Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Witch, NOT!

Hey you Perth mates, let me know how you fared. Glenda looked bad.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Changed the Blog Links

Decided to give BlogRoller a whirl. The idea is I'll ready only what has recently updated, and waste less time. *Whistles innocently* What?

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Fun debunking

Life in the 1500s debunked

What's aggravating (especially to us in historical renacting for education) is how damn often this stupid email is cited by TEACHERS! I know most teachers are wonderful people doing lots of things for too little money for the sakes of children, but it's just another great example of how the current teacher's education fails us, them, and eventually the children. Teachers need to have degrees in what they're going to teach, not degrees in the theory of how to teach.

Dress rehersal Saturday was a blast, and I got sunburnt on my face. Sunday I got sunburnt on my arms, having remembered the sunblock on my face but put it on while wearing a jacket. Sunday was building stages, and I managed to run straight into the 2x6 boards sticking out of the truck while looking for fire ants mounds to poison. Whiplash limits the jobs I can do, and now I have a skinned, sunburnt nose to show for it. I did figure out what was wrong with the generator (score one for the female Liberal Arts thinker over the male engineers and construction gurus).

Unfortunately, I won't finish the blue silk dress before Saturday, so I can't be Christine de Pisan this year. So I will be playing Mrs. Bailey, wife of Harry Bailey the owner of the Tabard Inn and the host in the Canterbury Tales. I'll actually be dong the candle making demo. Now I just need to find her first name.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Resource Guide Finished

Now today will be spent on things I a) have to do like... um taxes and b) things I want and have to do like... um homework and c) things I want to do like Blue Man and Zy's novel.

The upper respitory infection is better. I blow my nose and my ears pop, but the times between blowing my nose are getting longer. Today is going back to the dietian, which got scheduled in the middle of the day. I've lost a little bit, but I haven't been measuring as well as I should.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Doctor today

Going to the doctor will post how that turns out.

Upper respitory infection. An antibiotic and a perscription to knock the mucas out

Good news though. Despite the setbacks to exercising whiplash brings on, I can now fit in undies that I had grew out of. Hopefully next step is pants!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blogger seems to be working now

And I'm officially sick with a cold. Good news is, today it seems to be more head cold than chest cold, so I may have beat it back in time. I hope so.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Really confused

I keep getting a 403-forbidden-to-look-at page for this blog and Discipline Under Fire. My other blogs and other Blogger blogs I read are showing up with no problems.

I'm hoping this is just a work issue.

Nope, isn't just a work issue. Apparantly one of the servers has goofed up. I think Blank is fixed now, but Discipline Under Fire is still messed up.

I understand that these things happen(so I'm not one of the wacko users going on a conspiracy to shut me up tirade), but the lack of acknowledgement does bother me. I would expect something on the Dashboard explaining "we're having issues click here for more info." As it was I had to go through the Help Group to find the Status page that explains the issue. With as many people who are complaining in the Group, wouldn't posting the link on the Dashboard be easier?

Nothing I do (with the exception of the Reading Diary and Discipline Under Fire) has much consequence (and I'm going to back them up when I get home tonight). But the lack of disclosure is unfair. Here I was thinking that IT at work was trying to keep off the computer.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wow, it turned out to be a fabulous day!

Oh the joy, oh the rapture. I read over the last finished section of Zy's novel and everything clicked! The fog evaporated, Zy's deductions to find the next clue became clear to ger through me, and I have solved half of the dilemnia confronting her right now. My mind raced with the possibilities.

And the clock switched to 7:30am work time before I could write more than a sentence.

Somewhere, something that is not my friend is in control of this and is laughing his ass off.

That was my morning note. I managed to get homework done quickly for class tonight, and then wrote about page on Zy's novel. A whole page! The last time I got anything typed was December 27th, so you might as well count that for anything written as well.

The class liked the Capt. Kate's story and had good suggestions for improving it. I'm not sure how I feel about the dialogue yet, but at least I didn't get "the sux the big one." I need to turn in the "Blue Man" because I need show more words and I can write in contemporary English, and my rule for this class is nothing shown that's almost ten years old.

The coloring books came in! I really should have ordered 5 of each title, I want to keep one of each.

I made egg drop soup for the first time and it's edible. Appearance needs work, I think I dropped the egg in too quickly. The Cheesburger Mac also came out well, despite me almost burning the noodles.

But what lead to this sudden clarification? I was in early without having to work overtime and had time to devote to Zy's novel is a factor but I don't think the only one. I started participating in Red Planet again. And yes, I am an admin, there's precious little responsibility there.

I brought back fun.

Could someone give me a clue stick so I can hit myself with it? I should have gotten it with the depressive funk I got in back on February 17th.

But I needed this lightbulb moment. It tweaks my response to Wolfie's question.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fun weekend, sure

Any more family drama, and I'm going to start drinking like the good Catholic I ain't. This probably wasn't the right weekend for Divine Secret of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, but I can't help think that maybe it all goes down a little smoother with enough vodka.

I'm not going to spill or kvetch anymore. Really my whole question is how did I get pegged for the family therapist and why me? And people wonder why I never seem interested in writing stereotypical Southern, relationship fiction. I'm not ready to regurgitate reality to fiction yet.

I'm going to get massaging with my physical therapy, yeah! My next appointment is Wednesday so not to interfere with work and school too much, boo! I just don't want to get yelled at for missing too much work. Actually I just don't want to be yelled at period.

Acadiana Faire and moving right along with 85% of Chad's estimated tickets sales already sold. The garb is coming along fine, except for mine and my mother's. I hope this booth idea goes over really well because she'll never participate again if it doesn't.

That's it for an update. I'm going to work on the resource guide now, and try to get some homework done.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Another nice thing about mass transit

Accidents are really low.

Yeap, I was rear-ended again while leaving work for a change of pace. This time the bumper must be replaced. I don't know how my neck, shoulders, and back are going to be, right now I'm cruising on low dose pain killers and alternating ice and heat packs.

And I missed my Dante class after I went nuts getting the report I was supposed to give done.

So tomorrow, I get to see just how bad this is and make my phone calls on it. Whether I do it from home or work depends on my back.

And this is hysterical and true at the same time. It worked for Lysistrata.

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