Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Faith Rewarded

Tonight's episode was WHY I've stuck with Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. And here's an obligatory SPOILERS alert!

I still haven't seen Captain America 2, but yes, I caught the spoiler for the movie, but I really don't think it was anything anyone would be surprised over. Cap won his fight, duh. Fury's dead; I'll believe that when I can check his pulse. And I'm still predicting Robert Redford's character is a Hydra agent. That one they actually didn't give away in show. I've just believed it since the first trailer aired. Oh and I suppose that Hydra are the bad guys is a give away, but really a little Marvel knowledge gets you that close. It's either them or the A.I.M. guys, and they have to recuperate from Iron Man 3.

Okay, I adore how they are tying the Marvel movie universe into a systematic whole. I have loved how the characters from the Marvel Shorts have dropped in on Agents of SHIELD. Spoilerific on the actual episode: Sitwell is a Hydra agent? Or was the Clairvoyant just name dropping so we suspect him too? I continue to wish Mike had just been Joss Whedon-ed; being Deathlok is worse than getting shot through your heart when you just made up with Willow. I still love Melinda May and Fury isn't dead so he can clear her name. I'm mildly shocked that we have made it this far without figuring out what Skye as a 108 can do, and I'm perfectly happy leaving that mystery for season 2. Hand is dead? No, nope, nope, I'm on the nope rocket for that one. Show all the running blood you wan; we brought Phil back from the dead. If Fury's dead, Hill or Hand must start running SHIELD. I'm not sure how I feel about Ward's final actions. Hydra agent or triple agent both look equally plausible. Not a Ward/Skye shipper though, oh the conventionally pretty people hook up. :p Fitz is TONS more awesome than Ward. "You will pay for what you've done and I will play a part in that."

Okay, I'm done gushing on the show. If you skipped all that, have some pictures of my new office layout.

Ignore the date, I have to fix that on my camera. No more half-wall of shelves.

Standing desk.

Sitting desk.

The corner bookshelves I made with shelves I already had and a floor lamp. I'm tickled how this corner came out actually.

So now I think I've calmed down enough to go to bed. Nighty-night.

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