Friday, February 27, 2004

Missed a day, oops

Quote of the Day: Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself. -- Jane Wagner

I had a good birthday. Thank you everyone for the warm wishes. My coworker Linda bought a cake to work, and my supervisor gave me a porcelain pretty of roses and a water can. Unfortunately due to what happened to my Christmas dragon at work, it went home to be displayed there. But since without the entertainment wall unit that's on layaway I don't have a place to put it, it's still in the box.

Everyone else was working so I ended up finally getting my car's air filter and rearranging my living room furniture for the party and the wall unit that I should be able to pick up March 5th. Mom already got me the hall tree for my birthday, so I don't know if she has anything else planned.

And now the mail is here so away I go.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Always so Hard to come back after a holiday

Yesterday was a good break. I finally got the tools out of the living room, did my laundry, and Chad took me out to dinner early for my birthday. My birthday is actually tomorrow.

I had a good idea for a Faire skit. We pirates want to take over the ferry, but the problem was with scheduling last year. So this year, schedule the take-over of the ferry and then we get put on trial during Peasant Court. I have to write the trial script, but I think it'll be good.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Late tutorial

Quote of the Day: Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it. -- Jane Wagner

The only time I was really home this weekend, me and Chad were cleaning house for my party this weekend. So no, I didn't get a chance to type. I should be able to do it tonight, or maybe today if we're not swamped.

Tomorrow is off for Mardi Gras. Damn, do I need sleep. But there is just too much piled up at home to do. :p

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Getting the inertia ball rolling

That's how Chad described it. With my family it's very true.

The talk with my aunt went well. Her position is that it's my grandmother's place to make a decision and she should get fair market value. That was my intention anyways, so no conflicts there. And it's going to take me a year to save for a downpayment, get the paperwork in order. So the next step is getting the property appraised.

Meanwhile, I think I found a house plan that I can incorporate into my plan. It makes a U-shape with bedrooms going down one side and a two-car garage on the other and patio and yard inbetween them. I think I can merge that onto the four rooms the easiest. So my next step is to get the measuring tape and graph paper out and start modifying. I want to disturb the landscaping I have as little as possible. Some of the trees are older than I am. And I like trees.

So now see what work is left and write the writing tutorial.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Flashback with no date

Random Quotes I came up on a commute

The human spirit can survive more than you expect it too. Survival is everything. But the soul needs more.

Create, shape, mold, form

Something from nothing

The Need to be better, be something more

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Ooooo, King Cake

Yes, work has been good. I'm going to have to go and pick one up this weekend because my birthday is falling after Mardi Gras this year by two days. *Pout* Oh well, the pirate pizza party is a good substitute.

Been looking at housing plans. HUD has guarantees on morgtages and another type of loan or grant (I still have to research that more) that allows you to get the money for the mortgage and money for renovations and pay that off with the mortgage. Typically you'd have to settle the mortgage first, then turn around and put the house or property up to get money for repairs--home equity loan. I don't know which way is better--in terms of how much I have to pay--but it's nice to see the options.

Where the housing plans come in. Mom suggested along the lines of what Uncle De had planned was tear out the bathroom, tear out the silly walls making halls, and tear off the kitchen and bedroom. That leaves you with the original 4 room cypress shotgun cottage. Then go down to a concrete slab and build kitchen, bathrooms, and four bedrooms. So I've been looking at various plans trying to see how to tackle that. Nice thing is I have the architech angle sewn up. I just need to figure out my layout.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to go to the trouble of installing central heat and air to the original part of the house. The idea being that the new part would be built to be energy efficient, we'd be adding a new hardwood floor to the original part, and new siding and potentially new roof. That would take care of a lot of the energy waste of the original part. Vents could go through the floor or the ceiling. LOL Better get the place first.

I'll probably go see my aunt and uncle on the ride home Wednesday. Tonight I have to go home and update Alt. BM and hopefully talk to Jazzie.

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Monday, February 16, 2004

Long range plans

Quote of the Day: We are all born charming, fresh and spontaneous, and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society. -- Judith Martin otherwise know as Miss Manners

I took the plunge and asked my grandmother how much she'd sell the house and an acre of land to me for. She admitted it (and I can tell by her expression) that she had never considered the idea.

Some family history, if it doesn't bore you. The tax records say the original part of the house was built in 1919. It was built as the retirement home of my great-great-grandparents Starkey on my father's side. My great-grandmother inherited it along with a bundle of land, and her brothers cheated her out of the bigger holdings in Pumpkin Center. At some point during my father's lifetime, the detached kitchen was torn down and pine lean-to added that now houses a kitchen and the back bedroom. My parents bought an acre and built their house next door when I was six or seven. Gram insisted that it was bought so it would be community property in case something happened to my father. She was a savvy lady. No one else wanted to live there at the time, and Gram's health was failing. It was a perfect solution. When she died the land and house was divided between my grandmother and my great-uncle's four kids (he had died while they were teenagers; I don't even remember him). My grandmother got the house and maybe a little over an acre with it. And then the fun started.

She moved my father's brother's family in. That only lasted a few months but they had garage sales on all Gram's belongings. We were not given the chance to go and get anything we wanted. They also moved the living room furniture out with them. That we recently got back after my uncle divorced his first wife and Mom threatened her with the law. Then our cousin my great-uncle's oldest son moved in. That lasted for 11 years, and they systematically started destroying the place. Dad finally kicked them out, and they moved a trailer onto his land right next door.

I had just graduated from college and asked if I could rent the place. My grandmother agreed and we started renovating. But instead of doing a real renovation, my uncle (who anticipated my aunt inheriting the house and it should be a rental income for her after he dies) went to work pour money into the kitchen floor, and all brand new cabinets installed over rotting sheet rock. I've already complained about the bathroom. He had to switch doors around so both bedrooms would have doors with doorknobs. He had to put a fancy deadbolt on the front door that is so thin I can kick it in. We had to get a new gas heater because the one that still worked wasn't covered under insurance. Had to put plastic lattice work around the bottom because insurance said so. We couldn't tear out an ugly added-in wall because that would get rid of the third bedroom (the one I'm using as an office). Meanwhile, the whole house needs to be releveled, the sheet rock torn out, the plumbing brought up to at least 1990s standards, and the electricity needs to be updated (the wire from the pole is original for when the first ran electricity to Pumpkin Center).

I want the house. I love the house. The only way I can get the work done on the house without having the entire family squawking over what I'm doing and how it should be done is if I own the house. The only way to insure that it stays in the family and who knows what moves in next as renters is if I own the house. The only way to get the money to do what I want is I have equity. I'm a single, white female with a steady job and decent credit. I qualify for help. Paying for the house seems to be the best way from keeping it from being a big snit-fit. Have Aunt Sissy inherit the hand or give her the money for it.

My grandmother is making a family discussion out of it. So I guess the next step is to see my aunt and father. I know I've told him I want the house, but I don't think he was there when I was talking it over with mother and what were the plans my great-uncle had for changing the house. My aunt and uncle I need to bring onto my side because they're the ones my grandmother listens to.

Time to research FHA.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

The Day Romance was Invented

Okay, okay, I know I shouldn't be paying any attention to marketing, especially marketing for a diamond jewelry store. I am focused on not being depressed about today. I'm going to clean all the office stuff in the living room; fix the broken chair; dust the bedroom, bathroom, and living room; eat chocolate until I'm sick of it; check on Chad's cat; and watch goofy movies with no romantic subplots. Though I think that choice just leaves me with Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies.

I finished typing the changes to "the Rose" last night before the dinner party, and posted the new version to Pen to Paper.

The dinner party was small, but fun. Though I think I have to agree with Marcie's boyfriend, communication. I'm trying not to be controlling evil girlfriend (Chad and I have a mutual friend with one of those), but I never out and out said "I never had a relationship and Valentine's Day happening at the same time and I'm disappointed with the whole situation."

Time for more chocolate.

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Friday, February 13, 2004

The weather is nasty

Weather shouldn't be nasty on Friday. Then again, why not? It's a rather sucky Friday all round. I hope the dinner party is fun tonight, even though I don't feel like staying very long.

Since I'm stuck at work until the dinner party, I'm going to work on "The Rose." Maybe I'll surprise myself and be finished with it.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Keeping readers happy

Alright, since I have people so curious about the mysterious message. I'll do a back up and explain.

She actually started trashing loving BMFM and recommending that all on the discussion board go get a real life before Christmas (Christmas Eve if I'm remembering correctly). Mize blew up on that one, poor kid is under WAY too much stress.

She came back Feb. 5th saying we were imprisoned by a stupid cartoon that has done nothing for us and they aren't real so go get a job, get a life, get off the board, etc. (Catching the trend here yet). To that one I told her that logging into something she admits to not liking and constantly berating those who find pleasure in it so PROVES she has a fulfilling life. Though that was sarcasm, she probably didn't get it. She did understand my comment that people might take her more serious if she actually learned how to spell, but that helpful advice would just be followed with a whine about how English is not your native tongue. I pointed out that reference books are available. FoxFire started a better thread to point out exactly what the Bros have done for you, which my answer in that thread after Iria's message I linked to led to the "Why write fiction?" thoughts.

The message: Re: GET A LIFE PEOPLE :p for U on good!!!! :P

Posted by iria on Saturday, 7 February 2004, at 11:35 a.m., in response to GET A LIFE PEOPLE :p for U on good!!!! :P, posted by iria on Thursday, 5 February 2004, at 1:46 p.m.

yes my english is bad :) i don´t care much if my message is received anyway! i didn´t want to ofend none but to call for the true! this a stupid cartoon like every cartoon... mice like that don´t exist! life is much more important than to love some idiot mices that don´t exist at all... u all look like the Greeks adoring Zeus Venus etc from the mythology etc... it is out there more people that love u and what ur love!people who deserve your atention because they have done so much things for all of you!! real people with real lifes and real feelings... it is not wrong to come to here to talk with who u want but it is horrible to adore, and even LOVE like much of u do, something invented from some cartonists who want to make money and live their lifes on... do what u want ... but I just informed u! like it is said in my country : who informs you, your friend is...

have a good life, Iria

I didn't bother to point out that I know people who still worship Zues and Aphrodite, or point out the fact that the Bible is mythology too. What peeves me is the assumption that because I enjoy cartoons as a story format and art form and that I discuss it on the Internet, I must be some Internet scum living in my parents' basement doing that while waiting for my child pornography to download. I do more discussion of RenFaire stuff over the Net than I do person to person. I have the tutorials, which are an exploration of writing in general even though the focus is on fanfictions. I read print books without pictures. I go to concerts and movies. I have nookie with my boyfriend. I help remodel my parents' house. I rent my home, I go to my job, and I get paid every two weeks. I have electric bill, phone bill, water bill, Internet access bill, car note, two credit cards, insurance; what more do I need before I have a "real" live?

This is why that board needs a moderator, the first slam should have gotten her access revoked. Why keep letting her in if she doesn't like the cartoon anymore? Save us a lot of grief.

To be more constructive, I answered FoxFire's question: Re: What has the Bros done for you?

Posted by klcthebookworm on Monday, 9 February 2004, at 9:19 a.m., in response to What has the Bros done for you?, posted by Foxfire on Sunday, 8 February 2004, at 12:30 p.m.

They got me the bathroom to myself every school day my senior year. Seriously, since I had to wake my sisters up for school and I wanted to see the show, I was dressed before I woke them up. And I had the TV all to myself while they fought over the bathroom. That was original run of the show.

This site proved that I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this show. It gave me courage to take an awful fanfic and turn it into something worthy of publishing. The project was a wonderful distraction from the summer of Spanish hell, when that was the one class standing between me and my Bachelor's. And in the process I have found some talented people that I'm happy to call friends.

Biker Mice isn't my life, it's a part of my life. And as far as the "it's made up and not worthy of anything" argument goes, fiction is the way to getting to the truth of human existance. It allows you to escape (and there is nothing wrong with that) and empathize with others. It teaches you to become better than you are.

In my professional opinion, some need to stop typing and read more.

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Hence the germ of an idea I'm exploring more fully in the blog. I'll probably add my old credo once I find it.

In current events: Chad had to work on tax stuff last night, so I actually got through the lynching in "The Rose." Since I now have some dead time at work, I'll probably be getting it finished today.

Valentine's Day officially sucks. Our first one and he's going to Florida. It's job related, so I'm trying to be supportive but it was a bitter disappointment.

And now the mail is here so back to work.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

How does it relate to fanfiction?

You know there maybe a tutorial lurking in these scattered thoughts.

Now having covered the benefits of fiction, I had to ask myself why bother writing fanfiction. You can't sell it, some owners get down right snarly about it, and it seems on the surface such a waste of time.

Something created is never a waste of time.

And the readers who enjoy it are getting the same benefits that were listed for original fiction.

If nothing else, fanfictions make good practice. Many have gone from fanfiction writing to book publishing (and I can't wait till my name is on that list). Hell, Peter David has made a lucrative career out of book publishing fanfictions. (Paramount does not consider any Star Trek books canon, FYI.) Looking at my writings, I started by rewriting books I had enjoyed reading. Fanfictions are hardly any different. For many people it's their first foray into writing; they could make things more difficult without using the established characters, settings, situations; but don't they have enough just learning to put together a coherent story?

At this point, fanfiction writing for me is practice and a source of pride. I love the stuff I chose to write about (I have to get the stories out of my head regardless) and I have readers I make happy.

And really that is what it boils down to, making your readers happy. Even if you totally upset them with what happens in the story, they'll respect you for doing it. And that somehow transfer to readers' happiness. *Shrug* I don't understand it either. But I do know I absolutely hated what happened in Mostly Harmless, but I'm going to get and read the sixth Hitchhiker someday.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Why Write Fiction?

Quote of the Day: My job is to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable. -- anonymous bumper sticker

Invariably (I think it's on a time schedule of every two years), someone sneers and says you shouldn't waste your time with something made up. (For the latest example: Iria's message). It forces you into an examination of why you do what you do. One of my creative writing teachers said these thoughts should be put down in a credo and updated frequently. Since I really don't know where my credo has ended up (though something tells me I will find it as I clean), here's the thoughts I've had so far since the topic has surfaced.

The above quote sums up what a book and by extension what a writer does. It is getting a story out of your head, and reaching out to touch someone else. You've been touched by books, TV, movies before; made to laugh, made to cry. (And if you haven't don't tell me, I'd rather not know a sociopath is reading my blog.) The first book to make me cry: well, it was a movie Edward Scissorshands.

The theme of a story is its lesson, the moral of the story. The earliest stories have always strived to explain how the universe works in relation to us. Myths, Aesop's fables, Jesus's parables are all true. Modern stories are no different, the lesson is more subliminal. Not that all writers have such a lofty motivation, but when you chose to write an adventure story in which good triumphs over evil because that is what the genre requires, you are choosing to support that morality.

The market for fictionalized true life stories holds true too. Schindler's List, Seabiscuit, Titanic (okay that may be a cheesy example), have a moral at the heart and must be shifted to become entertaining. The truth (i.e. something that happened in real life) has been the basis of many a story. There really was a Sam Shepard, and his wife was murdered before the invention of a one-armed man for the Fugitive. Other writers have used that case as well.

How does all this relate to fanfiction? A topic for tomorrow.

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Monday, February 09, 2004

My office threw up all over my living room

Saturday: I had to go to a birthday party for my grandfather 80-years-old now and the Bedlam Bards concert at Jaime's. For all that fun, I had to do housework on Sunday.

Well I finished the laundry. I then shifted everything loose or in boxes or what I need to go through out of the office and into the living room. Going through all of it and put it away (or hopefully actually getting to throw some of it away), is going to be a week long project. At least the stacks in the office can't kill me now.

Story notes: I finished "In Sickness." Ahead of schedule by a week really. Not that I care about winning or losing the Mammajammer's Madness, but I was already working on it and I'd feel bad if nobody submitted anything. Still waiting on Jazz to answer her email on "Rat." Probably going to spend the rest of lunch tweaking the crossover so it can go up on the next update.

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Friday, February 06, 2004

Finally Got the Car Back

Quote of the Day: Be critical. Women have the right to say: This is surface, this falsifies reality, this degrades. -- Tillie Olsen

That's right I finally got my car back, nice and shinny. But missing the antenna. *Shrug* Why can't I win?

Anyways, it is payday and I have to go shopping. I am out of too much stuff.

Need to finish "The Rose" and start on the rewrite Morning suggested for "In Sickness." I also need to write a couple tutorials on cliffhangers, that will take care of the writing tutorial buffer. Still need to work on Grammar Guides and Editing Lessons.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I Feel Drained

Quote of the Day: So long as women are slaves, men will be knaves. -- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

I don't think I slept well due to being angry over my car. No I still don't have it back yet, because my father is a slothful ignoramous. And I'd be calling about it right now, except for the fact that I'd be waking Mom up. Mustard woke me up at 3:30am. I've probably gone overboard on sugar intake and that doesn't help at all.

So I'm going to make today a typing day and not try to stress my brain.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

A week of no distractions

Quote of the Day: I wasn't allowed to speak while my husband was alive, and since he's gone no one has been able to shut me up. -- Hedda Hopper

Chad is out of town for the week, and I do miss him. But I'm hoping to get some projects finished, namely "The Rose" and "In Sickness."

It's aggravating to know exactly what has to happen in a story, and have no desire to do it. Is this that thing they talk about, being too kind to your characters? Or maybe I just don't like being in Beauty's head.

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Sick day

The solid food seems to be staying down. I probably need more water. Going to try to get some tryping done.

Or give up and go back to bed. Both sound really good right now.

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