Friday, April 26, 2013

So About April

This is the time of the year when my goals get derailed and I never recover. This year I'm declaring April a skip month and looking ahead at May. In fact, I think we should skip it next year as well. Let's consider the good and bad columns.

Good Things About April

  • My sister's handfasting ceremony went off without any problems day of.
  • My adopted nephew's first birthday is on the 28th

Bad Things About April

  • Mom (with my assistance) sewed two wedding dressed that ended up too small. The saga of the dress has been one stealer of spoons that made me neglect writing blog posts for this month. Luckily, a dress was found Thursday before the wedding last Saturday.
  • I found out my credit score is not good enough yet to refinance the house and consequently restructure my debt load.
  • Boston Marathon bombings.
  • West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.
  • I ignored Strix: Forget the Sun for a whole month.
  • My division at the paying job is merging with another division. Not losing my job, but not sure what all the ramifications will be either.
  • My six-month check-in with my endocrinologist and my A1C came back with 9. Everything above 7 is diabetes.

    I am officially a diabetic now.

Yeah, April has added up to that kind of month. Please, let's just skip it next year.

Fun stuff before the serious stuff. My baby sister picked out Hodges Gardens and we all found a new place to gather for family visit. Not too far even for the Texas bunch and the cabins are fully furnished (central AC and heat, full bathrooms, full kitchens, sheets and towels too!). I don't have any pictures of the ceremony yet, but here's the best shots of what I do have.

Me and Atticus all dressed up.

Both families together at the site of the hand-fasting ceremony.

My parents.

Close-up of the wedding dress finally found on Thursday by the bride and groom. For those who care about that sort of thing, it's a Vera Wang.

I've had two days to absorb the shock of the officially a diabetic news. The first day was spent pounding the stop button on my GDTape that kept trying to play "you're a worthless, pathetic, lazy, idiot for not taking better care of yourself." Mom and Dad didn't have the hysterics that I thought they would, and the elliptical machine is now in my living room. The Coates stubborn gene is also coming out. I'll be damned if I'll throw myself on an insulin injection. The weight is coming off and will stay off. My neck and shoulders have been tied up in knots two mornings in a row, so I'll leave it to the readers to see how well I'm listening to myself.

Ideas to deal with diabetes.

  • Go on the SHRED diet again with Primal choices. I've got no judgment when it comes to portion control, but I was doing better on it.
  • Daily exercise. I don't get enough aerobic activity, so I want to work that in with the borrowed elliptical machine.
  • Check finances and see if I can afford a yoga class. If I can't, buy a new yoga DVD.
  • Weekly weigh ins and measurements recorded on
  • Figure out a treat for six weeks of good behavior. A weekend trip sounds great, but I decided on the beach instead of Hodges Gardens. Six weeks from now falls on June 5th.
  • Follow doctor's orders better: take my medicine and monitor my blood sugar.

So, I might as well consider May an adjusting month as well. This is a bunch of new habits to absorb.

May Boulders

  • 20 days of writing on Strix: Forget the Sun
  • 31 days of exercise
  • Adjust my budget after paying off a loan and make room for a yoga class
  • Test blood sugar before breakfast and before supper.
  • Take medicine in morning and before supper.
  • Research a yoga class for after work.
  • Use my checklists daily.

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