Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Castle renewed for a third season!

Thank the gods for the return of scripted television! (And it is well-written.)

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I officially hate today

I'm all so happy underneath the soul crushing lethargy of not-enough sleep because newsletter is going out, project crossed off list, PROGRESS!

And then I see that when I uploaded the story, I neglected to upload the graphics.

Screw it, the newsletter's going out. I'll just add a disclaimer to check back for images.

And I'm crawling into bed as soon as I upload the images from home.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Week Must Be Better

Somebody explain to me how this happens on the biggest pair of work pants I have in my closet? I understand thread breakage if the waistband is straining to go around my torso, but that does not describe how these pants fit that are now held on my a safety pin.

I've reached the conclusion that I should restart my exercise and eating primal regime on April 1st. I'm hoping the Feast of Fools were make my contrary nature behave itself.

Hmm, I don't think I can play with Mediafire while at work. I maybe wrong but Regulator sure goofed up after I downloaded a fanmix.

Yeah, I had a slew of computer issues at work that kept me from typing up the blog posts I had written last week. Now I'm glad I skipped them because my angst that I'm a despicable human because I can't keep a clean kitchen gets old and shouldn't be inflicted on other people. The useful bits:
  • Not going to bed until the list was finished was keeping me consistent.
  • 15 minutes is long enough for most chores.
  • Perfect Girl sees I fell off the wagon and prefers keeping me pressed down in the dirt because I will never, never, ever catch up to the damn wagon so why bother. Unfortunately, she only gets halfway through her statement before the ADD Kid who hates feeling bad gets distracted by a pony ride and we're gone to do that instead.
  • The only way to make Perfect Girl shut up is to do what she's telling me I can't out of fear of failure.
  • And yes, it takes a week of reflection to realize the above four points. Last week was a doozie is my only defense.
So I have been stabbing at the chores in 15 minute intervals. Some days have gone better than others. What really screws me up is going to bed too late.

I need to break down and buy blank tapes and figure out if the VCR connection is right to tape Direct TV or get a DVR option. Because it doesn't look like they will be moving the shows I'm addicted to to a saner viewing hour for me. :p

The next two weekends have much of wedding craziness filling them. I'm only a bridesmaid, so it's not like I've neglected to tell anyone about a major development in my life. :) But it does mean I need to sew Thursday or Friday nights.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ignore unless you really want the story

Back in Sept. 2009.

(They redid my work computer two days ago and I have to update Firefox so I can reinstall FireFTP and deal with images my normal way.)

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Aw fuck

And there goes the rug out from under me again. Census Bureau just called back and said the job they offered me is only available during the day. My name is right back in the system again and she was positive that my score would bring me up from the next available evenings/weekend slot, but that doesn't help that sinking despair that I'll never get current, much less pay off the bills that just crashed down on me.

It's not that I'm unwilling to work. I just don't want to have to work Convergys again with the fun of sleep deprivation. But every time I apply for part-time work, I never get selected probably because I'm over-qualified and already employed. I didn't redo my budget calculations based on the expected income since I was going to apply it directly to getting current, the emergency fund, and then debt snowball and that can wait until cash is in hand.

So time to go lose myself in something so I don't end up crying on the job.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today just got a helluva a lot better

The Census job came through! I start training in two weeks. $13 an hour, $0.50 a mile for travel, and the cutoff is 40 hours a week! *Snoopy dance!*

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Wanted to see how much I acomplished

Work Big Rocks
  • Financial paperwork is planning the budget for this paycheck and March.
  • FFGarret posts: counts as website hour: need to write one and edit the other and post.
  • Challenge Fanmix: counts as website hour: need to write entry and post for after contest
  • BMFM: Turbo: counts as writing hour: email former beta readers since I fell off the radar
  • Tin Man: Kink: counts as writing hour: editing
  • Zy's Novel: counts as writing hour: add background material to wiki
  • Strix: counts as writing hour: add background material to wiki

Home Big Rocks
  • The inbox: I have divided it into financial paperwork and everything else. And the financial paperwork is the smaller pile! It's not often I get to say that. I need to buckle down and concentrate on just the inbox until I find the bottom.
  • Back bedroom: seal the leak
  • Phone: Set up the new voicemail
  • Taxes: DO THEM!
  • Tin Man: Dragons & Memories: counts as writing hour: need to link to Ref. Wiki and depends on Ref. Wiki moving online
  • Tin Man/Alice: Making Whole: counts as writing hour - make title banner and other illustrations
  • Tin Man: Pirates: counts as writing hour: editing is waiting on beta reader
  • Circulation Desk Dev.: counts as website hour: upload changes to Prod. Site (i.e. getting Ref. Wiki online) and a massive headache because of issues. Find the duplicate entry and see if I can connect MySQL Workbench to the server
  • Library Dev.: counts as website hour: upload pages once links to Ref. Wiki are fixed
  • FFGarret Dev.: counts as website hour: fix CSS--find out why the Zen-created theme doesn't show up on the local server and start it on the prod. site if need be
  • Challenge Fanmix: counts as website hour: make cover art
  • Challenge Icons: counts as website hour: make them.

KICK ASS! that was a lot. My big rocks list is a whole lot shorter this week and I couldn't be happier.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

No more hair pulling!

I got home on time today. Who would've thunk it? I sure didn't when last I updated. Since I got home on time, I started with the website updating issues. Namely get the Reference Wiki UP!

MySQL Workbench was a total waste of time. I finally made it connect to a database and I was squeeing so hard... until I realized it had only connected to my databases on my local server and it still refused to talk to the production site. *headdesk* Briefly researched what Dreamweaver is capable of and found out the answer was not what I need it to do. So I turned to BigDump, really nervous about using it.

The nervousness was uncalled for because IT WORKED! I had to tweak the export file just a little and then it was done during a commercial break during the Good Wife. Then I had to do some FTP of some modules files that the update script found issues with. But after that Circulation Desk is up with the beginnings of the Reference Wiki!

I still need to take care of some minor maintenance issues, but I should have that done before I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm going to bed happy. :D

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Tuesday not much better

The roof is still leaking and the mail is still pouring in. I hope to get some typing done during lunch.

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Last Week, Last Month

Thirty-three years old. Time management is still a work-in-progress, so is scheduling. And communication.

Friday: my birthday overall was good. My coworkers took me to lunch, but then I had to work overtime for an hour and got stuck in traffic for two. Got home to no Suzanne yet. Call Mom. She wanted to take me to supper when Dad's available, and no Lipizzaner Stallions tickets because I made plans with Suzanne. I couldn't afford the show, so no flying, leaping horses. :( Hopefully I'll catch them about twenty years from now when they come through again. And there's my communication and scheduling issues example.

Saturday and Sunday: all my groceries take too much time to cook so we ended up eating out more than I had planned on. I knew we wouldn't get as much sewing done as we would like to, but I thought there would be enough time for cooking and sewing. And that would be time management issue example.

Progress on sewing: I have my bridesmaid dress material, and we got the second mock-up of Suzanne's chemise made. We decided on throwing out her bought corset because it does not fit properly. Victorian style may need help to adjust (make a few inches squish somewhere else temporarily) but one person should be able to get it on thanks to the closure in the front without lacing the thing every time. And I gave her a boost about slowing her mother down. There's no point to starting a mock-up for her wedding gown if the foundation garments aren't ready. Measurements change--especially with a corset.

I didn't keep up with marking off the to-do list during the week. I maintained what progress I had made, but nothing got ahead by leaps and bounds. Today wasn't the best start to a fresh start; I spent an hour hitting snooze. *Shakes head*

So now I'm at work and would rather be home with my energized self working on the home list. Since I'm at work, I have to gear up for the work list. It's not that I don't want to do that stuff; I just don't want to do it first. :p *shakes head again* Time to suck it up though.

Well, all my whining "i don't want to do it' is for naught. The mail finally came ten minutes before noon and we have been swamped ever since. March 1st is a deadline for taxes and company licensing paperwork, but it looks like this will be a day I never get to leave work.

Sadly, I wish that was a joke. It's already 3:30 and I'm just starting on my first batch. I usually leave at 4. But not tonight. And so much for my plans for cooking when I do get home. I'll be lucky to get there before I fall asleep behind the wheel.

5pm and still at work. Luckily, I think the end of the tunnel of mail is in sight. (Translation: 5:30 should have me looking for dinner and waiting for the traffic to clear.) Birthday dinner with parents is getting pushed back another day. *sigh* I shouldn't have thought of that, now Hungry is kicking in.

5:30 was overly optimistic. 5:20 and I have another twenty-five checks to do. And possibly another batch after that since I don't know what people have stacked on their desks. I'm not a batch stacked, so if it comes up that no one has grabbed the last batch in the bin, I'll have to do it. I'm hoping someone else gets to it first.

Oh I am an idiot! *headdesk* I bought a whole box of granola bars on impulse this morning at WalMart. Did I bring them up with me to snack on? Nope, still in the trunk. *headdesk*

At least the rain has passed through. Oh good, 6pm is cut-off time and we can go home!

6:30 - stopped at Raising Cane's for supper and to let the traffic go away. Left there at 7. Made it home through sluggish but moving traffic around 7:45. No Castle so I tried to start on my computer/website work. No connection to the Internet. I tried every trick I know to get the connection back, no luck.

Call AT&T DSL tech support. Did not time how long it took to get to a person, but once I did it took us about an hour to get me registered again so the connection would work.

When I saw no Castle, I thought I'd have an early bedtime. I ended up going to bed the same time I would have if Castle had aired and I watched it. :p

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