Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy New Year!

Samhain is the Celtic New Year. We call it Halloween now.

I won the honorable mention in the Department of Insurance annual Halloween costume contest. Pic will be coming soon somewhere.

Rest of day is just goofing off today.

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

RenFaire Dreams

Though more accurately, I casted fellow participants into a fantasy dream. The highlight was when I was in stage combat with live steel with a Scot. Now mind you, in real life, I have no combat experience. But in my dream, I ended the fight by grabbing his sword arm, holding it against my chest, and putting my sword to his neck. I like that move a lot, so I'm tossing into the story pile.

Speaking of stories, I've lost my commuting notes. :p I keep a notebook in the car to write in while stopped at red lights. I had it yesterday when I hit the Interstate at Denham Springs. So it's either lost in my car or lost in my house. I partially searched the car while cleaning out the garbage and didn't find it. I also looked over the kitchen, but didn't see it. But since that's the last room left to clean, I'll probably find it tonight. Now I should ask myself why I always leave the kitchen for last.

Last night I didn't get as much cleaning done because I stole the TV while I was at my parents' doing laundry. Finally got to an episode "Smallville" and a new episode of "Angel" (a show I followed so faithfully before no cable time). "Smallville" was amusing, how they tied in solar flare and the effect it would have on the solar battery Clark Kent and introduced Perry White played by Michael Mcean (ouch, I think I butchered that name). I recognized him from Radioland Murders and Short Circuit 2. "Angel" was a Halloween episode and poor Lorne. If you all thought I was bad with no sleep, at least I'm not an empath demon.

To Do: GG#6, work on updates, and graphics.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Do all the idiots have to use my route too?

Okay, I'm scrambling this morning to get ready because today is interview day. Spent 10 minutes trying to iron the hem to stay up in the blouse of my Tara Diddle suit. (We ended up stapling it once I reached work.) I have to take a pic of this suit; it scary similar to what the reporter wore on Biker Mice.

Anyways, I'm cruising along I-12 when the radio people tell me that there's a wreck involving two 18-wheelers and a car on the interstate at Denham Springs. Huge problems already because everyone fleeing Baton Rouge has moved to Denham Springs. I get off at Walker to get on Hwy. 190.

Hwy. 190 is crawling too. The radio people come back a wreck a mile past Walker on 190 and another wreck on I-10 that's affecting the 10/12 Split. (Actually it's a split and a merge, but the Split part got the name.) So I get off 190 and head for Magnolia Beach bridge, which is my last shot at crossing the Amite river. It is clear, HUZZAH! But still getting to my job via that route made me 30 minutes late this morning. I didn't splutter to bad getting in, just asking why they can't have their wrecks on the other side of the Mississippi River. And then my coworker found my car keys on the outside of my car in the door lock where I hadn't locked my car.

And the day hasn't even started yet. LOL

There was some confusion over Xant's dragon child. He's in the adult Zack picture I made with Hero Machine. The story isn't up yet, due to needing to rewrite the next two novels in the trilogy.

My books finally came in yesterday. *Happy dance* Started on Editing Your Fiction first, since that's what I'm in the middle of more or less. I like this guy already; he harps on theme and premise as much as I do.

To Do: the Chosen, GG#6 (I hate the verbs), and more house cleaning. I got my bedroom and living room done. Now I have to start laundry. Need to call Kai and tell her to make sure the washing machine is empty for 6pm.

Provided the idiots don't get in the way again.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

According to CNN

They did a story on a guy with a blog about living in Hong Kong, and reported that most blogs are owned by teenage girls and are updated twice a month on an average. Hey! I beat the statistics!

Today is a new day and going to stick to diet. Well when I say diet, it basically means no sugar. I'll be exercising tonight; my back is killing me and needs a workout.

Played with Hero Machine last night. Kira sent me the URL. It's a flash program that allows us drawing incapable people to click a representation of characters. I tried making Allie and an adult Zack since they didn't have an age variable. I like how the adult Zack's expression and Xant's dragon child--who really needs a name--came out. Who's Xant? Boyo, I really need to work on getting that triology of stories rewritten and in the Library at some point.

Updating sites: I need to work on the Library and Alt BM a little each day, offline stuff. I'm tired of doing the mad dash to complete the update in the week before it's due. I have a few behind-the-scenes stuff to do, time consuming unfortunately. Good thing I have a couple of months before new stuff has to go up. :)

To Work on Today: GG#6, the Chosen, website design; if I get a bloody chance between mail runs ARGH! What do you mean it's already here!

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Monday, October 27, 2003

Weekend Catch up

Last free weekend before LRF's opening day. We've got stables and some new benches and a mostly cleaned out concession stand and I have done everything I can do.

I'll have to get the construction projects for next year on paper so they can get approved to start in January. And of course let's not forget the new official Faire clean up day/weekend.

Alt. Biker Mice Site update was finally finished, and I have to thank Vinnie2. After all the griping he has done about artifacts in pictures, I did a little research and figured out how to clean up the logos for the site. Once I'm through with the testing process, they should be ready for the December update. Of course, I have lots of plans for the Dec. update, but when will I have time to work on them?

Mail's here already, damnit. I'm not through updating.

Need to do: GG #6 wite and type, (Pacing should be an Editing Lesson topic), the Chosen more typing and editing if I get to it, play with graphics at home.

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Friday, October 24, 2003

Today's Random Comments

Working on the update.

Everything got fixed between me and the newbie author.

Nothing else to rant about.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Insert eye roll here

I hurt a newbie author's feelings. I suppose it's not her fault that I've stopped giving critiquest at Red Sands. I put a lot of effort into London's stories only to never even get a "thank you for reading" comment. Much less any revisions.

I doubt she'll like my expanded response much better. I'm not in an editing mood. And calling what I wrote at a blast doesn't speak highly of her desire to want to get better. But maybe there's hope that she actually read comments. Then again probably not.

I hate being a heavy. I hate it worse when I'm right and have to be the heavy on it.

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Elrond Explained

*Snorts* T Campbell (writer of Fans) found this website explaining Elrond's behavior and attitude from Peter Jackson's movies:


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It worked sort of

Well I got home on time yesterday and plopped into bed and couldn't sleep. Exhausted but couldn't sleep. Aggravating no? Time to up the exercise regiment.

Finished typing up the tutorial on cliffhangers only to find that it is really on trilogies. Either need to write more tutorials on cliffhangers or edit. Not sure yet.

To Do: Type in changes to Chapter Three of the Chosen, write GG#6, work on update. Need to get more of the Chosen printed out to find good bits I want out of it. Also need to get the other short stories that need tweaking printed. But use of the printer depends on how close my supervisor is watching it.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Staying up tonight

That's right; I'm going to stay up all night! Turned on the porch light cause I won't be home till 3am. Going to complete ignore everything I have to do typing and update-wise.

Yesterday, I went in for a massage for the first time. A college buddy's boyfriend is licensed. I'm going to need a lot more work. It helped but I need to work on my relaxation. I can't let go. Practice I guess.

To Do: Type in the changes to Chapter Three of the Chosen, write GG #6, type the writing tutorial I have written ahead, work on the update for Alt. BM. I'm going to try to look at my computer at home today so I can cross something off the list.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The Chosen

Some may know, The Chosen is an original science fiction novel, much flawed, and I'm currently working on revising it. Well when I work on it. I'm pushing myself to find the time and desire. Time constraints should ease now, and since I've made progress, maybe the desire will get stronger.

That's right, progress. I finished marking my changes for Chapter Three. Most of the principle characters have been introduced or alluded to (there's still one bad guy that hasn't gotten mentioned yet). And this is the point of the manuscript where my new ideas diverge widely from what I had written before.

boldly going indeed.

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Late start

So much for going to bed early.

I bought my elf ears and finally made it to Our Lady of the Lake at 6pm. My great-aunt (the wife of my grandfather's half-brother) was mauled by their pet Rottweiller a week ago. She's in good spirits and has a good outlook. Two bad spots one on her arm and one on her leg. There is some fear that she may lose the leg, but she's not ready to accept that yet.

I stayed about an hour, then hit Wal-Mart for the rest of my shopping. It was 10pm before I reached my door. Course I'm too awake at this point, so I watch a new movie, actually the director's commentary and the deleted scenes for Monkeybone. It's silly, I love Brenden Fraser, and it was cheap on DVD. And just a little tidbit, it was supposed to be Stephen King as Stephen King but two weeks before they filmed that scene, he has infamous accident. So it is an actor, but he does a marvelous job for the three or four lines he has.

To Do List: Finish the update stuff offline tonight, work on Chosen, and GG#6.

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Monday, October 20, 2003


I have to go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart tonight. Need to buy elf ears at Party Universe on Drusilla Lane, and see my great-aunt in the hospital.

New item: promotion interview Wed. Oct. 29 2pm.

Stop using "what?" My coworkers that are the same age of my parents find it disrespectful. I think I use it because I see them as peers just older, but I guess I'm going to have to stop that.

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Weekends & Peace keeping

Hey, the new schedule actually gives me time to go grocery shopping. WIGGY! Now will Wal-Mart actually have any Claritin D when I go tonight? They didn't this morning.

Weekends are gone bye-bye now. RenFaire has pushed into high gear now. We've got construction under control, and dress rehersal was a great success.

I hope by the time I get back online for chatting, the others have worked things out. Time is too short to be sniping over perfectly valid opinions.

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Friday, October 17, 2003


I destroyed my chance for a good night's sleep last night again, but Jazz and I had a long talk through IM. It was a good talk, since she pointed out what's wrong with me and I listened. My perfectionism is killing me.

I suppose everyone reading this who knows me (I suspect the majority of my readers) is having a duh moment. The epiphany is all mine, though I suspect it's more a case of being so frightened for my mental health I was able to hear it for the first time, and hopefully be strong enough to reclaim my life.

It scares me how fast I can switch from enjoying myself to everyone's attacking me, I'll never get the project finished, and I'm a total failure. It happens quicker the more exhausted I am and since I'm almost always exhausted... why don't I just throw in a maltov cocktail into the mix?

Striving for a perfect product is a good thing of itself. But I'm like an alcoholic, I can't stop. My balance and sense of self-worth plummets in the onslaught of the relentless perfectionism. The weirdest thing is it never surfaces with the work itself. The project can be flowing wonderfully, right on schedule, and then something else makes me feel like I have screwed it up beyond recognition. And I take it out on other people. It's not a behavior pattern I'm happy with.

I don't really know how it developed. It's been a behavior pattern for so long, I can't remember a time when it didn't happen. There must have been a time where I was willing to give myself some slack. There must have been a point where I learned this stressed out, tantrum throwing, fighting back against attacks that don't exist way of relating to my friends. It's a testament to their character that they're still my friends.

Enough analysis, what steps am I taking to reclaim my life? Less Internet for one. The daily stuff--reading the comics, columns, and this blog--I'll do first think in the morning. Then it goes off. Email I'll get and I'll arrange time to chat with people. This starts next week. That will give me time to take care of my updates for both the tutorials newsletter and Alt. Biker Mice Site.

Cutting back on the sugar. As a carbohydrate-sensitive, all it does is make me fate and give me violent mood swings, probably fueling my addiction to perfectionism to the extreme it is now. Plus I'm looking really chubby around the middle and shedding that will make a load of difference.

Cutting back on the caffeine. I'm not drinking enough water, and the caffeine is keeping me from sleeping. Constant state of dehydration also effects my mental state. Hopefully, less caffeine will lead to my next change.

Getting more sleep. The alarm clock is changing back to 5 am. The exercise at 4:30 am is not working. Also I'll be going to bed at 9:30 pm. No more 11 pm nights. And this better help with the excessive tardies I got flagged with in my annual review.

Getting more exercise. Since 4:30 am isn't working (no matter how energetic I feel for the rest of the day I can only do it two days), I'm moving it to 6 pm when I get home. Hopefully that'll give my body enough time to slow down for sleep. But I have to do something about my level of physical fitness and the extra weight. Diabetes has done too much damage in my family. Besides, exercise is supposed to be a mood enhancer too.

This was supposed to go out early this morning, but apparently there was a brouhaha yesterday that I missed due to class and every time I thought I had a free second, it became meeting time. Now that this is finished, it is time for bill paying.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Running late today

Home a whole 2 hours early and does anything get accomplished? Hell no.

I will not be staying up till 11pm tonight tho. It was nearly impossible to get up this morning.

Suska made me go all bouncy this afternoon though. Her new pic is awesome, awesome, awesome. She better show it off. She so better show it off.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

What the hell happened?

Class was great and sparked a lot of new ideas. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to work on any of them yet.

Got home and got an email that one of my pirates has to quit. Then I get the IM from one of my four now three squires down past New Orleans way. She just found out that #4 and the one with the car has up and moved to Georgia. Well we think we have their rides ironed out now.

So out goes the "come on be honest with me" email. Last workshop is the 18th, dress rehersal is on the 19th, and opening day is Nov. 1st. There is no more time to recruit new people. I can deal without pirates--even though I'd hate to lose Marco and Polo--but I absolutely have to have squires. At least tell me now so I'll have my fits over with before opening boom.

So now I'm going to try to work on the update and put this aside for now. There's nothing I can do about it.

So why do I feel like I fucked up as a leader?

Oh for those that don't know, this babble was brought to you by !The Louisiana Renassiance Festival

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Access class and webpage brainstorming

The Access class is for work. Two days and hopefully I'll understand what I'm doing with my book catalogue at home now. *Sigh* I liked the Lotus database. Too bad the version I had refused to run on Windows XP when I upgraded.

As for webpage brainstorming, I have lots of plans for Alt. Biker Mice Site. Some of which are going to be slowly introduced into the site so updates will happen on time. Also as a reward for those who contribute in a timely fashion. Hopefully in a couple of updates I'll just be left with the vanished ones to upgrade.

*Sigh* And just found out via email that something is wrong with the FoxFire's Palace pages. Another item to add to the to do list.

To Do: Well, because of the class any web work will have to wait until I come home (but I come home easrly for 2 days straight yeah!). Writing on the Chosen and Grammar Guide #6, both which are going no where fast.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Day Two

Here's to hoping I've learned how to use this things a little better.

Some conclusions I need to address.
1). I don't get enough sleep. Alarm is set for 4am so that I will exercise from 4:30 to 5:30 then get dressed and be out the door to drive to work at 6:30am. Needless to say, the exercising doesn't happen and I'm hustling to make my 6:30 out-the-door deadline. I go to bed around 10pm.

Well I counted, that's only 6 hours. Going up to 8 hours of sleep would put me going to bed at 8pm. I don't get home until 6pm. Haven't figured out what to do about it yet, but this sleepy feeling doesn't help anything.

2). I'm ruthless with a story. Vision is true and I don't compromise for anyone. Yet I'm afraid of hurting people's feelings when I'm just me and not avatar story vessel.

I sympathize with Carbine, but I can't say I like her. Considering that I correctly hypothesized her existance before season two started, I suppose I should like her more. I guess I'm getting better, considering that I killed her off in Jack-of-all-Trades. So why does it worry me so when I think someone is putting me in the Carbine haters club? Is it cause I don't hate her but haven't gotten to explain her side of the story?

Plans for today: Have to work on the Alt. BM update; the Chosen, type the extra tutorial I have already written, and write Grammar Guide #6. I also need to work on getting more exposure to the books for sell through Amazon.

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Monday, October 13, 2003

My First Post (that has come in second)

Well, this is my first post. I have succumbed to peer pressure and got me one of these silly things. I'm hoping to use it as stress relief so to stop having what is called my "blow ups" at work.

Well I think I figure out why this hasn't showed up. No title. So here I go again.

The BookWorm

New first message (since it won't put it up)

Well, this was my first post.

quote: "I have succumbed to peer pressure and got me one of these silly things. I'm hoping to use it as stress relief so to stop having what is called my "blow ups" at work."

It refused to go up and I thought the title was the problem. So I tried editing it with an added message.

Quote: "Well I think I figure out why this hasn't showed up. No title. So here I go again."

It still refused to post and I'm seriously peeved at the whole damn process, so here's my third attempt at my first post.

The BookWorm

Why do I still have only one post?

Okay, this is the third one. I have about 15 minutes left to lunch to actually get writing done. Gee that's not happening today. And all I see is the stupid second post and not my first that should be second. This is VERY frustrating. Red, why did you suggest this to me?!!!!!!

The BookWorm

Trying to make something show up

This is frustrating. It told me that it has published so I should be able to read it. Hell no I can't read it yet, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. All I do know is I'm wasting valuable writing time trying to figure this out.

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