Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

My baby sister is hosting this year, so after today, I'll probably be offline until Sunday. Have a great holiday everybody!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Movies! is having Muppets Week in honor of the new Muppets movie coming out, which I want to see so bad it hurts. But that's not the subject of today's post. Today's post is why don't I have these movies already inspired by the reviews at

The only Jim Henson movie I have is Labyrinth. None of the original Muppets trilogy nor any of the later ones. I really don't know how this happened, but if I ever get a chance to rectify it (which means I have disposable income for entertainment again), I won't be buying the movies in order.

First up, Muppet Treasure Island. Second up would be A Muppet Christmas Carol.

The third movie in the list is something I'm willing to rent before I buy Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame because I had no idea it even came out last year. To explain, Judge Dee was an actual Chinese official that a Chinese novel was written about. A Dutch diplomat translated that novel and then wrote more stories with the same character. Now a Chinese film has taken back the character for an extravaganza movie like Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes (which I ADORED). Oh heck yeah! I must see this movie at least once.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What World Championship of Jousting?

So last night, Dad asks me, "Do you have National Geographic?"

"Dad, you know I can't afford any magazines."

"No, the channel. They're starting a new show on jousting tonight." He even found a glossy full page ad for the show Knights of Mayhem.

Against my better judgement, I managed to get through an hour and a half of the premier and second episodes. By the first commercial break, I was also Googling to find back up of their claims.

My thoughts on the show: Where's is the armor for the HORSES?! I lost track of how many times the cast reiterated how dangerous full-contact, heavy-armor jousting is breaking lances of solid hemlock. You can put an eye out with a BB gun has nothing on lances. So where is the protection for your most valuable asset!

Knights of Mayhem

New Riders of the Golden Age

Not every troupe armors their horses, but not every troupe shatters solid wood lances either.

I'm glad I'm not in Faire business any more, because I wouldn't hire that foul-mouth bully ever. Which is a shame, because the show they put on at Sherwood Forest Faire looked really entertaining with only relying on jousting. But the "behind-the-scenes" footage with almost every other word being bleeped out and Adams' stances of I'm pissed off let me blow a rookie out of the saddle to feel better is what made me turn the show off before the second episode was done. Tom Conroy's review Knights of Mayhem: jousting jerks sums up this portion of the show.

Charlie Adams: "I'm the world champion in heavy-armor jousting." Another member of his troupe: "I placed fourth at the world championships." Another troupe member Brian: "I didn't get to go to the world championships because of shenanigans!" (He is also flying home between shows which was another WTF moment for me.) Me: "WHAT world championship of jousting? Who's judging? Where is it held? Why all the emphasis (every other bit of dialogue) on making jousting an accepted sport if there is a world championship already?!"

This is the question that drove my Googling. Putting in the phrase "world championships of jousting" was less than helpful. So the I went to Knights of Mayhem's website, think that maybe they listed what they never bothered to say on the show. Charlie Adams' Bio:
California native Charlie Andrews is the World Champion of Full Contact Heavy Armored Jousting. Charlie is not only the current reigning champion but one of four founding members of the Sport. He helped pioneer and evolve the sport into the fierce competition it has become. He co-founded the UJC (Ultimate Jousting Championship) in 2010, it is the premier organized venue for the rising sport. Aside from being the strongest and fiercest jouster in the world Charlie’s unique background makes him the ideal candidate to lead the sport. Charlie has set a new standard for modern day knights, stating “most effective knights are 200 plus pounds and know their way around a horse, it is this barrier to entry that makes this sport tough, not only do you need a trained horse to ride, but you need $5000 worth of armor and nuts the size of the Lone Star State”.Charlie and the sport he co-founded is fast becoming a part of contemporary vernacular, with segments airing on ESPN and the New York Times proclaiming it as the next extreme sport. National Geographic formally announced the airing of 6 episodes focusing on Charlie’s Jousting troop (The Knights of Mayhem) in conjunction with a cross promotion from Nat Geo’s sister company FOX sports. The TV show titled “the Knights of Mayhem” combined with UJC’s live event circuit will soon make Charlie Andrews a household name.
Little things like dates and places for events makes someone feel that you are not talking out your ego's butt. Compare Knights of Valour Shane Adams's Bio
Below is a partial list of some of the major titles won and held by Shane:
  • 2010 - Grand Champion
    Light Armour/Games Champion - World Championships, Long's Peak Scottish/Highland Festival
    Estes Park, CO
  • 2010 - Grand Champion
    Heavy Armour/Games Champion - Gulf Coast International Jousting Championships
    Pensacola, FL
  • 2009 - Grand Champion
    Heavy Armour/Games Champion - World Championships, Long's Peak Scottish/Highland Festival
    Estes Park, CO
  • 2008 - Grand Champion
    Light Armour/Games Champion - World Championships, Long's Peak Scottish/Highland Festival
    Estes Park, CO
  • 2007 - Grand Champion
    Heavy Armour Jousting Champion - World Championships, Long's Peak Scottish/Highland Festival
    Estes Park, CO
  • 2006 - Gregor’s Crossing International Heavy Armour Champion
    - Grande Prairie International Heavy Armour Champion
    - Longs Peak Scottish Highland Festival International Light Armour Champion
  • 2005 - Canadian National Heavy Armour Champion
    - WCJA Heavy Armour Champion and Grand Champion
  • 2004 - Canadian National Jousting Champion
    - WCJA International Reserve Grand Champion
    - Sonora International Heavy Armour Champion
  • 2003 - Canadian National Jousting Champion
    - WCJA International Light Armour & Grand Champion
    - Sonora International Heavy Armour Champion
  • 2002 - Canadian National Jousting Champion
    - WCJA International Light Armour & Grand Champion
  • 2001 - WCJA Grand Champion
  • 2000 - Canadian National Jousting Champion
    - WCJA International Jousting Champion
    - Dragon's Lair Heavy Armour & Grand Champion
    - Calgary Stampede International Jousting Champion
  • 1999 - Canadian National Jousting Champion
    - Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival U.S. International Jousting Champion
  • 1997 - Canadian National Jousting Champion
    - Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival U.S. International Jousting Champion
From Shane's bio and details listed in other Knights of Mayhem's bios, the world championships of jousting is held by the Longs Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival. I'm assuming this is where Charlie has proved himself, but there's no evidence of it that I can find.

Sherwood Forest Faire looks nice and is near Austin. Actually, it's only a little over an hour from my sister's and runs from Feb. 11th through April 1st. At some point, I will be able to do fun things again financially, so its best to be prepared.

It is the best training method to skip getting these guys with little horse experience comfortable with riding and go straight for hitting each other with lances, really? If you believe that, I have a sword in the stone you can pull out and be ruler of all England too. Granted, I'm not the target audience for this show because I do know the history and training that went into making a medieval knight. For all the footage concentrated on a training dummy set up in the joust arena in the first episode, the rookies never used it. Grabbing the rings with the lance is the most boring game to watch ever (and yes, I have seen troupes perform it while explaining why i.e. EDUCATING the audience), but it still teaches accuracy and how to hold the damn lance without splinters ending up in the eyes. Same thing with the training dummy. Actually one rookie seemed to disappear between episode one and two. I hope he came to his senses and ran far away from the Knights of Mayhem and not ended up in the hospital and the producers decided to skip that.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Full Week Ahead

Of the paying job at least. No funeral time nor holidays until Thanksgiving. I haven't heard back from my interview last week, so Candi's comic today feels like an accurate kick in the gut. I'm calling for an update at lunch. And at some point today, asking my supervisor to change my hours to 7am - 3:30pm. Even if I don't get that job, it can only help with my commute.

We successfully got through my grandfather's funeral without an incident which would end up on the evening news. Celebrate the little victories in my family, folks. I got a three day weekend thanks to Veterans Day, which I spent on housework, writing, and confirming that I have no money. I haven't had any work to earn money in two weeks.

At least I finished Chapter 15 in Stellar, dived into the first scene of Chapter 16, and finished Chapter 2 of Tin Man: Prince. Oh and somebody sent me a link where Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic was recommended with a nice review. Nice to know I'm doing something right in someone else's unbiased opinion.

Interview: Still reviewing things on their end. *Crossing fingers*

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday of Fun

A few days ago, I saw a bald eagle on the way home. I thought it was portentous at the time. All raptors are bit of a luck charm, but a bald eagle, WOW! But now I'm wondering what the sighting is portentous of.

Family: my paternal grandfather died this morning. No, condolences necessary. This has been coming for a while and I'm not looking forward to how my father will be screwed over with the settling of the estate.

Second job: I'm looking again and feeling more peeved than panicked. Why when I haven't had any demos all this week? Because I asked about needing to generate leads and was assured I wouldn't have to do that. What actually happens? The only work I got this week was registring people for about an hour and a half for no pay. I got two contacts, but the odds: you need ten contacts to get one demo.

Everybody has been nice, it's a cool product, and it still feels like a great company to work for. But not for me right now with my need for cash NOW! Landing it was a good shot of self-esteem boost that I was in denial that I needed.

So my plans? I'm calling about an interview today and hoping to hear back from a medical test. I need to finish Chapter 15 and start Chapter 16. Taking more vitamin C so I don't catch a coworker's cold. Nearly everybody else in the state is obsessed over the LSU vs. BAMA game, but my only wish is that I could have had a free ticket to resale for a couple of grand.

Overall, it doesn't look like I'm suffering from procrastination as much, which is funny since I just found the perfect description of the whole cycle in Hyperbole and a Half.

Damnit, BMI is still too high for the medical study.

Interview set for Monday. Yeah!

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