Friday, April 29, 2011

Something laugh about

30 Nerd Wedding Cakes

For the record, I've got issues with hacking into Jabba the Hutt. If the characters can come off the cake and aren't part of the cake, I'm not nearly as bothered.

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Pondering Shaking Things Up

It's Friday. Watched the royal wedding, have plans for this weekend, and I'm already thinking about Monday.

Yeah, I think there's something wrong with me too, but I'm still going to do it.
  • Monday April 25th - Handwrote, 0 typed
  • Monday April 18th - Handwrote, 0 typed
  • Monday April 11th - Handwrote, 0 typed
  • Monday April 4th - Nothing
  • Monday March 28th - Plotted work
  • Monday March 21st - Nothing
  • Monday March 14th - Language creation
  • Monday March 7th - Language creation
If it was just Monday with the zeros, it wouldn't be so bad, but the zeros don't go away until Wednesday. So I'm losing quite a lot of the week, made worse if I have a crazy weekend and don't get to write. I don't have any excuses for Saturday and Sunday and Mondays is always swamped with starting-the-week crap. Should I mess with it. After all I'm puttering along with some progress.

Then I look at the marathon spreadsheet for Stellar Gift of Death and it bluntly tells me at this current rate, I'll finish the novel on my birthday in 2013. Ouch.

Looking at the schedule, I gave myself permission to work on a reward project on Sundays, provided I had been diligent about working Monday through Saturday. I have been diligent about not rewarding myself.

Bright idea: work diligently Tuesday through Sunday on Stellar Gift of Death and spend Mondays on the reward project.

The only fear I have about this bright idea is getting pulled into the reward project all week, but if that was going to happen, I think it already would have. I'm willing to try anything until a better idea comes along. And here I am at the end of one month ready to try something new in the next, with a bright idea to recapture Mondays for writing. So I'll switch Mondays to playing with the reward project for May and take notes of improvements.

The Royal Wedding: Trees in Westminster Abbey! They can fit potted trees inside that cathedral. And invisible cameras; I'll have to rewatch the footage to see if I can find them. And Kate's wedding dress suited her perfectly (thus proving I am female and can go oooh! over a frock).

I probably wouldn't have it on if my schedule didn't already have me up at the time. So I got in a little royal wedding research and I wish them a happy marriage.

Plans for the weekend: Spending it with friends in Lafayette for Festival International de Louisiane.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Needed That Vacation

Projects done: 5 out of 12 quarterly chores, pruned plants, pulled up saplings growing too close to the house, discovered the weedeater has died, filed a stack of paperwork I had been shuffling around for months, dealt with financial paperwork, and finally landed a second job: housekeeping for my grandfather every other week.

This past Saturday was my first day and it's not my preferred choice of second job, but I have hit the point of will do anything legal for pay. It is only two Saturdays a month, so I should managed to still have a life. Which I wouldn't had I gone back to Convergys.

Yes, before the housekeeping offer was made, I was mapping out an interview with their call center to fit into my Monday schedule.

In happy thanksgiving that sleep deprivation wouldn't shut her off again, the Muse buckled down to work Sunday. Equal chunks spent on Stellar Gift of Death and the reward project for being fairly good all week. Hopefully this productive wave carries through this week.

The project I didn't get to complete was importing my BookCAT list into GoodReads. I neglected to make a backup in 2010, so I have to update by checking the list against what sits on the shelves. 1400 books (or nearly there) is a lot to check.

Doctor Who: I did remember to turn on the TV for the new season! No-mouth amnesia aliens are creepy enough in my book to rank up there with the Dalecks and Cybermen and both versions of Delaware the Third are played by a father and son team of actors I have adored for a while--W. Morgan Sheppard (Lawrence Lactavius Limburger for starters) and Mark Sheppard (I ain't listing the roles). Delaware as a character is going to be fun. "Nice wheels" has got to be the best TARDIS recovery ever.

Maybe spoilers for those who haven't seen the first episode yet, so I'm going to use to hide it. (This site turns your text into gooble-gook which a reader can copy and have translated back to English. If you don't want to be spoiled, skip the translating effort.

Jr xabj sebz "Gur Raq bs Gvzr" (fb Ryrira xabjf sebz Gra) gung oheavat n GvzrYbeq obql vf ab thnenagrr bs ernpuvat gur cbvag bs ab erghea. Fb gung cneg ernyyl qvqa'g hcfrg zr bapr V tbg bire gur fubpx inyhr. Ohg n ovt guhzof hc ba gung fubpx inyhr! Jung ernyyl tbg zr rzbgvbanyyl jnf Evire gryyvat Ebel jung ure jbefg qnl vf. Phr synfuonpxf gb gur Yvoenel. Bj, lbh tbg zr, Zbssrg.

Gur certanapl erirny: V guvax gur ab-zbhgu nzarfvn nyvraf ner qbvat fbzr oerrqvat rkcrevzragf; funqrf bs pynffvp Terl noqhpgvba gurbel. Nzl naq Ebel zvtug or gelvat gb unir n onol evtug njnl, rfcrpvnyyl fvapr gur Qbpgbe qebccrq gurz bss gb geniry fbyb sbe n ovg, ohg Evire fgnegrq unir gur fnzr anhfrn flzcgbzf nsgre ure eha va jvgu gur ab-zbhgu nzarfvn nyvraf. Fur fgevxrf zr nf n jbzna jub vf ernyyl pnershy jvgu jubz fur funerf ure binevrf jvgu, fb V'z fhfcvpvbhf.

Neil Gaiman's episode in number four: "The Doctor's Wife." Can't wait! This season is going to be a great ride indeed. Geronimo!

Remember: I can bring the spare basket at home to the paying job to corral lawsuit docket sheets. The mountain is threatening to take over my cubicle again.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well, I'm back

But not from outer space. Me and Mom ran up to Shreveport and spent Monday and Tuesday relaxing and visiting my sister that lives up there. Just got home, but the drive was much easier than my typical commute. :p

It's really rather scary. I've been driving since 10am this morning it's past 4pm now, and I'm actually considering what I can finish tonight before bedtime to cross off the list. I am SO not used to feeling that way on a Wednesday.

I have the rest of the week off and I'm going to concentrate on getting projects done for the house that I'm always putting off because when the weekend rolls in I'm usually spent energy-wise. It's a novel use of time for me and I hope I have something to show for it when I go to work on Monday.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

I was more lazy this weekend than intended

Update from the last post: I got the car back on Saturday before the mechanics closed. And I have spent most of last week writing blog posts that will probably never see the light of day as I come to terms with the state of my finances.

Then early on last week, I noticed my left boob going sensitive, brush it with my arm and OW! what the hell sensitive. Then a boil's red spot appears on the side. These things are becoming a common annoyance, so I filed it under waiting until it needs to be lanced by a medical professional.

Up until Friday night when I rolled over on my left side, pressed down on the boob, nearly hit the ceiling jumping away from the pain, and chocking back a scream of pain.

I was at the clinic by 9am Saturday morning (as soon as it opened).

Good news: it is the boil infection and I got around of antibiotics for it. Bad news: the boil isn't coming to a head because the breast has all this fatty tissue it can displace instead.

Saturday I managed to work on budget paperwork. Sunday, I moved all the piles out of my office with the intention of working through them and putting them away. Yeah, I didn't manage that. Didn't get any writing done Sunday either. The boob hurt even without me touching it, hot bath and hot compresses to make it come to a head don't appear to be working either, I was sweaty and miserable, despite the comfortable temperature of my house--quite possible I had a mild fever.

Instead of working, I reread Justice Hall Laurie R. King and FINALLY started denting the taped episodes pile. I found Season 2 finale of Castle, the Season 1 finale of V, started on Season 3 of Castle and found which tapes shouldn't be taped on again because of the results I got the last time.

Yes, I do realize the whole point of taping them was to watch them at a non-sleeping hour NOT after the seasons were long finished. *headdesk* But I haven't turned on the TV in a few weeks, and then I feel guilty for not keeping up, so cue up the vicious cycle.

What I need is to see how complicated setting up a DVR on the new computer will be. But I keep putting that project off because of lack of funding. But then I do silly shite and forget to turn on the TV and MISS the rest of Being Human UK's season! Same thing with Bones, but I blame Fox for taking a month-long break which got me out of Thursday TV viewing habits.

I'm going to sign up for Episode Calender (once the "mentioned on Lifehacker" effect dies down) and hopefully that will help me keep the VCR and DirectTV programed so I can at least tape on schedule.

The boob still hurts today (I just popped two Tylenols), but the red spot had shrunk so the antibiotics are working. I didn't want to take today off too since I have Tuesday off, but depending on how uncomfortable sitting in an office chair is on my boob, I may head home early.

I have emails and comments to respond to--I'm not ignoring you on purpose, Sharp!--and hopefully after sleeping tomorrow, I'll feel up to it. Right now, have give the willpower to the paying job.

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Rizzo is sick again

I finally got home after 9pm last night. And this morning Mustard blinked at the empty driveway and was confused about going outside when it didn't look right.

Left work at 4:30, after a day that ended up being more blah than good. Interstate traffic had thinned out, so I took that route. I had just passed the I-12/I-10 split when my engine gave a little jolt, power steering went away, and the car decelerated quickly. The engine malfunction indicator light popped on and then the low oil pressure light came on. I got the car to the side between the overpasses getting traffic on and off I-10.

Called roadside assistance, then called my parents, then it was a sit and wait. The M.A.P. patrol van finally found me at 5:30-ish. My parents found me by 6, by 6:20-ish, the tow truck finally reached me. Me and my parents then found the mechanics that my roadside assistance recommended who had already closed for the day, and waited for the tow truck. He was a sweet guy, but we didn't get the car dropped off until after 7:30. Supper at IHOP and then home finally after 9:30-ish.

I haven't heard from the mechanics yet, but they just opened an hour ago. I have a phone number, but I'm going to give them a little bit. Plus I just woke up really.

What I'm dreading is my parents to do the sit-down-for-the-facts-of-life talk and to tell me it's time to get a new vehicle. Rizzo still isn't paid off and I'm terrified with a trade-in I will be horrifically upside down with a new car. I want to pay off a car and continue to drive it until I can pay cash for a new-to-me one just once in my adult life!

Midday update: The mechanics called me soon after I posted. The timing belt broke and it will cost $791.29 to fix. I mostly worked it out with my parents and they left to take my grandfather on a trip to Mississippi. And locked their house up tight.

I'm right next door. Without a car.

They left their second car, but the keys are inside their locked-up house. And who has been living next door for eleven years come August and STILL hasn't been given a set of keys to their house for emergencies?

Yeah, I hope the mechanics finish my car before they close today.

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