Friday, April 30, 2004

Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1 Question 4

Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1

4). What have been your hobbies and leisure activities, past and present?

WRITING! Bike riding, cartoons, swimming, reading, board games, designing and maintaining web pages, roleplaying, interactive theater in the realms of RenFaires, coloring, cooking.

I know I'm supposed to be much more descriptive with these things, but there's never enough time. Something expand upon later I guess.

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Script idea and Weekend plans

I despise being broke. Loathing it doesn't even come close. The only time I haven't had to battle between paychecks is when I had two jobs. Quite frightening was the realization yesterday that I probably make around $900 a month, but have the expenses of $1800. Chad did point out that the working two jobs was a bad thing, which I agree with. But if the pay raise doesn't cut it and I don't start selling soon, I don't know what I can do. I'm afraid to pawn my possessions; I may never get enough money to get them back.

I'll get what bills I can wrote out tonight. I did bring them to work to do, but never got a chance since this was a deadline day. Icky weather too, but at least that kept the walk-ins away. Thunderstorms all weekend. And if Chad's roof leaks on me, I'm going home. :p

Still no stress this weekend. I have the Mother's Day project to do (though I'm not sure how I can pay for it), and trying to figure out what time is good weekend-wise for writing. Suppose to schedule for your most creative time of the day. I've been working in snatch mode for so long, I'm not sure when that time is.

Possibly working on Gemz idea. Well, I already had the idea but at least her wanting to do animation gives me carte blanche, possibly. Haven't heard back from her. But ever since Rick Ungar said he wanted to start the series over, I've been thinking of how to redo "Rock & Ride" and keep the magic it had. I enjoyed the playwriting class I had in college, I already visualize the stories in my head as a movie, and I want to write the new series scripts and get paid for it. Okay, I do realize the last part may have to wait till second season if it goes through at all. Still, I need to prove to myself I can turn out a professional product.

My ideas so far:
1). Keep basic premise: Bros crash on Earth, meet Charley, discover Limburger, have to stay on Earth.
2). Make promise and loss of home more poignant. Yeah, they're macho mice but if my timeline is anything to go by (and I don't have anything else) they have been away from years trying to make their way home.
3). Make the invasion of Earth inevitable. Which means the bad guys get a lot nastier, maybe not too much. Way I see it, you should have an over-arc story. Second or third season should end with the invasion of Earth starting.
4). Charley getting the idea to create her own Freedom Fighters and start working toward that goal. Albiet, something not understood until Season Two.

And no, I really haven't done a lot of brainstorming on this at all. I still like my idea of a captured Carbine, but that would probably mean Mars lost more than it gained. Hmm, unless it was a recent capture.

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Forgetting the Fun

Quote of the Day: I'm no lady; I'm a member of Congress, and I'll proceed on that basis. -- Mary Norton

I've been so focused on disclipning my work and work schedule, I had forgotten the fun. While I still need to stick to a regiment on the weekends; if I don't miss work Monday through Friday, I get a lot done. Course, I always get stressed out with a deadline. Now the pirates stuff is done, except turning the info into web pages.

And even though I didn't get any writing done yesterday, I did get a grasp--a visualization--on the opening of the next section. Very important section when she learns the killer is a repeat offender and gains a sidekick.

Something for the story idea folder: Forgotten Diver Saved by Boy Scout
Ex-nurse pleads guilty to patient deaths

So tired today and it's all Chad's fault. No not that way :p, you gutter minds. He didn't get back from giving his proposal until 10pm, so I didn't get in bed till 11.

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Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1 Question 3

Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1

3). What have been your occupations, past and present?

Writer, student, peer counselor/R.A., receptionist, Sonic carhop, customer service represenative for Spirint, data entry with the title Insurance Compliance Tech. 2, RenFaire neighborhood leader.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1 Question 2

Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1

2). What places have you lived long enough to know them well?

Pumpkin Center, Louisiana. It's not an actually incorporated town, because years ago when it came up the farmers listened to the rumors that taxes was going to rise and voted against it. Though my mother tells me that the sense of community was destroyed when the Interstate was built.

Natchitoches, Louisiana. Five years for a diploma. Can point out all the buildings that are part of the Steel Magnolias tour. Learned to leave the car parked Christmas Festival weekend.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Not really living here, but commuting in five days a week. A town trying to flee the river through urban sprawl and trying to revitalize itself. But it is Football Town, LSU and Southern both won national titles last year. Just imagine what would happen if the New Orleans Saints would win a Superbowl. Hell, if they just made it to a Superbowl.

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Progress on Zy's Novel

Quote of the Day: If American politics are too dirty for women to take part in, there's something wrong with American politics. -- Edna Ferber

Finally got the first section of chapter three finished. It has been giving me fits just trying to find time to work on it. I'm such a creature of schedule.

I'm not finished with the first question, but the book recommends leaving space and going back. And if I keep spending a blog a day on each question of the exercise, I'll have blogs planned for the next two years.

I'm just a bit worried about references. Zy has spent her life devouring mysteries, and uses them to influence the detective she is trying to be. Maybe a special section in the back explaining the references. Nothing as absolute as footnotes, nobody likes footnotes in fiction. Though I wish Sayers had some with the French translated.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Getting Started

Quote of the Day: Behind every successful man is a surprised woman. -- Maryon Pearson

I figured I'd wait on the exercises until I finished the whole book, but all I'd have to write about is stuff I'd rather not dwell on. And judging how long it takes me to get through the questions; I need a head start.

I did break it to Chad over the phone, which may have been a mistake. He wants me to delegate more, but the problem is I don't have anyone to delegate to! Maybe there will be more help after cast call. Reminder--make flyers. Also, let him get past the job proposal before trying to pin down how he feels about the situation.

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Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1 Question 1

Crossroads: An Author Self-Interrogation Chapter 1

Instructions: Write out the following information about yourself in detail. The more candid and complete you are in your responses, the more resource material you will have to draw from for writing ideas. Be liberal rather than conservative in your estimation of what should be included, and leave room for further additions later. For the purpose of this exercise, there is no such thing as an insignificant experience, and reticence is inappropriate. Include specific scenes or dramatized recollections wherever possible.

1). What is your ethnic background, especially your culture experience of that ethnicity, its language, customs, foods, rituals, etc.?

My ethnic background is Southern American Caucasian. Try finding that selection on a standardized form. Caucasian is the politically-correct, scientific terminology for white. United States of America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and land of my birth. The South is a region of America unlike anywhere else on Earth.

I grew up when it was still safe to play outside, before parents became hawks eyeing their dinners. A country girl, my great-grandmother had 21 acres next door to my parents' one to romp on.

Romance lingers in the South. I don't mean men wooing women, but the older tradition of the word. Magic and mystery decay and fill the air with heady brooding. The Gothic tradition is still alive. Is it any wonder that the South produced Edgar Allen Poe and William Faulkner, and has attracted so many others?

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Monday, April 26, 2004

No More Rejections

Quote of the Day: Well, I've got you the presidency, what are you going to do with it? -- Florence Harding, with of the 29th president

I got No More Rejections by Alice Orr by accident. I was supposed to say no for that selection but I forgot to do it. I started reading this weekend and now I'm glad I've got it. This blog will probably be changing direction again, so I can take advantage of the exercises she makes available.

In the meantime, on the time issue, I haven't reached a decision yet. As Chad and I discussed it (or rather he just listened to me rant), there is pay work, websites, tutorials, and RenFaire. Pay work isn't going anywhere unless I win the Powerball this week. Websites aren't a daily chore. I probably have a smattering of work the week before updates and then I'm through. Tutorials is writing and publishing, and I'm actually ahead in terms of writing them.

That leaves Faire, or more importantly, management in Faire, which I'm taking less and less pleasure in doing. It's not the people, because they are family, but all the responsibility. On the other hand, there's nobody who will take my neighborhood and I can't blame them. If I had known 5 years ago what I know now, I would have picked a different area to begin with.

I still need to consider it more, but I'm leaning toward this being my last year as a neighborhood leader. I'll stay involved, and I'll be guild leader of the pirates (provided I get an actual crew this year), but I'm tired and I need to focus concentration elsewhere.

Wonder how well this is going to go over with Chad.

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

About 15 minutes...

... to give myself some therapy before lunch is over.

I have issues. I can normally ignore them, or give them the brush off they deserve except when my defenses are low. Course they always wait till then to pounce.

I have an irrational fear of driving everyone who likes me away. I never had any real friends until 6th grade, and those have drifted apart. College was another good opportunity to make friends, and I'm proud to say I'm still in contact with a few. Another group shut me out in the coldest way imaginable. Made worse by the fact that the guy I had a crush on made himself the spokesperson of the group. I came home with a sarcastic hide that was damn near bulletproof. My best friend Billy was the one to finally reach me how much I was hurting others.

So now when the shrew comes out I have a backlash that I've hurt someone. Hence my over abundance of apologizing.

Maybe Foxy and Jazzie's right; I need a vacation. But it's not the writing part that gets to me; it's the finding time for it amid everything else that must be done. Cripes, I haven't edited the stupid lecture yet or put out the next tutorial.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Am I normal?

Tomara says my behavior sounds normal. Maybe that's why Chad always laughs when I call myself crazy; he's worked in a psychiatric hospital.

But what else can I be? I lash out at friends. I purposefully self-sabatogue my true vocation. I channel this crazy shrew bitch when ever things don't go my way, but only with the things I dictate myself to do.

My mother calls it dramatics, which just her way of say act like a normal angry person. So I am crazy, fucked up in the head and nothing to cure it.

At least I don't go around eating people.

Apologizing doesn't work. I suppose I can't blame people. Who wants to stay around a screaming crazy cussing shrew?

Still I had to go to Chad. Since I couldn't email the stupid file for the CD-ROM handout for the Teachers' Workshop and by the time I see him again on Friday, he wouldn't have anytime to work on it. And I found the missing notes. And I figured out that scanning the stupid black and white pics in full color probably attributed to the huge file size.

Last night was not a night for winning. And I probably ruined a friendship with it.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Sick days

Didn't intend to have three days off this week, but I had dizzy spells, and on and off nuasa most of the day Sunday. Chad feared that it was something wrong with my sugar, and since my back waand neck were frozen and refused to move without pain, I went to the doctor on Monday. They took blood and gave me Monday and Tuesday off, which I took. The blood work came back fine. Which means I'm now just getting overheated by sitting outside in the shade. Worrisome, but not as bad as coming down with diabetes.

So I'm spending the time resting and catching up. Mostly resting Monday; today is catching up. I already finished my running around errands. Now kitchen cleaning, office cleaning, and writing. And I am determined to do that last one.

3pm and I have finished the kitchen, as much as I am able to do.

6pm and I am almost finished with the hand out on pirates I need for Saturday. Going to fix some supper and then start writing.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Update ahead of schedule

Yes, currently uploading as we speak. CHeck out the Awards page of Alt. Biker Mice Site.

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Friday, April 16, 2004

Friday at last

Quote of the Day: A writer is someone who cannot not write. ... Consider the opposite: a nonwriter is someone who can write or not, who does not have the drive and need to put words to paper. A writer is someone who looks forward to the day's work, even if it lasts only an hour or two before the writer has to dash to a job that supports him and his family until such happy time that the writing itself may be economically rewarding. On those days when external circumstances prevent his writing, a writer feels a hollowness, an absence, a longing. -- Sol Stein How to Grow a Novel (xiv - xv)

It's come a few times. Other things preventing my writing or having to skip the writing time altogether. Chad really not understanding it. Red saying she's in love with the idea of writing.

I first recognized I was different back in 1993 or 1994. I can remember the time frame, but not the exact dates. I had finished writing my first Legend of Zelda fanfic and encouraged my friend Mervin to write a fanfic on Mega Man. He finished it, and another friend left it in his locker at the end of the school year. Hope the janitor enjoyed; I never got a chance to read it.

My first response was "Too bad, when will you start writing it over?" And I got THAT LOOK--the one that says why in the world did you just say that. Mervin said he wasn't.

I realized I would rewrite it. I may always feel the first was better and the second was an inferior copy, but I would rewrite.

It's not bragging. I have lost a story due to someone stealing my folder, and I rewrote and hate that story. I still have issues trying to remember everyone is not like that. Same issues I have with people not reading. How can you go a whole day without reading?

Oh well guess this post doesn't have a point.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thursday blahs that were cured fairly early

Quote of the Day: Writer = one who cannot not write. -- Paraphrased definition

I got all the new submissions ready to upload yesterday. Now I'm bogged down with adding comments script to items that don't have it and updating the database. The From Mars Archive still won't be ready; there's just so much to edit. And I need to remember to check the stats of visitors to the site. I'm pretty sure I've got that ability even though I don't have a web counter. SOmething to do with checking bandwidth usage I think.

Writing: I typed on the pirate lecture and "Let Us Give Thanks" yesterday. Didn't get any writing done on Zy's novel, but I was cramming to get the update done so I won't be all weekend on it. Doesn't look like I'll get much writing on Zy's novel today either, typing up a letter, this blog, and pirate lecture.

Taxes: I had to pay both Federal and State. Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck. And all cause my W2 was filled out incorrectly at my primary job. And don't anyone tell me the amount ain't bad. On my take home pay, it hurts.

Odd email: London found a reference to that email addy in use in 2002. It's starting to look more legit. She's checking on the animation rumor mill. If it is legit, I guess we should start crafting together a response letter.
Update: WHEEE! It's not a fake! Working on response letter.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I hate having my sense of belief messed with

Some may know and some may not, but we recently had issue with a coward who wanted to slam FoxFire by going through the Alt. BM Site instead of saying what he felt on the Unoffical's Message Board (where he was sure to get blasted). He called me a henchwoman, heh. They get paid. Anyways Foxy put it up on the Board where it belonged.

Today, Alt. BM Site's submission email gets a message from Rick Ungar about the site and future BMFM plans.

I want to believe. Oh how I want to believe, especially after looking at this thing for so many hour today working on the update.

But I can't if the asshole has decided to use this method to hurt people, especially us.


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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Quote of the Day: Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to forment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation. -- Abigail Adams

There was another trailer that impressed me Captain Sky and the World of Tomorrow: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Casey Affleck, and Bai Ling. Black and white, and the robots are styled after the old 1950s science fiction art. Looks like it will be a fun homage film.

Finally got Access to cooperate last night. I was building a query and it kept adding another query into it. The records jumped from 135 to nearly 18,000. I discoverd that after I started printing. Luckily, I caught it before all 545 pages printed. The print out makes it easier to add in the new submissions, less jumping between window screens trying to remember filenames and numbers. Setting up the comments fields should be easier too, now that I remembered the database already has a unique name for each submission.

Took tomorrow off for a funeral; a RenFaire friend's mother just died. I'm going to put the rest of the day to good use on something. What something I don't know yet. I need to finish typing the pirate lecture, work on the Alt BM Site, clean house, sew doublet, tutorials to work on. Better get up at my usual time.

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Monday, April 12, 2004

About the trip

We left later than I wanted to, about 7am Central rather than 6am. Why? Because of not going to bed till midnight. Why were we stupid like that?

We promised my mother to fix the Direct TV wiring the weekend before. Well, we didn't get to it then and Chad said we had plenty of time to get it done Thursday night. No problem.

I should listen to my gut.

We drilled the holes into my sister's bedroom and fed the cables into there. We didn't find that out until after my father was up in the attic and we needed to feed the cable down behind my parents' bedroom wall. Why did we drill in the wrong spot? Because when my parents had siding put on their house, they ran the cable cable down from the attic underneath the siding before coming out with it. And we drilled where the cable came out.

We finally got my parents' bedroom hooked up and stopped before heading to the living room seeing that it was 10:30ish. Then I had to go online, get my friends' address, send out passwords, take a bath, and pack. So that's why I didn't want to get up at 5am.

The road trip Friday went smoothly. We encountered very little traffic and got to Clearwater about 8pm Eastern time, within the 12 hours I predicted. I am the navigator.

Yes, there was expressed doubt about my route. Me and Chad carvaned with Rick Hight, one of the owners of LARF. My friends Billy and Misty took us out to eat at Bennaigan's. Steaks and salads and ribs, and they like Chad and Chad likes them. Major goodies all round.

Saturday was Faire day. And I discovered that my black vinyl bodice needs a winter Faire. I pooped out quickly. And taking it off was suggested many times that day, but as I keep pointing out size D boobies without support is equally uncomfortable. We also ran into Alvon Brummfield and his family in tow, the other owner of LARF. Chad had been talking about our trip.

But we made an excellent contact for school day, a group of pirates connected with Capt. Jack. Not Johnny Depp, but the guy has the impersonation down perfect. He dribbled on my peasant blouse and they loved my ship necklace. They do black powder demos and put on the trial of Mary Read and Anne Bonny, little later than us but them gals were fun. I want to do the Pirate case on the school days now. *BOUNCE*

We left early because of my health. I was downing water like crazy and peeing so I was hydrated, but still too hot to go on. But it was a good thing, cause it gave Billy enough time to get things situated with his anime club and for us to woof down pizza and go see Hellboy.

I was going to go even if it sucked. Ron Perlman, I'll watch anything he is in since Beauty and the Beast went off the air. He's in The Name of the Rose along with Sean Connery and Christian Slater. Back to Hellboy, it didn't suck. It's a well crafted movie with complex good guys and interesting albeit freaky bad guys. Fun ride that stuck to its theme and characterization. It won't make as much money as Spidey 2, but there was our contribution to helping it break even.

We also got trailers for Arthur, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Looks like they're going for Arthur is a Roman--like modern research believes--probably heavily influenced by Mary Stewart's works. And it looks like the made Guienevre a Celt, which I think is pretty interesting. Van Helsing just looks damn cool. They kept the burning windmill from Frankenstein. I think it's going to end up being a new story that pays homage to the classic Universal monster films. Which is fine by me.

Sunday was the drive home. Completely uneventful. We made it back by 7:30pm Central time and had left Clearwater later than anticipated. Ate supper at our favorite Chinese buffet and discovered I'm broke again. *Groan* So now it's get through this week because Friday is payday.

Writing during the trip: I wrote about 4 paragrpahs. However the first two were telling not showing and I had to rewrite them. Total of usable paragraphs: 2.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

No writing today

Quote of the Day: Johnny Depp: "I can't believe you're giving me exposition." (over changes made in the dialogue of a scene)
Screenwriters of Pirates of the Caribbean: "But we give you 'miscreants.'"
Johnny: "All right then, that's an even trade." (Paraphrased but the source material is in the screenwriters commentary on the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD)

I have to get Chad so we can do the wiring tonight. So leaving early today. :p This is getting to be a habit I don't like. But hopefully I can make up for it while Chad drives tomorrow.

Yeah, leaving tomorrow morning to go see my friends down in Florida and go to the Tampa Bay RenFaire. Should be back Sunday night.

Now since I've plowed through the lawsuits and don't have any form 119s waiting for me, I'm getting to work on the lesson plan and the pirate lecture. Now I remember why I never wanted to teach. Too much have to justify why you're doing this instead of just doing it. Granted with the state of education, it is necessary. But I prefer the tutorials method, put it there and let who wants it take it.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Pirate Lecture

I finally finished it. Once typed and I got the lesson plan thingy and the handouts designed, I can concentrate on fiction again.

Short so I can type the silly thing.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Distractions, distractions, distractions

Well after getting the Christmas letters written and printed (which the mailing will have to be delayed until after we get back from Tampa Bay so I can see if I have any money left--stupid groceries), I got a paragraph written before it was go home time. Which finished up Zy's journal exerpt for Chapter Three.

Then I went home and managed to find the space in front of my monitor on my desk. Course I needed to work on webpage updates, but I didn't manage to get to that. Maybe tonight. Better be tonight, I still have beaucoup work to do on the archive project and looks like a couple of new submitters.

And work has gone rather interesting in the lunch hour. We're hoping our supervisor sticks to her word.

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Monday, April 05, 2004

I'm back

Crazy four day weekend.

My grandmother's surgery went fine, but it'll be sometime next week before we know if that's all the surgery she has to have.

Talked to martgage people and it looks like I can buy the place, if my grandmother is willing to sell. She's still thinking about that.

I thought I'd at least get the pirate lecture finished this weekend. Nope. Dishes and cooking and Chad got started on wiring and plumbing at his place. We were supposed to get wiring done for my mother and now we have to do that Thursday night.

I just feel so frustrated when I can't write. Work is picking up so I doubt I'll have the time then to write. I still have the extra hour that's just for writing before I leave work, but I'll have to be more strict with myself and not use any of that time for research.

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