Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally broke down

And will be going on the Liver Cleansing Diet. My parents and grandmother have been having great success with it, and it's really changing nothing I'm not supposed to be eating anyway. But the clincher was while also reading on natural ways to cure PMS. Estrogen and maybe progestrogen too are all processed by the liver when they've finished their job. If your liver isn't in tiptop shape, they won't be deactivated and go back into your bloodstream. And while the physical problems associated with PMS aren't as bad for me, the horrible mood swings are. And I'm tired of hormonal outbursts that now even staying on birth control doesn't seem to help.

You stick with the menu for eight weeks, and then you can ease back to the 12 guidelines. And those are all the things I've heard before (cut out refined sugar, cut back on dairy and salt, eat more raw veggies, drink more water, etc). My grandmother with her myriad health problems (renal patient, stroke from complications with diabeties, diabeties) is losing weight and her blood sugar counts are staying stable. Dad's losing weight and his blood sugar score's are practically perfect. Mom has plateued but we think it's stress keeping her blood sugar elevated.

Anyways, I think I have time on Saturday to cook a few meals ahead along with Educators' Guide and homework. I've decided that I'm taking today off to work on Zy's novel. I've been working on homework straight for two weeks and don't want to look at it anymore. It does work better when I just bring one assignment, do it, and move to Zy's novel. But I felt I was so far behind I had to bring everything. Nope, not going to do that today. Next week, I'm definately limiting what I pack.

So while I try to remember what my seedy dance lounge looks like, I'm going to go tweak my layout and maybe I can get the damn thing on Writerly.

Now I'm in the beta version. WOOT! I have labels!

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Zy's Novel

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something to think about

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Better Today

I shouldn't post when I'm tired and in pain. Makes the posts come out come out in a bitter, defeated voice. Not really what I intended to say on Monday. The pain cleared up on Tuesday, which was good, since I didn't want to walk through it. Watched the TaeBo Flex workout last night. It goes slightly slower and each move has 3 sets. I won't finish the whole 45 minute workout the first time, but I shouldn't trip and fall on my face.

I got some decorating done Tuesday too. And Mustard didn't break it, phew. We already had the incident Monday morning where I put an open bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper on the nightstand closest to the mirror as I was measuring myself. Mustard takes a flying leap and the nightstand is his landing pad. Diet Dr. Pepper everywhere. The new rug soaked most of it up like a towel. I had maybe a fourth left in the bottle to drink.

I think there is something I'm calling "sleepy fumes" in my car. And no I don't think my car is leaking carbon monoxide into its interior, just that I'm wide awake at home or at the office but as soon as I get in the car, I can't stop yawning and my eyes want to shut. So no I don't think I'm being paranoid when I worry about ending up wrapped around a tree in my car. I should try to get to bed for 8pm, but when your sleep cycle gets messed up in the weekend it's a struggle to get it back right.

The fat is being stubborn and not going anywhere. I'm sure I'm in better shape. I got 2 miles in walking yesterday and I can touch my toes, but the numbers really aren't changing much and my clothes are still fitting the same bad way. *Sigh* I talked myself out of a chocolate milkshake twice yesterday only to have over my carbs at supper with yummy yeast rolls (white bread being the same as sugar for the body). But short of getting a Food Nazi to stand over me while I eat, I don't know how to develop the willpower to do what I need to do.

Homework: *headdesk* I don't really think I'm behind, but it feels like I am. However I am behind on Educators' Guide and Zy's Novel. *headdesk* In the middle of As I Lay Dying, and there's only so much of the Bundrens you can take at a time.

And when are you old enough to have a conversation with your mother without feeling that judgement is being passed and you're coming up short? And it's nothing she says, just my hyperactive nerves reading something into every line. I'm really tired of them doing that and would like it to stop, but I'm thinking it'll have to be therapy to make it stop.

Usually when my insides are in turmoil, I get good writing out of it. I remember the Night Storm novel that became my hyperfiction novel that maybe become something else was fueled due to a guy I had crushed on but we remained friends suddenly showing his true face and was not my friend. 9/11 fueled me to finishing "Family, Friends, and Foes." Inside, I'm a seething mass of raw wounds, but writing lets me put all that away.

But I can't seem to do that now. Looking at in a detached sorta way, maybe because the wounds aren't real. Oh, the inner demon that is using them to snipe at me is glamouring them into a reality, but deep down in my core I know I'm fretting over smoke dragons and there's nothing to run into writing to run away from. So I should be able to work as if everything is fine and dandy. And then smoke dragon is in my face. And then I forget to take a deep breath and blow it away.

Pull out Heather Sellers, reread chapter on demons, and actually do some of the exercises!

Chastizing done. I'm going for more Diet Dr. Pepper so I can finish As I Lay Dying and hopefully get some writing done.

And does anyone have a copy of the Case of the Careless Kitten by Erle Stanley Gardner. It's a Perry Mason mystery, and I'm considering using it for a major project in History of the Book.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Exercise: I Still Hurt

I don't know if it was TaeBo or the ab ball or the all day in the car or all three of them together, but I started hurting by the time I reached Lafayette around 5pm. And I haven't stopped hurting yet. Mostly shoulders and hamstrings. But I didn't do any workouts yesterday and today is a class/rest night. I'm hoping the pain will have eased by tommorrow.

The weeked work-wise was good: the workshop went off with very little issues and what issues we had were minor logistics. Though I think we're going to have to pull everyone aside one at a time for costume stuff--i.e. what you need to buy and what needs work. The energy and play between everyone is good.

The fun-wise never really happened. Chad and my alone time was shopping and putting garb together which is technically the work time. After 11 pm, I went delirious and I'm pretty sure I had a blow up but I really can't remember. And I wouldn't mind the work so much except I get no recognition for it. None. And it's the only time I get to see him because it's "inconvient" to plan something for any other weekends.

I'm trying to be understanding because of all the health issues that ruined the summer for all of us. But I honestly don't know how much effort I can keep putting into the long distance shit.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Living Room Workout Day 1

I think overall it was a success, though I couldn't finish the TaeBo cardio workout. My wretched hand-eye coordination sprang up and I couldn't move my feet and hands in sync. However what I managed to accomplish did get my heart pumping. Probably not fr as long as I should but I'll work up to it.

I did get through all six exercises for the ab ball, but couldn't do the fulll 12 reps. I think I got 10 on most but the instructor would talk and I'd lose count. Maybe I just wasn't awake enough.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work with the TaeBo flex workout DVD. It was my original plan to alternate between the two, but I may have to stay with flex for a few weeks until I get movements down. Or find the beginner's workout on DVD.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Inflating the Ab Ball Fun

After looking at the myriad of ab ball pictures and instructional DVD, I decided I couldn't properly inflate it with the hand pump included with the ball (however it is useful to torture Mustard with) and I should buy a real pump, preferably electric.

So yesterday was Wal-Mart trip, since I needed groceries. I had time to clean the fridge and cook by skipping gym. Found electric pump but it works out of a car. Helpful Wal-Mart clerk found an adaptep that allows you to plug a car chargers into a wall outlet. Made it home, cleaned fridge, had cooking orgy, and promptly divided meals into meal-sized Tupperware containers and stuck most in the freezer. Cleaned and then was ready to fix ab ball.

Took out the Bell electric pump. Took out the adapter and detroyed the packaging getting the adapter out. I really need to buy a new pair of shears that will cut though metal; the set I lost worked excellent on that plastic packagaing everything is sold in. The adapter works with car chargers for all cell phone manufacturers, Blackberries, and iPods, but does not work with Bell electric pumps. Ended up having to haul everything out and air the ab ball outside in the dark. By the time I was done and everything put away, it was bed time and I couldn't use the ab ball. *headdesk*

But I don't sink on it when I sit now.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back on the Track Day 26

Yeah, I know I have been doing this for over a month now. But right after school started, I stopped trying to count and keep track of crosstraining as well as the two days I have to miss due to classes and motivating during the weekend. Gym equals walking time equals day on the program.

First Month's Stats
Taken August 28, 2006
Weight: 194.5lbs/88.22kg
Height: 61.5in/156.21cm
Waist: 101.90cm
Abdomen: 120.30cm
Hips: 112.50cm
Knee: 40.00cm
Neck: 37.80cm
Shoulders: 118.50cm
Chest: 116.00cm
Thigh: 65.50cm
Calf: 42.60cm
Ankle: 23.20cm
Arm: 30.80cm
Forearm: 26.10cm
Wrist: 15.50cm
BMI: 36.15

I know, I know, and I'm almost due to put the second month's stats. I do have some more changes in mind before giving into the dreaded d-word.

I got an ab ball two weeks ago. Tried to do a crunch on it as instructed by the DVD that came with it. Almost fell off the ab ball. Decided my abs need a lot more work. Currently sitting on the ab ball while working on home computer.

And I should note that I have been badly failing in my weekly exercise goals. I only exercised one day last week. Of course, I'm not going to meet my goals if I don't work out. But I also have to conclude that I SUCK at going to the gym on Saturday and Sunday. Setting aside that my past three weekends have been stuck in a car, I want to stay home and enjoy my own space. Getting out of the house when I have to spend 5 days a week doing that kills any motivations. But I need to exercise those two days hard to make up from losing Monday and Thursday nights. So I started thinking. I have 3 exercise DVDs that don't require any extra equipment than I already have. Two are TaeBo and one is ab ball exercises. I can do then at any time I want to on the weekend (as long as I leave my wind-down for bed time) but before I get involved in a project sounds great. And if I put a hole in the floor doing TaeBo, it's time to replace the floor.

Saturday will be a great time to experiment with this since it will be another all day in the car day once I leave home. I could get my exercise in before I leave and exercise when I come home on Sunday (provided it's not too late). And it would count as crosstraining since TaeBo and the ab ball workout concentrate on different muscles from just the walking ones.

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So Nearly Everything Sucks

Argh! Ay mates, International Talk Like a Pirate Day be here again. Amazing what Johnny Depp can do for a holiday. Shiver me timbers!

Sorry, boys, that's all I've got in me. There's not way I can keep up a whole blog entry in Pirate-speak.

After not going through Miss Snark's crapometer, I submitted my entry to Elecktra's Crapomete. It's posted at My track record of sucky query letters is undefeated. The comments pretty much confirm that my first page is mostly info dump, and a lot that I chose with this universe... well... sucks. I'm not concentrating much more on anything beyond that because Scott Young is right, it's all emotional garbage and I'm not in a state to look at it without being emotional. And yeap I will be exercising all this out tonight at the gym.

I am going to whine about what Microsoft Word and Writerly just did to my text boxes. Oh the humanity. Ugh, just start over with that. And at this rate the first five chapters may never get posted to Writerly.

Onward to personal news: i don't feel like I'm going to fall asleep at any second today. Yeah for more sleep. I didn't get to the Educators' Guide last night; my brain shut off once I got home. Tonight should be better since I'm not as tired. One more blog post and then back to Faulkner's bio.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Didn't I Get Any Sleep Last Night?

I'm guessing I overdid caffine or just got my sleep schedule out of whack thanks to this weekend. Kai and Atticus are home safe and sound, I'm probably going to start investing in IKEA shelves (they go higher), I didn't get to see Chad, I need to buy another Strassburg Sock and wear them on roadtrips, and I'm exhausted.

Lucily for the exhaustion, class waspostponed tonight. I can go exercise; get my numbers posted here (keeping track, just not reporting), finished the Medieva Art of War section in the Educators' Guide, and go to bed early. Actually exercise and bed early are the only two I'm sure about right now.

Zy's Novel progess: I'm almosy to uncharted territory. Some may know I started the novel in first person and got to chapter 10 before realizing first person wasn't working. So even as scenes and chapters have changed as I rewrote them, I always had something I was working from. Soon that will just be my outline.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Notes on the Week

9/12: 1319 words today on Zy's Novel (now that the Crapometer is over, I'm back to still looking for a title). It's not a lot, but considering the last day I got to work on it was August 4th I'm estatic about it. Also represents a happy compromise: I can't work on the Educator's Guide while at work, so free time on the paying job will now be divided between homework and Zy's Novel, and work on the Educator's Guide and other paying gigs at home as things winding down at night.

Okay, so this is good news now for what I'm afraid of beiung negative about. I love this story, I fall back into it with ease of production, the characters are fun to spend time with. So why the huge gaps of no working on it? What's wrong with me?

9/13: 365 words today on Zy's Novel. Not as good because of homework. I noticed my numbers for the Educators' Guide last night wasn't hot either but I'd have to stop and research, and get the cat off the open research books. And I only had an hour.

9/15: Now we're caught up to today. The new method of paying job, homework, writing, everything else, and then Educators' Guide writing seems to be working well for the homework. I got everything done on time for both my classes this week.

Yesterday wasn't a good day since we started testing the new program on the paying job that wasn't ready for us to beta test yet. It ate a lot of free time of the day. Today it's reading Elizabeth Einstein for homework. This weekend will be a kamikaze run to Houston to get Kai and Atticus back home. So at least I got some numbers up.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Plans for the week

  • Get more writing and editing done. Especially Educators' Guide.

  • Build new media shelves and put into place.

  • Cook and pack lunches.

  • Finish getting power tools to outside cabinet and organize tools.

  • Finish shifting furniture.

  • Class Thursday, so finish homework.

  • Start and finish homework for Monday night class.

  • Don't binge out on chocolate ice cream because the weekend your boyfriend said you could put on the calender in ink probably won't happen because of eye surgery in his second eye.

  • Take pictures with Atticus.

  • Take this week's measurements and put them and last week's up.

  • Enter in new books. *headdesk* It really didn't look like that many in the store bags. Honest.

  • What's on the chore list.

I think that's it. Monday, I got caught up in trying to play catch up on the Internet (I think I'm done now) and recovering from the all-day Sunday drive back home from Austin with sister and Atticus in tow. They're spending a week here to see everybody. I needed the time off, but nothing got done is the down-side.

Eye surgery happened yesterday. I got a phone call after everything was all done and they just got back to Lafayette. Which means the universe has conspired to cancel my alone time with my boyfriend for the six-month in a row. The reason it moved up is because the government says Chad's no longer disabled because he has 20/30 vision in the first surgery eye that STILL HAS STICHES IN IT! And people wondering why I'm snarling bitch-queen? I promise last of the screaming; I'll just get huffy about how the government spends my tax money. And why I can't make the Y-chromosone understand why I need some nuturing NOW!

Spent a lot of money on feet and books. I got New Balance 857 running shoes, a pair of Superfeet insoles for my work shoes, a Strassburg Sock that is more comfortable than a night splint, and my mother telling me to go to the doctor and get operated on. Right like I haven't done any research on what ails me and found out that the pain is due to a too-tight tendon tearing constantly and surgery maybe works on 2% of the sufferers. While going to a poditrist is probably in the cards, I want to see if the weight loss has an effect first. The Sock is already helping; I wish I had bought two.

Damn, I didn't intend to be so grumpy. I need to go do something decadant for me.

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Monday, September 04, 2006


*Muffled because of the papers on desk* Why am I the hysterical female with the communication problem because they do the endless dragging out of issues? Bek, if you feel up to reading over the threads and can decipher it for me, I'd be grateful. But with baby stuff I understand if you can't.

I really haven't accomplished much today, except for half my Thursday reading assignment. And reading through the Crapometer entries. No, I didn't get in.

Now I'm going to work on 14th century knights.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Listing Things To Do

Updated Writing to Do List. August really wasn't that bad output-wise, even though I slacked off towards the end of the month. I'm still left with the question of how do I track revisions. A daily word count is easy to see how well you've done, but how do you know when you've done a good day's work on editing? When you're ready to through the manuscript across the room? Meh, I'm ready to do that after the first passive voice sentence in the Educators' Guide (and it's usually the first sentence). So how do you know?

And do I spend more time focusing on this question than actually working on editing? Probably, but when I have to produce an invoice on what I've accomplished in the time spent on the project tends to make me wnt to document. Anyways, I'm at work and ethically I'm not supposed to get paid twice for the same time. I've been recording details in the Writing Report Card but I think I confused it when the word count lessesns. It still works, so maybe I'm the one confused.

I have a lot left to do on the Educators' Guide and road trip with my mother. So I'm probably going to hear a rendition of the same speech on college homework over a break. And it's not like she doesn't work on road trips too.

Interesting point made by M.J. Rose. I'm doing my part. I'm the book aunt (and I need to get some bookplates made up too). Oh I'm going to make sure he watches good cartoons and learns stage combat and how to wear silly medieval clothings and buy him loud noisy toys to drive my sister wild, but mostly books. Classics, currents, everything. Because there won't be more readers unless we train the next generation to enjoy reading.

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