Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zero said years

I broke down and bought the TinMan DVD. I was hoping for subtitles to see how things were spelled. There is no subtitles. Isn't that against the law now? You blew the entire budget on the CGI and there was none to code subtitles? Not to complain, I love the CGI but I have found two different spellings for one of the species in the O.Z. and would have liked to find an official version.

And not that this speculation will make any sense to anyone not currently obsessed with TinMan, but Zero says years. I will admit it took the fourth reviewing before I caught on, and it was after I decided to have DG say "years" and then correct herself to "annuals" the proper O.Z. term. Now, I am perfectly willing to go "writer screw-up" because it's damn hard to remember to change it over. Plus the writers forgot to name the Queen and gave us the lackluster ending. But watching it over again, all the O.Z. characters say "annuals." Except Zero, which makes me want to make him a Slipper. I decided to so something else with the observation in my fanfic instead, and I probably need to go find some fellow obsessed types and share the bone.

So I had finally gotten my characters to the build up leading up to meeting the villain and fun action sequences and I have stalled out. Through no fault of my own. I woke up this morning with a crazy-ass email that made no sense over Acadiana Medieval Faire. I decided to ignore it, and that worked up until after lunch when I guess the other receiptants read their emails, and I seem to be sucked into drama that I have absolutely no patience for. IT'S NOT PART OF MY LIFE ANY MORE! What is so hard to understand about that?

Me being perfectly willing to just be friends, separate from all the shit, so just let it go. But to deliberately bring the shit up two years after the events and a year after the death. And not bringing up to deal with in a healthy manner (i.e. I'm detailing this on my blog to release it from my life or so I'm being completely honest), no this is basic mudslinging that makes Hillary Clinton look good. For what purpose? And why make me part of the audience?

It's bullshit and I'm probably going to have to call bullshit on it, but at the same time, I have this reaction of "I shouldn't have to." Well, if it was a real friend behind all of it, they would have known how I feel and would not have done it. Ergo, not friend and I don't owe them swallowing my genuine pissed off, you've ruined my writing for this shit, mood.

I don't need manufactured drama either. My unofficial step-niece got hit by a car in Austin and had to have surgery. T'Lania is doing well, but still she's got a long road to go. I have finances and health issues of my own I have to deal with. This is bullshit.

I'm going to take a break, play some Cube Crash, and hopefully the ride home will recharge the dialouge batteries. I am not letting my story get derailed for bullshit.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

What day is it?

I thrill at being inspired. The manuscript is officially over 30,000 words and I have no idea where it's going to end up at. What makes me unhappy is getting obsessive about it. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't live alone and had someone to cover me while I have commuted to fiction land, but I don't. I still have to pay the bills otherwise there will be no electricity to run the computer. *Sigh* I'm working on finding balance.

Took Dad to see the Incredible Hulk on Father's Day.

"I know some anger management techniques that can help with that."

It was awesome. I didn't bother with the Ang Lee version a few years back, and judging by the Internet reaction, it was a safe call. Marvel creating Marvel Studios was just what they needed to do after X-Men Last Stand and Spider-man 3. Granted, I liked both films but there were so many issues, it brought my reaction down to a meh. Iron Man and the Hulk jump-started my interest again. I still don't know how they can afford an Avengers movie though, unless they are using the line-up without Wolverine and Spider-man.

Now what I found hysterical is we got trailers for Hancock (which I added to the list on the strength of the trailer), Hellboy II, and X-Files. No trailer for the Dark Knight in front of a superhero movie with the same target audience. Any issues you wanna discuss DC and Marvel?

  • April 4 - Nim's Island (sounded cute)
  • April 18 - The Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan love)
  • May 2 - Iron Man (Black Sabbath better be in the soundtrack and the trailers don't count)
  • May 9 - Speed Racer (trailer surprised the hell out of me)
  • May 16 - Prince Caspian (agnostic Pagan that I am I could totally worship Aslan, he hangs out with Harry Potter and Bacchus (it's in the book))
  • May 22 - INDIANA JONES!
  • June 13 - Incredible Hulk
  • July 4 - Hancock
  • July 11 - Hellboy II (otherwise known as Hellboy vs. the Drow)
  • July 18 - BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT (o hell yeah)
  • July 25 - X-Files: I Want to Believe (that this will be a good movie. But I can be won over by Mulder and Scully damnit, I love those characters even if the show went downhill for me)
  • Nov. 21 - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  • Watchman
  • May 8 - Star Trek
  • August 7 - G.I. Joe (I can be won over by Chris Eccleston and Ray Parks)

Don't Know yet

Like I mentioned earlier, I have been rather obsessive about working on TinMan: Dragons and Ninjas, the the point I really don't understand it. But I did learn something. I cannot earn a living by writing erotica.

I had one scene that qualifies as smut, just one scene. And it was the hardest 2,922 words I have ever written. I hemmed, I hawed, I played lots of Cube Crash. I finally ended the scene and hopefully the readers will like the smut they did get. No matter how well the market pays, I wouldn't be able to meet my deadlines if I tried.

And No more Battlestar Galactica until next year, *sob.* But they are giving me two Doctor Who's, reapeating the "Unicorn and the Wasp." Yeah, I can count titles again!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Iron Experiment Redux 26

Week 52 = 183.5
Week 51 = 185.4
Week 50 = 185.5
Week 49 = 191.6
Week 36 = 179.3
Week 24 = 188
Week 12 = 187.6
Week 1 = 205

I need to buy another pair of 2.5 lbs. plates. I hate having to change them during a workout. I did change the light bulb to one of the yellow light bug lights and there was much less swarming.

I also decided I don't like my body weight being in the 180s. It's too damn hard to get out of.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Frickin' hell, How did I do that?

I just watched "the Wasp and the Unicorn" aka the Agatha Christie episode of Doctor Who. And what I immediately went "I should be writing for this show!" alarming my Dad to stare at me instead of his solitaire game (he's still denying that he likes the new Doctor Who).

Here's my quote from "Rose on the Other Side" post on Nov. 30, 2007
And make the Agatha Christie episode! I love the Dickens one and the Shakespeare one. Maybe her two week disappearance for a story start? And put Torchwood on DVD. I can't work it into my schedule when it shows on BBC America. And I want more Capt. Jack sexyness.

I so need to see the episode again to do the title hunt again. I caught 12 titles mentioned, that sounds like a great round number for the episode, but I want to make sure.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Iron Experiment Redux 25

I realized that I have made it to week 4 of the workout routine. I haven't needed to up the weights yet, that comes in week 5. Twenty leg raises, but I still wondering if I need more lower ab crunches.

Problem: I need a bug light on the front porch. I got swarmed during this workout.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the way writing used to be

I'm over 19,000 words into the project I started on June 4th. I can't stop not working on it, I can't get it out of my head, the words are coming so easily.

So why is it TinMan fanfiction instead of my original project?

I have no idea. I thought it was going to be like my Hellsing love, where I love madly but no participating. *Sigh* At this point, I've decided to finish it and then get back to my vampires.

Also, I ended up with three theme songs. *Scratching head* I'm not exactly sure how that happened either. I think my muse backed over me with a dump truck.

The first theme song is "Home" by Breaking Benjamin, which serves as a great theme for the TinMan universe.

The second theme song is "Suffer" by the Echoing Green for the angsty-portions.

The third theme song is "I Turn to You" by Melanie C and it's for the action-packed climax. Yes, I can see that portion of my story set to this song as a video. Scary, who would I get to play Zack?

Yeah, it's technically a crossover. Zack got sent on one of solo-adventures, and Allie and Mike are probably going to make an appearance at the end. I don't know why he keeps getting caught up in these crazy adventures, and I'm blaming everything on the muse's dump truck.

Here's the whole playlist of what I really like so far.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Iron Experiment Redux 24

Two workouts a week is what I seem to be able to do. I don't know why that is. But I have reached forty crunches, woot!

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Monday, June 02, 2008

What happened to the end of May?

I don't really remember. My schedule really flew out the window and I went on a reading orgy. I could only stop if my brain went "can't buy it, sorry" but I'd have ten more intriguing stories to try out. I think I'm over it now. One good realization: I need a new copy of the Wizard of Oz, mine is in miserable shape. And I will take a fanfiction reading orgy over an inhaling-everything-with-sugar-in-the-house-and-going-out-to-buy-more orgy. My brain recovers faster than my waistline.

So it's a new month, and I used white-out on the calender plans to regive myself a fresh start. If I don't, I get an uncontrollable urge to catch-up, which will lead to me giving up on the catching-up and finding a new orgy. Nipped in the bud, hopefully.

A list of projects to plan the month around:
  1. Health - watching diet and working out. Track with FitDay entries and Iron Experiment Redux posts.
  2. Finances - track with Number Crunching posts.
  3. Strix - finish planning and get to actual writing. I'm not a just-wing-it writer; planning is essential. Track with Metrics posts at DUF.
  4. FanFiction Garret - time to get this project unveiled.
  5. "For Worse" - also time to get this project unveiled. Track with Metrics posts at DUF.
  6. BookWorm's Library - time to update.
  7. Alt. BM Site - time to update
  8. Reading Diary - enjoying weeding out my library by rereading, not enjoying the review portion. I should kill the blog and just use Amazon links in Blank.
  9. Final final paper - stop procrastination on this already!
  10. Housework - have to fit it in somewhere and it makes the list even.
Actually, that's not bad for me. I'd say four on the list are ongoing, five have definite ending points, and one has a definite future ending point way ahead of me. Not a bad place to start organizing the summer.

I'm going to start breaking down my weeks by Big Rocks, Upcoming, and Daily MITs. Daily MITs are the most important tasks for the day. Big rocks are deadline I have on projects in the current week or said plainer, what I want to finish this week. Upcoming is what maybe due next week or the week after, to be worked on if time and space allow. I had been blocking out deadlines for them reasonably before getting thrown off track, but I would list them with the big rocks for the week. Let's try easing back on the expectations.

Damn! Last daily MITs list I have was for May 24th and 25th. Twenty-five items to do. I finished five. Today I have 9 items to do. NINE! With the option of doing something that furthers an Upcoming project if I need to (example, I can't work on website at work). I can do that, even if it wasn't fair to compare a weekend schedule to a non-weekend one.

*Content sigh* I'm feeling better about June already.

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Iron Experiment Redux 23

The melatonin must have worked or my body had finally had enough time to adjust to the medication. Either way, I was up on time and got a Monday workout in. And frell, did I deteriorate in those two weeks. I'm hurting where I didn't use to hurt before.

I'm also semi-fretting over the state of the abs, as in do I need to add another version of an ab exercise to make sure I'm working them out. I'm blaming the Cosmo I was sent to review. One of the articles was a tummy workout.

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