had concentrated on paying work. The dress notes was mostly written last night when I was still awake. So nothing at Discipline Under Fire today.

Damn, I got 3 days to finish everything. Going to sleep now.

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Eowyn Dress Notes Day 3

For what has gone on before, see Day One and Day Two.

12:25a.m. - Back panel finished. Time to fit again. Looking pretty good. Too bad I don't have a working camera. Not too full at the bottom, so yeah chopping the hemline at the beginning has worked so far. (Now realize I didn't do as good of fitting as I should have. Checked the hem, and placed panels together but didn't pin them. Had I pinned them, I might have seen the problem I found before work.)

12:50a.m. - Body of underdress finished. Now neck peices.

1:05a.m. - Yes, I finally got the iron-on interfacing to work right!

1:25a.m. - Sewing machine is protesting sewing through interfacing. Probably have something set wrong. I'm taking a thirty minutes nap.

2:00a.m. - Decided I better jump to the surcoat so it can soak in the tea dye. Discovered I have to have peice 11 at least two. I'm really not crazy about this pattern.

3:00a.m. - I don't know fucking anything about altering patterns. (Discovered that I had to have four panels of peice 11. Made the last two as skinny as I could, so not to add to the bottom circumfrence.)

5:00a.m. - Well, I have something resembling an undress in blue and something resembling a sideless surcoat in red. No time for tea dye. I also skipped a lot of steps. Underdress: neck opening facing, trimming the sleeve seams, hemming. Surcoat: installing lining correctly, loops for laces, trim.

Perfectionist me hates it. It's not even close to what Eowyn wore. I've got a wooden sword and a coffin shield (yes, I know the Rohan have circular but I was out of time and money). so I won't look any worse than the ones who bought their costumes. And then the bodice of the underdress is too small.

But I wore it all day long proudly. When I wasn't yawning my head off.

I didn't place. The two groups had hilarious skits.

What have I learned from all this? I hate McCalls' patterns. I seriously doubt any recreation Mideval gown needs fiftenn to sixteen peices. I need a new pattern for a sideless surcoat. I learned I can't sew in a hurry. I learned to get material that the wrong side is easily discernable or else mark it. I learned I can't sew when I'm sleepy. I learned to research before I buy materials.I've learned my seams always correct ease-of-fit issues (I make big seams.) and I should go with the package recommendations. Cutting two sleeves doesn't work one on top of the other; pattern must be flipped.

Reflections: I'd like to try it again, but with a saner budget if time and money. Or maybe I should try chainmail?

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Eowyn dress notes Day 2

For what happened before see Day One

5:45a.m. - Trying to get more tissue paper patterns cut, but I can't find the scissors. Found the scissors buried under the tissue paper. Got three more peices pinned to the blue. Most importantly the sleeves. Got to get dressed now.

Looking ahead, I think Peice 11 of the overdress will have to be narrowed. Which means I should probably narrow Peices 3 and 4 on the underdress.

6:15p.m. - Cooking before sewing. Finish eating and get started cutting out the rest of the tissue patterns.

8:40p.m. - Now have all the peices I am using pinned to the material both blue and red.

Fourth Step - setting up the sewing machine. I packed it to go to the Inn last weekened and haven't unpacked it yet. The back bedroom is my sewing room though it has exploded into the living room. Slight delay due to going outside and watching the lunar eclipse.

Fifth Step - cutting material.

10:20p.m. - After lots of short breaks to watch the eclipse, I finally got all the peices cut out. Feet are really hurting since I have to do all the cuttin standing up.

Sixth Step - following the directions and sewing up the dresses.

11:00p.m. - My first big oopsie. Sewing on side panels and managed to put the seams on opposite sides of the front panel. Take apart and redo.

11:30p.m. - Oopsie fixed. Front part of blue underdress is done. Looks like it fits. Here comes the hard part, the first peices left out. Sewing up the back seam, no zipped. Zippers in Middle Earth, ha! Then fitting it to me.

Thriced damn the way they designed the bodice of this gown! I'll have to add in peice 4 and I'm not sure there's enough material left. (I had decided earlier to leave peices out to narrow the shilloutte of the gown. Here I discovered that won't work. The blue material is actual salvage sheets, so it is in very limited supply.)

Okay, found two blue peices big enough for peice 4. At this point I don't care about the hem line. If I ever have time after Faire, I'll add more material to the bottom.

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Sewing craziness and tweaking templates

I have more detailed notes on the sewing madness that I will add in later. Just know for now that I won't be going to the Y tonight and I probably won't be sleeping either.

Tweaking template: I think I'm going to go with expandable post summaries for Discipline Under Fire. Just to tidy up the home page, and making finding only the posts you want to read a lot easier.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Eowyn dress notes Day 1

I've been heavily influenced by dress diaries lately. So I tried my hand at keeping notes while working on the Eowyn Refugee Dress. So here are those notes, hopefully I can remember to expanded the really short ones.

Eowyn Refugee Dress Project

Project goal

Unfortunately, the digital camera is battery-less and I can't take really crappy pictures of my progress. Seriously, it's a cheap camera and the resolution is awful.

First Step - analyze pattern and take measurements. I bought McCall's 3653 because it had a sideless surcoat. It looks like I can also get the blue underdress out of the same pattern. I don't need to go so wide at the bottom. The film dress has a flare, but this looks like it has material to trip on. Measurements say I should be a size 20, finished garmet size 18. I think I'll be measuring before I cut peices.

Second Step - pick and wash the material. Prepare tea dye. I borrowed Mom's stock pot and am brewing eight family size tea bags now. When the dresses are onstructed, I'm going to soak it in the tea. Hopefully overnight so the blue and the red get dark. Most people would tea dye the material before sewing, but since it's the perfect red for pirate pennants I'm just going to dye the finished gown.

Fold laundry, wash dishes, pick up while waiting on washer and drier. Put in Sleepy Hollow so I can watch the end again while doing chores. After Sleepy Hollow, I put in a CD of Anime Music Videos. The tea smells great.

Third Step - cutting out peices. Blue material finished first so now to get the undergown started. Trying to figure out what size of the tissue to cut out isn't as easy as it sounds. To make things easy on me, I'm going with a size 18. I'll have to do a fitting.

11:30p.m. and I'm stopping for the night. My feet have gone numb. I've only gotten one peice cut out, the second laid out, and the rest identified and I haven't even started on the red material yet. I'm hoping to finish the cutting out before I go to work in the morning.

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Working on changing email

Billy got me a Gmail account. I'll be sending out the "my email addy is changing" as soon as I have a chance to get on my home computer. For now you can still reach me through Hotmail.

Went to a party at Marcie's last night to celebrate her new job at DEQ (Department of Enviromental Quality) and didn't get home until 9pm. So no sewing done. Also meant I had to drive to Faire site and pick up my cell phone from Chad this morning. I've found a time when he's not perky in the morning, before dawn!

I can't wait for Shinigami's reaction to Lotus Blossom reveal. He corrected my math for how long ago World War II was for 2004--forgetting that Bloodlines is set a decade earlier. Now he's trying to figure out who the Shedder is since Nagi was killed--a fact that was never mentioned in the film dialogue. *Chuckle* Time for a new chapter to go up too.

Let me get to work, writing work that is. Though I'm thinking of changing the post showings to seven days if people are only coming by once a week.

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Monday, October 25, 2004


I finally decided on the Halloween costume for this year: Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. Now I just have to sew like crazy once I figure out how to make whichever gown I'm going to make. For some reason I thought she was in a sideless surcoat for most of her scenes. That's what I get for not having bought the movies yet. So now I'm trying to find the dress and something is really wrong with the work Internet connection.

Looks like the one I was thinking of was the brown and blue ensemble. Let me see if I can figure out posting pictures.

Yeah, got it. :D I think I have enough light blue stuff to at least make a blouse version of the underdress. But the material I bought is red. Looks like I'll be tea dyeing that to get it darker.

I did find this site all on building LoTR garb. This is the page for this dress.

Yeah, I really don't like sleeping.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Just give me a day off and I could clean the world

Or at least the rest of my house. I got the material box transferred from my Rubbermaid trunk to the new plastic box and have a little more room in the new box.

Of course you can't have a day off just on a whim like that. That's what the weekend is for. But my weekends are just as full as the rest of the work week.

I think I got the plot of the rest of Blue Man worked out. Now I just have to write it. I've been working on tutorials to give myself a buffer there. Onward, if I can finish Blue Man before resuming work on the novel that will help the backstory out immensely.

Oh and must remember to only put up PDF link at Pen to Paper thread. Gets way too confusing when I just post sections. Post sections in Discipline Under Fire. Back to work now.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

I hate this time of year

Doesn't matter that my alarm clock is still set for the right time. My brain gets one look at the sky and mumbles "it's the wrong color" and dives under the covers for some more snooze time. I think it's time to invest in one of those clocks that wakes you up with noise and light.

Oh bloody hell, no notecards. They must be at home somewhere. And I don't remember what journal entry I wanted to write for chapter four of Zy's novel. Well it wasn't first on the list to do today anyway.

I went ahead and started a Gmail account. I like the interface, though I'm still leery of transferring everything to it. I could just keep it as a super secret email too.

Time to get to work before the mail gets here.

Oh, but I am doing something right. I'm wearing a pair of work pants that I had put aside as being too snug for comfort. No problems with them today. :D

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

November plans

Blogging Your Novel: Part One

Yeah, I'm intrigued. Both Red and Jazzie crashed and burned with NaNoWriMo, but I think Red was going to play again. I don't want to join it officially join because both novels I need to finish are already started, and that is inherently against the rules.

Plus my supervisor has told me yet again, too much time on the Internet. I've noticed my writing projects lagging. *Sigh* Not good.

I can't join, but I like the idea of putting it in blog format. And it doesn't go against my tired of getting feedback to early feeling if I don't activate a comment feature. And I also like the idea of making myself churn out four pages a day for an entire month and finishing the damn thing.

That also leaves me with half a month to finish the rest of the stuff on the writing back burner. What's on that list?

Tutorials newsletter: should be two months ahead in each category.
WT29: Cliffhangers 2 is written
EL07: Judging Characters is written
GG10: no clue
WT30: Cliffhangers 3 is rough drafted
EL08: Antagonist needs to be written
GG11: no clue

That's shaping up nicely. Short Stories:
The Blue Man on the Porch need to finish first draft.
Underneath the Colored Lights need to finish rewrite.
Elizabeth's Oak needs editing and possible rewrite for publication.
Dreams of the Dead needs rewriting, don't remember where I left off.

That's what I have with me at work. Of course that's ignoring the Group Script and trying to catch up on the Forward Motion forums.

Half a month? Try 10 days, Kindra. Oy vay. And I haven't had any time at home to update Alt BM. Discipline under fire. I need discipline. Plus I can't sew until my fingers are healed, but typing seems to be back up to speed.

Course it also means I'm going to have to rebunkle and get back into those writing exercises.

Wasting slow time now. Hop to it!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


But it was worth it. Recapping is going to take a while; bare with me.

Friday: cleaned half the house, finished putting striped doublet together (minus hooks and eyes and decorative buttons), and surveyors don't show up. Finally get ahold of their office and they'll be out first thing Saturday morning. Mom had me help unload stuff at her new shop. Yes, shop. Mom is going into collectible-selling business. Finally get a hold of Chad because I'm supposed to spend the night with him, and I'm starting to get that hysterical panic because nothing is finished. And he insists on me getting online, which I hadn't been able to do all day. Saw he bought the tickets to the Kenny Wayne Sheppard concert, and finally got over to the Inn--forgetting half of what I was supposed to bring. And then Joe shows up, killing all my romantic plans for the rest of the evening.

Saturday: First workshop day at the Faire and everything went smoothly for my pirates. The surveyors finally came and they found something was off. Dad thought it happened when the land was divided after my great-grandmother died. Anyway, they have to fix that before driving my corners in, and I don't know when that will be done. Finished putting the hook and eyes on the doublet. Chad and I went back to my house and collapsed from exhaustion.

Sunday: Building at the Inn. I avoided the rest of my house cleaning and paid for it dearly. They wanted to make the shinny brass fixtures on the doors not shinny. Amy had heard that ammonia makes brass old looking. So I scrubbed the brass padlock clasp. It was a bust, and we decided that we better go with spray paint. Nobody bought gloves and I forgot to wash my hand. Then Amy mixed up bleach to scrub the baskets that already had mildew on them and I helped with that. I had to stop when my fingers started burning and I had no idea why. I still have holes in my fingertips. And no, I didn't figure out I had made hydrocholoric acid on my right hand until Monday. Boys got started on the new hearth and oven, and Amy and me hung the pennents.

Typing is still hell, since my middle finger has the biggest hole in it.

Monday: Work as usual, even though we lost two batchers. One is out this week on vacation, and one had to leave early due to a family emergency. But we got it done. I picked up Chad, and we booked it to the Varsity.

The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, and they didn't start till 9pm. Lord and Lady, how that man can play. But our feet went numb before it had even started. Scant seating in the Varsity. Oh but it was a great show. Must buy all his albums now, while he only has three. And the guitar Kenny Wayne used the most, you know that one is his baby. All the paint was wore off from the edge of the guitar to the strings where the wrist rests. And they ended with "Voodoo Child" again, and he played the guitar behind his head.

Belated supper was at Walker's Waffle House. We were the only real customers sitting in the meat locker of a restaurant, so food was quick and we barely had time to drain our drinks. Chad finally had to ask the waitress not to refill it since we had to sleep tonight.

I got home and in bed at 1am. I crawled out of bed at 6:30, which is the time I'm supposed to be driving. Consequently, I got caught in wreak traffic and was 30 minutes late to work.

But it was worth it.

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Monday, October 18, 2004


Chad got the tickets :D I'll have to let you know tomorrow how the concert will be. :D

*Happy Dance*

Though Joe is now known as "Joe of the Bad Timing."

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Thursday, October 14, 2004


Well, I have an all day appointment with the surveyors tomorrow. So I guess I'll be finishing my sewing projects while waiting on them. And then cleaning projects. No shortage of things to do at my house.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How do you know it's the middle of the week?

Only me and T seem to be chatting in our blogs.

I was bad today. Only got 5 lines done on the rescue Ashley scene. Still perculating I guess. And it will prbably need some poofing to make it fill Act One.

And I finally got to section in the Murder book on Thrill/Lust and Sexual homicides. Nolan is a Ted Bundy type. Thestern, I'm not exactly sure what he fits. Still researching. But gee why do I think everybody's going to like Thestern more as a villian because he has such clear motivations--even if it's coming out of left field. Probably for the same reason Nolan is cliched because I'm going with documented research.

*Staples the note 'Don't share background info unless wanting a specific question answered' to monitor*

Chad probably feels the brunt of my teeth gashing more than online friends do. Because I have this need to gab otherwise why would I write in the first place. And he has this need to ask my why I'm tearing my hair out. And if looks could kill, he wouldn't had to worry about his play attendence grade after he suggested Cyndia's quirk should be Tourette's Syndrome. Just a little serious support for my chosen career; the same I afford your's. Thank you very much. (P.S. For those worried about the status of our relationship, he actually came up with a good suggestion collectng slogan buttons that I'm going to use. After I gave him more info, and made a few heads turn in the theater why Tourette's Syndrome is publishing suicide. He does try, he just has to be stupid first.)

Anyway, I was lazy today. Mainly because I found The Great Pattern Review of the Greater San Francisco Bay Costumers' Guild. I don't want more sewing, but I do want to wear more pretty clothing. No Civil War, growing up here you either love it or hate it. I want to do Victorian, Edwardian, Colonial, Roaring 20s, outlandish fantasy. But no where to wear them to, and Halloween too close for sewing. *Sigh* And my striped doublet is wrong because I don't have sleeves. I lost them in the shipwreck, problem solved.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Playing around

I added the email feature. Now you should be able to email whoever you want with lovely link to my blog. Now I suppose the pressure is on to come up with email worthy news. HA HA!

Can't get the Quick Edit feature to work. I'm think it must be the security measures at work. So I'll have to test it from home. Hey! Now it is working! Wow, I did something right.

Workout was great. Took me an hour and a half to get through the 60 minute workout, but that's because the program is designed for the comfort of your own living room--not walking across the gym to get the equipment you need. Then I treated myself to dinner at Waffle House. I have to cook tonight. :p

Need to finish the catch-up typing on "Thanks" and then I need to work on the rescue action scene. But today is going to be one of those killer days since the Post Office was closed Monday for Columbus Day. After that I need to see if Nolan wants to be cooperative now.

Anything to keep my mind from fretting. Now my worry is that Chad is in no hurry to get the concert tickets and it will be sold out when he does decide to buy them. So I'm being anal and pessimistic at the same time, woo-hoo.

Time to type.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Fly forever, Superman

Christopher Reeves died Saturday.

Well, I can actually exercise this week. For some reason I've been thinking that the concert was tonight, even though I know it's on the 18th. As Chad said, "PLEASE don't delete a whole week, we need it!"

All my pirates haven't given me their character names. Oh boy. And I still have to make my long sleeved doublet, as well as finish my striped doublet and striped breeches.

And at some point I have to do the update for Alt. BM.

Let me catch up on typing.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Icky weather

Finished the fitness assessment. Yes, I'm over-weight, my fat ratio to lean muscle mass is 36%, I have poor flexibility, and the 3-minute stress test nearly killed me. Nothing I wasn't expecting. Now I'm just waiting to see when my life is going to chill out so I can start adding in the A workout. :p

The perfect dialogue snatch came to my brain this morning. It's for the next BMFM and TMNT crossover. During the fight between Zack and the Oroku champion and after his eyes have blazed white.

C: You're not human... some kind of demon!
Zack: I've flown with demons. I've slayed dragons. I've stared the wicked witch of a zillion dimensions in the eye. And I'm supposed to be scared of you?

If it sounds a little atypical of Zack, that's because he is fed up. I also have a buttload of other stories to finish for any of those references to make sense.

Lots of work to do that's not work related and lots of emails to answer. I finally got my PIN from the government so I can now apply for federal aid. Which I'll have to do tonight because I don't have any of my tax info. :p Delay tactics.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tony smooshed again

But JASON LIVES! And Tony got to go out heroically this time around.

Funny thing about writing a prequel to an already established character, you better consult your notes a lot. I had Cyndia a whole year younger in "Blue Man" than what I had planned for in Zy's novel.

Today is my fitness assessment. After that I can work out a lot harder than what I have been. Of course going back to the A workout is going to have to wait till Monday, since the play Chad get tickets for starts at 7:30pm Friday night. I know I can do the B workout under an hour, not counting getting dressed and showering time. Since I haven't had a chance to use the A workout with all the different machines, I have no idea how much time it is going to take. So why did everyone wait until AFTER I shelled out $40 to make me popular?

And "Fans" had a really appropriate touch today. They started with an analysis of the Road Runner and Coyote. Today the sniper going to take out two of the character just fell out the window during an earthquake. Take a good look at his shadow on the pavement before he goes splat. *Snicker*

Okay time to get some serious work done today. I have to go out to site and get a box of flyers tonight after the fitness assessment thingy. And I wanted to clean house. :p I really need to clean office and find sewing stuff again and wear my new corset some more. Ack. Too much to do. Too much to do.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I knew it! I knew it! I so called it in this post!

Oh happy day! Oh happy day! Oh happy day! Damn, I've gone religious. I've also scared Mustard with my whooping and hollering and he's run away.


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Monday, October 04, 2004

I give up on dating

Really I am. Some nice romantic activity that everyone else in the world thinks of as a date. Why? Because I have the boyfriend who cannot communicate.

HE came up with the seeing "Vertigo" tonight. Free showing at the Columbia Theater starting at 7pm. At 6:30, I was still sitting in goddamned Baton Rouge traffic. I call. "Okay we'll see you when you get here."

I actually make it to the theater by 7:07pm. No mean feat. Slosh through the rain in my nice clothes that I have been in all day in anticipation of a nice date thingy. No Chad outside theater waiting for me. Go to restroom since the trail mix and Diet Dr. Pepper I had in the car ride have hit. Get inside the theater. Still no sign of Chad and they're ready to start the movie. I plop down in the first available seat and proceed to cry because my boyfriend doesn't care enough about me to wait outside the goddamned theater.

Meanwhile Chad is waiting for me to show at Rick's house and is convinced I've been in a car wreck. Calls my house and calls my cell phone, which I left in the car so not to distrub people in the theater. 8 times.

When we finally connect, I'm upset. I've wasted my getting all pretty, rushing through exercising and the damn traffic, and I'm starving. The first thing he does is grab his shit so he can bail out of Rick's. No huggies, no kissies. Oh yeah sure he was really worried about me. Even more upset.

And dinner? Wendy's I got all dressed up for fast food that I had to eat alone because he already had supper and the nicer restaurants of Hammond all close at 10pm.

I am happy to say that I did not break the glass at Wendy's yelling at him. I just broke the glass in my car. And we made up, after about an hour of whatever it was we were doing. I was spating; he was whimpering and apologizing. And I've given up on Kenny Wayne Shepard, and Sky King or anything else that is not planned by Jamie or connected to RenFaire. It's just not going to happen.

I don't think I'm so out of line to ask to be swept off my feet just a little. Not to have to share a special evening with everyone we know. Not to have to make any of the plans, do any reminders, get some flowers.

Oh who am I kidding? Of course I'm out of line. Real romance NEVER works that way.

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Ignore the whinning

Good, everybody did. I was just feeling judged yesterday.

I finished writing Editing Lesson #7, now I just have to get it in order. Clean out the notebooks and get back started on "The Blue Man." Brought lunch today, so won't waste any time foraging for food.

Found "Mad Love" in the comic bin. Also found some others that need to be put on my shelf of graphic novels. Maybe this is a trend, mention something is lost in my blog and I find it. I lost $300.00... (I hope this works).

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Need more sleep

Still very tired. Not fair.

Also not fair I got an entire house to clean and stuff to write and want to go hammer and have to go shopping. Yuck.

Can't find "Mad Love." I know I bought it, I remember reading it. But what the hell happened to it? School this time around involves no moving. :p

Tired of feeling I have to censor what I say in here. Now having said that I suppose I need to censor that as well. Doing RenFaire is crazy, going back to school is crazy, being the token professional to back London up in her project is crazy. But when I agree with that assessment because of some horrible way I have behaved, I'm not crazy! If my eyelids weren't so droopy, I'd be pulling hair out right now.

Most of the instructors at London's animation school have responded favorably. Getting that kind of feedback is great, considering, it's only my second script and I don't normally write in that format.

I've actually have a full crew for my ship. Enthuastic crew, and I want to make the experience as fun as possible for them so they will return next year. More worried about everything Chad is trying to do and the issues occurring behind the scenes. That's what ruins it for us management. If we just managed, it be fine. But we're supposed to forget all the management stuff and go play on the streets. Very hard.

Going back to school is me trying hard to fill a void that is affecting everything. I hate my job and feel that it is crushing my creative output. Faire is contributing to that as well, and quite possibly descending to a playtron will happen next year. For a while, Internet was giving me balance but now it feels like a distraction. Forward Motion is better in terms of feedback, but it just adds to the guilt pile because I cannot keep up like I should and want to.

School would address my professional needs as well as forcing me work on new stuff. Did anybody care that the creative writing concentration thesis is four or five short stories? Does it matter I'd be four years away from that regardless?

Of course not, I'm just crazy.

Now the crazy person is going to go tottle off now figure out how to make a target run to Wal-Mart and not spend a fortune. After I wake up.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Time to exercise

I really like the YMCA gym. Parking included, showers, I can do my whole routine, and worry about classes later should I want to take one. I'd like to learn kickboxing, but right now all the class times don't work for me.

So no more writing hour after work. I'm going to have to buckle down and write during lunch. Well lately, I have had to run to the library. I think I have all the books I need right now. Since I had to run to the library yesterday, I didn't get any writing work done.

So I better get busy now. And concentrate on something besides how badly I want to kick the rears of the other people in the group script. Why oh why, when you haven't even established Limburger as a villain, you want to put his family into the second episode?!

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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Maybe it's a good thing Chad's not my biggest fan

Revenge on David Willis, his girlfriend got a little upset over Walky's death. Incidently, the comic is now "It's scratched-out" or the "comic formerly known as It's Walky." The fans haven't made up their minds yet.

In other good news, Savannah's finally going to St. Jude. We've been steadily getting pissed off at her doctors in New Orleans; it looks like they're just letting her die. They delayed chemo for weeks and refused to do radiation at the same time. Said the tumor was too big for that. Her father's sister finally got a hold of a doctor at St. Jude, and the doctor was furious. Something to feel hopeful about in that case.

I'm going to tour the downtown YMCA today, starting exercise there tomorrow. I measured myself and I am a perfect hourglass shape: chest and hips are the exact same size with a six-inch difference at the waist. Now I just need to lose 10 inches in those three areas.

I've given up on Nolan. I was going to work on the other characters, but I decided I best switch projects until Nolan starts cooperating. Which means I'll be working on EL #7 today when I have time. I have another expedition to the library to see if they've found the other Gary Izzo book and a couple of exercise books I've read parts of and was impressed with.

House news: still no date from surveyors. They have one more day before I make their work hours living hell. Note: need to buy more phone minutes so I can make their work living hell. And the first thing I have to do after I close is build a fence. You know, I'm just overjoyed with the fact that after I make an offer to buy, worked out what I'm going to buy and for how much, am just a few short steps away from having a mortgage for the next 30 years of my life, my cousin just waltz his trailer next door.

If I wanted people living right on top of me, I would have moved into an appartment. Of course the next thing he's going to do is move in his dope addict relatives in friends. Hell, he was told no he couldn't connect to my sceptic tank and was going to do it ANYWAY until the inspector told him it was too small for that many people. Next thing will be trying to steal my water.

I just hope his trailer is on the right side of the line. Because he's going to have to move it since his eager ass couldn't wait until after it was done.

The main issue it boils down to is it wasn't worth nothing until I wanted it. Same thing went for the house and now the land. And for some sick reason, my paternal grandparents think my uncle is entitled to the best portions of their inheritance, while my father and aunt get nothing. I know from past family experience, family never does anything fairly. Which is why I sidestepped them all with buying it. What my grandmother should hae done was agreeded to sell me the whole 8 point something acres, and then we wouldn't have to be making contingency plans for their eventual eviction.

I hope Joe's ill-tempered Canadian hockey players are still in town.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A little bit here, a little bit there

I found the library book. For some reason I had never unpacked it. Bizarre, I remember unpacking it. Maybe what I don't remember is putting it back in the bag.

Finally got a chance to crawl into bed at 8:30pm. WOOT! Yes, this was a big deal, I badly needed to catch up. I delivered the dead computer to Chad and nearly went to sleep on the office couch while he was getting it from his car. Mustard whined all night long, yowling to go outside. Since I didn't find him till 9pm the night before and it was already dark when I got home, no. His yowling woke me up at midnight, but I rolled over and ignored him.

In other issues, I want to blab about editing thoughts. An attempt to corrall my thoughts and work. On the other hand I'm not crazy about having my unfinished throughts critiqued. So I guess I best leave it out of here.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Working on the killer

Here's what I have in background stuff so far.

Nov. 26 – Dec. 4, 1999

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Nolan Wiggins – murderer
Our murderer will be evil. – always acts out of his own self-interest
Our murderer will not appear to be evil.
Our murderer will be clever and resourceful.
Our murderer will be wounded.
Our murder will be afraid.

18-years-old. Stays clean-shaven, no noticeable problems with acne, with cropped black hair. Bright blue eyes. Polished is the adjective that comes to

Grew up in a suburb of Shreveport. Parents well-off, middle class, and gave Nolan everything he ever wanted. Made straight A’s all throughout school, winner on the high school track team. He never could connect with other people; they were all
stupid. Much like the animals he would trap and torment. He skinned the neighbors’ beloved pet cat and left the remains on their doorstep when he
was ten.

He despises his parents’ values. He is meant for something better than their mediocre existence. Soon animals lost their appeal, he wanted a real challenge, an opponent that would fight back. Not that there was a true opponent worthy of him; he’d beat everyone.

Girls, they all want a free ride and they use sex to get it. Only worried about their looks and who they bagged. To be sure, there had to be one worthy of his intellect and his favor, but the others needed weeding out. It is survival of the fittest in
the world, and he is the fittest.

They make the perfect target, those beautiful, vapid girls. All caught up in what sorierity they want to join and giggling their way through classes. Teasing and flirting to get what they want. No use to society except for pleasure. And they have the potential to recognize danger, but have squandered it on fashion instead.

Plan the perfect crime. So many had tried, and failed miserably. He would succeed. The world would condemn him for taking out so many vapid wastes of genes, but in time, after his post-humous confession, they would see his genius.

I'm trying to get away from the main character constantly talking to themselves. Looks like I'm scrapping the whole beginning and speeding it up a notch. Jotting down story notes while waiting for class. Also should give the students some more 3D interaction.

Go ahead and put the story in a different font for now. We'll have to figure out something else if that doesn't work.

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How the heck did I lose a library book?

Screenwriting for Dummies, I haven't had a chance to even read it. Where the heck is it?

Brought "Underneath the COlored Lights" to work on today. It's been waiting for a while.

T off on honeymoon, Jazz offline, Red must be busy with new job. Not too lonely.

Very sleepy. I'm swear I'm curling up to sleep early tonight. Stop laughing at me; I know that's what I've been saying for the past three nights.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Editing week

And the only thing I have to work on is EL #7. And I missed my deadline for this month's tutorial. *Bonks head on desk.*

Chad and I talked. My usual issues, I suppose, combined with two helpful insights. We're both way too used to being single so we don't explain what we really mean to each other. And my job overlaps with his job better than his job overlaps with mine. Which I think means I can help him and he can't help me, at least that's the sense it made last night. Then I get resentful because I'm already crammed for time as it is, and writing is the first thing to be cut. I feel like I've got to be the heavy to get what I need, and then I feel guilty.

Oh well, let me get somethig done before the mail gets here.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004


Well I would have hoped the Modo and slavery post would have gotten at least one response. *Shrugs*

T and her Josh are finally married. Her blog didn't mention killing anybody, so I guess it all went smoothly. Congrats!

Current internal debate: health vs. writing. I've been watching everything that goes into my mouth and no pounds have been dropped. So evidently I have to up the exercise level on a daily basis. Current recommendations are people need 30 minutes of activity a day. If exercising for weight loss, you need more than that.

Unfortunately, it looks like the only time I have to put an hour of exercise is 4:30 - 5:30 while I'm in Baton Rouge. My writing hour.

I've tried the getting up early. I can't keep it up. I can't exercise when I get home, I don't sleep.

But it also leaves me with the problem of where to put writing time.

Regardless, I only have the month of October. After that, renewal season starts and I'll be working that hour or longer.

The weight issue is pressing because of the helath problems that run in my family. Goddess, I'm going punning again. It's not that I'm a bad weight or size, it's just it all tends to be front torso weight (sign of potential heart attack) and the diabetes and insulin resistance.

If I could exercise in the car, I wouldn't have to give up writing hour. But it's the silly concentrating and no wreck thing with driving. :p

I still have lunch to writing during. I'll just have to be more diligant about actually writing.

I don't think I'm that undecided about this. Scary.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

So I'm A Fan

There are four web comic writers who constantly surprise me with logical plot twists I don't see coming and the horrible things they do to their characters. The people I aspire to be: Maritza Campos (College Roomies From Hell!!!), T Campbell (Fans!, Rip & Teri), Graveyard Greg (Gaming Guardians, The Guardians, Powergamers), and David Willis (It's Walky!).

I recently found out that David Willis and his friends back in their fifth grade created the cast of characters he reused in It's Walky! They ever created a series of computer games. Way before Willis started Roomies in 1997.

I still have my stuff from the fifth grade--the same time period I started writing in. I couldn't create a seven-year-running comic strip off of it; it's not that good even with tweaking. On the other hand, that was also the time period in which I brainstormed Allie and Zack and Lissa. So it's just my original stuff that's garbage.

*Bonks head on desk*

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Head Alien Cheese killed Jason

*SOB* Jason was my favorite. No superpowers other than being a Briton, surrounded by superpowered goofballs, constantly saving the day regardless, in love with Sal since before It's Walky! started, finally TOLD her today in comic time, and gets smooshed and exploded by a Martian regen ship. And how do we know it's permanant? He and Tony are gone from the banner. And it probably took Lilith and Hooper's head out too. :( Can I still have her Ash pose on a poster?

On the other hand, I want to nominate Head Alien Cheese as evil villian genius who has actually grown the most over the span of the story.

Still holding out hope that they're not dead, because Head Alien Cheese is an evil, lying bastard. And I agree with Joel Fagin (forum boardie) that especially Jason's story in the strip is incomplete. Now if Jason is soul sucked up into the Cheese that still makes him an active player. And Willis hasn't said "yes, they're dead, Jim." *Clinging to hope*

And who would have thought I'd title a post that?

Finished group script edits yesterday. I don't know how many will actually be incorporated. Actually won't hurt my feelings all that much, because I think it's the roughest draft that got critiqued by the pros at London's school. 2 marks against technical stuff (character descriptions and camera stuff) and not enough character development. I would like to know if my edits help in the last regard.

Working on Blue Man totally today. Need to writing up the GG on Cliches and finish tweaking the next WT, but all that stuff is at home. So back to Blue Man and character creation. Or at least everything that needs to be written down about the characters. Also need to reread the section on short story mysteries in Writing Mysteries, but that book is home too. :P So much for the joys of packing light.

And I didn't get the FAFSA filled out last night. Waited so long to get ahold of Chad, by the time I got online I just had enough time to send out some neglected emails. And I'm still not sure if I have to fill the parent info out or not.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It better be bloating

I finally got the doublet to a trying on point and it's too small. *CRYING*

Okay I do realize I may have made the seams a little wider than necessary. I have a tendency to do that while sewing. Here's to hoping I lose 10 pounds and the corset performs a miracle.

Finished editing Act 2; if the paying work stays light today, I should finish Act 3 and be finished until there is something in Episode 2. Though I am anticipating some bickering over Act 2. You can't copy "Rock & Ride" word for word. And Chad pronouncement that I'm working with a bunch of amateurs doesn't excuse them. They should have learned what plagiarizing is by now.

Okay mini-rant aside. Depending on what time I get home from measurements tonight, I should clean up all my math papers and apply for the FAFSA. Which means I'll actually be online some portion of the night. Woot! An accomplishment.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Work on a Tuesday

Tuesday probably is the suckiest day of the week. You can't convince yourself that you're any closer to Friday and you don't have Monday's work load to distract. And I'm messing with my fingernails, a sure sign I'm procrasinating.

So what do I have to do?

Buy fabric for corset after work.
Got caught up at Red Planet already.
Finish Group Script since I've become editor/the-one-who-makes-it-cohesive/the-one-who's-going-to-get-yelled-at-because-I-won't-let-them-quote-the-original-series-verbatium.
Work on Blue Man.
Apply for Federal Financial Aid, grad school, and taking the GRE.
Finding prep materials for the GRE.
Eat lunch.

Corset I'm not sewing; I'm paying for. My skills are not up to that. Blue Man I want to work during writing hour today, so it looks like fun with the group script during lunch.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday, *sigh* Monday

I want to work from home. But if I worked at home, I wouldn't be working right now. Well, actually I probably would--it is noonish--but nothing I'd be getting paid for. Insanity reigns.

Have some enthuastic pirates. Enough for a whole crew, things are looking up.

Money situation should be ironed out October, Novemebt or December when I finally get to close. On the not cool hand, my cousin wants to be my next door neighbor. Here's hoping that actually making them pay for a septic tank makes them change that idea. Mom and Dad are furious; I'm pricing castle walls complete with boiling oil pots and hedges for my side.

In other news--like I don't already have enough on my plate--I'm considering going back for my Master's. Pros: 1) Southeastern offers mostly night classes (or at least have this semester), 2) as long as I am taking one class I don't have to pay Sallie Mae loans, 3) I can use loan money (which has the lowest interest rates available and I don't have to pay while in school) as a second income. Cons: 1) Fighting the traffic to make it to class, 2) Fighting my procrastination with assignments, 3) $115 for the GRE test that I have to take before I get in--ugh, they told me I should have taken that the year I graduated.

I'm going for this for the Spring semester that starts in January. No sense dwadling over it. That just makes it take so much longer.

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Friday, September 17, 2004


I'm tired. I'm tired of my schedule being the one that is totally disrupted whenever something is planned. I'm tired of having so much, too much stacked on my plate. I'm tired of not writing at all on the weekends.

What the hell did I do, London? How many fanfic archives do you think the fandom can support? Have I ever made your work feel unwelcome at Alt Biker Mice Site? Course it could be she has ADD and I'm taking it way too personally. I do suffer from that. (Aug 3, 2005 note: I never reacted publicly on these feelings and they faded away. It was being fed by the stress I was under.)

I'm tired of feeling like a failed professional. A never-were instead of a has-been. And it's all because I stretch myself too thin. It's not CHad's fault--I've been this way my entire life.

I'm tired of having no concentration I bounced from project to project and they all suffer for it. You can see how good I am on focusing my mind in this vent session.

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Sea Dogs and Pirates

Workshops aren't cancelled tomorrow, so I have to get my Sea Dogs and Pirates class ready. I have most of it already, but scattered among different resources.

Also get to turn in the fence books for ship books. Want to festoon the pirate camp with debris from our sunken ship, especially whatever peice the name would have been carved on.

Let me get busy before the mail gets here. Yeap, back at work just in time for Friday.

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

We missed Ivan

Came ashore at Gulf Shores. Completely missed New Orleans. Small sigh of relief.

Cancelled work today, but it's a good thing. I have a class to write and I don't want to fight the evacuues returning home traffic.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Ivan and other woes

Okay maybe woes is a little melodramatic.

Ivan isn't though. That's right, looks like we're getting some of the storm, category 5. *Rubs head* Just what we need. Actually aside for disaster scenerios, I do need the imposed vacation. Have to get plywood, I have enough stuff to hold water, have to scrub the bathtub, finally bought a pet carrier. Groceries, I think Chad has the non-perishable food items covered.

We finally decided where to plunk my pirate camp as well as how it should be decorated. *Big grin* That is, if Ivan doesn't blow the site away.

This week focus on editing! First on the list: London's pet project. *Bing* Though I just had a flash of how to end it. Yippee! Time to work.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Sick and sewing and cleaning

*Blah* Even when I try to do something right, it backfires. Not my headache but I'll still get pulled into it.

Stomach rebelled yesterday and I still don't know if it's okay today.

Taking the opportunity to finish my doublet and clean house.

Hopefully, I'll get done early and can write.

Where is everybody?

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Blues--Sewing, Housework, Or Dieting

I got all the peices and lining peices cut out last night. Got terminology definied today. SHould be ready to start sewing tonight. Chad says I can't wear the striped doublet and the striped breeches; it'll look like a prison uniform. I'm getting a second opinion. :p

I brought some reduced-sugar baking goods yesterday: chocolate cake and snickerdoodle cookies. Uses Splenda instead of sugar, cream instead of milk. So the only question is Chad's allergies to other artificial sweetners. I told him he needs to go have that checked by a doctor, but no, it's easier for me to keep the stuff around that makes me fat.

I'm not even going into the concert I won't get taken to because of money. I could probably afford the tickets now, but no, it's the principle of the thing. I'm tired of all our good times resting on my pocketbook. And since his pocketbook is waiting for school refunds, I won't be going to concert tomorrow.

And now that disappointment is official. Plenty to do, I'll just sew, or strip the table, or wash the dishes, or wash the clothes. PLENTY to do instead of screaming at a Better Than Ezra concert that will actually be IN Hammond--no travel necessary.

Now any more problems with Bloggers?

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The Blue Man Plan

I've reached the point in the manuscript where I'm not sure where I'm going. Rather than groping blindly for my plot, I'm going to plan more than I actually do.

Cyndia--who will become Zy--has just met Murdock and learned that the blue man she saw on the porch is Thirsten, an escaped serial killer. His compulsion to kill whole families is found in an astronomy myth of his homeworld that he now believes in. Sacrifice done in the name of the gods gives you their power. How do you show the gods their names? By copying the pattern of their constellations on the ground. (Earth counterpart: there have been some interesting studies that many ancient monuments were built designed on constellations.) Cyndia will be the one to figure this out from the scattered research done on Thirsten, which will given them the ability to capture him before he strikes his next target.

What I want to happen between now and then? Cyndia helps Murdock get inside the Millers' murder scene via robot. I also want to move Murdock out of the spaceship and into Cyndia's bedroom (not like that, you perverts), but they haven't reached that point in their relationship yet. Another slaughter, at least one.

I need to do some more brainstorming on my location. Now I'm picturing a subdivision built out in the middle of nowhere, and the city and the rest of the suburbs haven't caught up yet. So the woods are no longer part of a park, but actual wilderness bordering the subdivision.

Now I'm kind of stuck. I'm using "How to Write a Damn Good Mystery" to figure some of this out and it's at home. Oh well, have plenty of typing to catch up on.

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