Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family situation

I haven't talked much about it because there really isn't anything anyone can do with a waiting game. My maternal grandmother was in the hospital for two and half weeks with an intestinal blockage and having some mental reactions to her medication withdrawal. She remembered I was me (instead of becoming someone else) but I was told to get the horse back down the street where it goes. She was in the ICU but thought she was in the nursing home. Mosquitoes are constantly eating her up. Fun stuff like that.

She got better when they started her meds again, and the hospital sent her back to the nursing home Thursday. Friday, while being transported to her dialysis treatment, she was thrown out of her wheelchair in the van. Her legs were scraped up bad enough to be mistaken for puncture wounds. She's on Plavix, which makes it so easy for her to hemorrhage. Luckily, it wasn't punctures and luckily it wasn't an artery that was damaged. She's back in the hospital again, looking so much worse now.

I didn't go today; Mom went alone. And Mama tells her that a man stayed with her all night, her best friend because he finally got rid of all the mosquitoes and roaches, but she never saw his face. Mom got the conversation off the mosquitoes because she's been going on about them for a month at least, and Mama was sharp enough to follow the Saints game. But then she pointed to another chair in the hospital room. "Oh he's back."

Nobody Mom could see was in the chair.

My cousin Savannah was visited by deceased family members that she could only see before she died. Mom saw her Uncle Dot the day he died. All my paranormal research points to more visitations than not.

Mama's body is shot to hell. A pacemaker and dialysis is what life support she has now. She's not listed in critical care by the hospital as far as we know. But she's eighty-years-old, you touch her and it hurts her, and now this. I don't know when her end is, but it is looking pretty damn close.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

If Christmas is code for everything breaking, then yes

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

First up, I bought the Dark Knight Rises two-disc DVD and watched the movie again, put the special features disk into the DVD player, and forgot about it for a week. When I got the inclination to watch them, the player couldn't read the disk. The computer did, so that ruled out a bad disk. The player refused to play any DVDs. Time for a new player.

My parents gave me money for Christmas and early to boot, and blu-ray players were on sale at Best Buy. Upgrade time instead of spending the money on a bill like I've been doing for how many years in a row? But first I had to go sink another $220 into the car on top of the over $300 I put into it at the first of the month for new tires. Bought the player, decided against buying any blu-ray movies since the inner accountant was still pitching a fit about the money spent on the car. (Yes, we did the math before leaving home but that didn't change the reaction.) I also bought the upgrade to BookCAT so I could finish the update to my book inventory and a video game for the rest of my Christmas.

Sunday became laundry day by default since I spent so long in town on Saturday. Started the load, worked on editing, turned CNN on for the Conn. shooting coverage, and it was about an hour before I went to swap the load. Mustard streaked into the house a little freaked out.

Now the washing machine has been on a slow death spiral for ages now. It leaks between loads if you leave the water on to it, so I developed the habit of always turning the water off. This time it decided to never move off of the fill-up-the-tub portion of the cycle, and half the yard was watered by the time I checked. Then I discovered it was watered with hot water because Uncle Scott changed the settings the last time he used it.

"Why do you get jealous every time I have to spend money on the frakkin' CAR!"

Side benefit to semi-rural living, nobody hears you when you yell at inanimate objects. I borrowed Mom's washer to finish, and sorta priced new washers. And by that, I went to one website and twitched so hard at the prices listed, I didn't look anywhere else.

I stayed up too late last night finishing the book list in BookCAT with CNN on. Luckily, my book diet meant that I didn't have that many to add in. Now I have to make corrections to the list from the last backup. Mostly authors' names and title goof-ups and a few duplicates.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Hiatus Over

Thanksgiving is over. And the break between it and Christmas is probably the worst time to reestablish my groove, but I need to find balance again so my brain stops feeling like it must bounce around like a kangaroo on speed.

I'm prickly and grumpy and attempting not to take it out on anyone, which only fuels the itch to go find a punching bag and hit it. Violence, my default setting. That I'm pushing forward with changes is the true culprit and what the inner Beast wants to shred. Maybe I gave it too many changes today.

  • Monday yoga routine
  • New bra that I thought fit but it pokes me in the arm just like all the rest
  • New purse that is a Christmas present but is fraying my last nerve because I can't keep it on my shoulder
  • And I'm still annoyed that I left $20 worth of books I bought for me at my sister's in Texas!

*Inhale* Okay, admitting that has eased off the desire to claw at something. But it sucks that my first post in so long is bitchy and whiny.

  • Despite not exercising, eating too much, and not measuring, I only gained three pounds since the last time I weight back in August.
  • I finally found a website that explains why underwire bras stab me in the arm: I have a petite torso.
  • I spent quality time with my family, especially my nephew.
  • My coworkers told me how to fix my purse issue, so I can continue to use it without aggravation.
  • My shoulder pain is finally clearing up enough to work out again.
  • I worked out!

So why the hiatus? When I last posted I was attempting therapy with the Inner Committee on the whole fear of success issue. The therapy fell apart followed by the daily scheduled. Enough chores were avoided to cause a cascade effect on my life, which led to kangaroo brain on speed. Basically while I scrambled to keep up, I didn't want to blog about what a worthless failure I am. And the Inner Committee got off the hook and successfully avoided therapy for over a month.

I need to start it again because I had to be closing in on something uncomfortable for such an extreme reaction. Some time soon.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Funniest thing I've seen all week

Click here to see the whole thing.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesdays Are Slow

I'm glad/relieved somebody sees progress. From my POV, it feels like I've been stuck in the same place forever. Last night, I wrote a letter to that terrified kid inside me--a therapy tip I ran across somewhere. I wrote another one this morning. It's a work in progress to see if it'll pay off later.

Tuesdays are slow at the paying job, so I got an hour and 45 minutes of writing done there before adding 30 more minutes when I got home. I tried to make it a full hour, but after staying up late watching TV Monday night, I'm about to fall asleep at my standing desk now. I also finally decided on an Excel workbook to collate my alien language work since I can't update the TiddlyWiki. Still growly over that, mainly because it makes no sense and I was just getting used to the program.

Other accomplishments for today: I now have the Wins File in a readable format. I will soon have music on my new mp3 player so I'll test how it does in the car tomorrow. Now I am off to bed.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Reconciling What I've Learned

The weekend resulted being more introspective than I had planned. Friday's paying job portion of the day ended with a trigger setting off the Perfect Girl abuse in my head. Finally settled that down without casualties, and had a chat with the Muse in between blood work and dental appointments on Saturday. Sunday resulted in positive reinforcement.

All that mental work distills into two ideas. 1). Every writer's journey is different, and I hate my back seat driver (Perfect Girl). 2). (After the Muse and I stuffed the Perfect Girl into the trunk of the writing metaphor car), I need to reclaim the fun in creating to keep the Perfect Girl from messing with my writing life.

So my checklists. I make no secret that I need the checklists because otherwise I will forget continuously to do the chores I must do and my life with spiral out of control. But I also think that setting time limits/word count goals/quantitative control measures to prove I'm doing something have contributed to sucking the fun out of writing.

It also just occurred to me that the abuse tape loop in my head that I have labeled Perfect Girl was aided by the fact that I started writing so early. Nobody took it seriously because who takes an 11-year-old seriously. Writing is just you playing around and it's nothing serious and it will never be anything serious and why are you wasting so much time with it. Your sister won the young writer's contest never you; why are you still messing around with it and grow up. Soaking up the condescension like a good little sponge, ready to throw it back at myself with so much anger should I rise above myself. Yeah, I'm undecided about that insight.

Working with KanbanFlow, I'm allowed to have three projects open at a time. I like having a I wrote today marker, especially since I don't know when I'll start typing and will get word counts. I need time limits on some stuff, otherwise they'll turn into time-sucks or I'll avoid them because they feel unmanageable. The rewards system has successes in modifying my behavior, so I should continue using it (instead of letting Perfect Girl scream at me that I'm a failure for not vacuuming). Changes made:

  • Add reward to dishes, it's too damn easy for me to ignore them.
  • Replace the time details for writing and editing with "worked on Writing Project #1, #2, #3"
  • Writing Projects #1, #2, and #3 get separate task blocks from the daily chores block, but I don't want to copy what I have set up on the Writing Projects Boards. So all I filled out was the name of the project, a due date, and how much time I have spent working on it. The last is to keep me from scheduling more into my day because it must be free if it's not already obligated. And yes, a due date because I don't want to waffle on my next steps or toss a project aside because I got scared. I want to work daily and consistently.
So far the changes look good, the test drive is for the rest of this week.

In other news: between appoints on Saturday, I found a new mp3 player in Office Depot of all places. I ended up going in just to kill time and already annoyed because all that I had found elsewhere were Apple products or not-Apple that played video. Not what I need. Office Depot had 2GB Polaroid mp3 player for $9.99. Doubled the storage space of my last one, will miss the built in flash drive, way cheaper than what I payed how many years ago?, have a FM tuner for the car and headphones already, so okay, next paycheck.

After my teeth were finished, I remembered that Office Depot had sent me rewards money to spend. It should cover the whole amount unless they have a rule that I must pay taxes out of pocket, so I don't have to wait.

Now I'm off to work on writing before the paying job sucks away my time.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Okay, it's a good weird

I've been fighting to reset my natural rhythms for how long now. Not exercising, playing catch up on the chores, basically skating by with the bare minimum I needed to survive. That all ended on Monday. I got up and exercised, my day ran on time, got stuff done once I got home, checked off more on the daily to do list than I can remember when. And the streak has lasted a week, though I ended up skipping exercising this morning to roll a rolling pin over my right leg instead. The right thigh has tightened up something fierce and I figured it is probably some deep tissue knots.

The left shoulder, I may have to see a doctor. It hurts in various movements and I worry that it shifted out of place again.

My conclusion: it took me all of August to recover from the mess that was July.

Plans for the weekend: Go get blood work done since I didn't remember to do it back in August, and then finish getting the cavities filled. I think Mom was hinting that I should goes clothes shopping with her since Penny's has a great sale on, but I must be firm and tell her there is no money for clothes this month. I don't know if it's her standard Kindra keeps wearing the same stuff (by design with Project 333 and desire to actually wear clothes out and lose weight before getting more) or if she's feeling anxious I haven't gotten my wedding outfit together yet. I want to lose weight and buy something I've always had my eye on and that takes time. At least the weight part. :p I just noticed that I beeline to Calvin Kline dresses, especially the classic sleeveless numbers. But I ain't paying for one until the gut sticks out less than my boobs, even if it's for a killer price at TJMaxx.

My mp3 took one last fall and broke the battery portion of the case, so now it's a flash drive with volume control buttons on the side. At some point, I need to go look at Best Buy and see what is available now. I tried researching online, but the features I like and now consider vital aren't the ones that are listed in the feature blurbs. I'll probably ended up buying it from Best Buy so I don't feel bad about the showcasing a month or two early.

Writing: The Dark Knight Rises hasn't let go yet. *Shrugs* I ain't fighting it, but this weekend I want to see where I have left off the original writing projects. I still don't have a fix for the can't use TiddlyWiki at the paying job problem. The other goal for the weekend is to clean out the story projects crate, where a lot of stories have sat in various stages of completion, and to get them completed. I've been chipping away at that pile this week too.

That's all I've got for this post. I may spend the rest of the day wondering what my home office would look like with empty inboxes.

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Isaac Experience

The following are notes I kept in a notebook while power was unreliable.

Isaac Day 1
Date: 8/28/2012

3:52pm: We haven't had any rain; just clouds and gusts. Now the electricity just popped off. I had hopped to clean off all the open Firefox tabs before that happened. Oh well, it's not too hot yet.

4:35pm: Raining finally.

5:20pm: Electricity back!

5:40pm: Electricity off again.

5:41pm: Electric back on again. Going to turn on the computer so I can turn it off normally.

7:00pm: Watching the news while I have power. Isaac may not push through until Thursday and the track is projected through Baton Rouge. I may not get back to work until next Tuesday (unless they take Labor Day holiday from us).

Isaac's landfall is official. Hammond is reporting 33mph winds, but I'm still seeing gusts. Still not much rain. It will probably pick up tonight through tomorrow morning. If the storm heads to Baton Rouge, Hammond will end up in northeast quadrant. I think Tangipahoa is under tornado watch too.

8:30pm: The electricity keeps flicking on and off, so I've gotten ready for bed and turned on the radio. I'd like to stay awake for the 10pm advisory update, but that depends on the electric and if I can stay awake.

Isaac Day 2
Date: 8/29/2012

6:44am: Power went out and stayed out around 1am. Isaac shifted back onto water and made a second landfall over Port Fouchon at 2:15am. The eye is still south of Houma and the storm has slowed down.

Mustard decided he was hungry at 5am, which is late for when I normally feed him. But that killed my sleep until the sun was up plan when he knocked my Maglite flashlight onto the metal pan of the portable AC unit. I thought something had punched through the roof!

I've opened the doors to get some air flow and a gust blew out my hurricane lamp. The rain is steady drizzling. We haven't lost any trees yet.

7:00am: The national media thinks New Orleans is under water again. Not true. And I can't answer any emails from worried friends. The levee that broke was a community one (not built by the Army Corps of Engineers) in Braithwaite, which is rural community along the Mississippi River.

7:23am: Isaac has stalled out again. Damn. Somebody go give it a push.

10:00am: The rain shifts from a drizzle to a steady harder one, but never as hard as thunderstorms usually get. I miss looking at radar screens to see how big this squall is.

1:33pm: Wind gust really slammed through. Wish I knew better where the storm is. The press conference said the eye won't reach Baton Rouge until tonight or tomorrow.

6:00pm: Went to my parents' and caught up on TV news coverage since they have a generator. Isaac still isn't moving and then we'll have to worry about rising rivers. LaPlace is flooding, Plaquemines is flooding, Lafourche Parish is flooding, Slidell is flooding, and New Orleans is fine.

As of 4pm, DOI hasn't updated COOP. My excuse is Jindal said to stay put, which he did in the last news conference I saw. Isaac's broken eye has reached Baton Rouge. But we are still getting pounded by bands.

My roof keeps rattling. I think it's loose on the edge, but I can't see it blowing. I wait on the porch to see it move and nothing happens.

6:43pm: Uncle Scott found the loose tin. We've tied it down and maybe I can get a new roof now. The problem is my hurricane deductible in $1102.00 that I don't have, and should I put a new roof when I want to tear off half the house and rebuild it?

8:00pm: Heading to bed for some reading. The awful streetlight that shines in my bedroom windows went out!

Isaac Day 3
Date: 8/30/2012

Midnight: Woke up, rain is hitting the south side of the house. That means the wind has shifted.

3:00am: Woke up again, still raining. Hwy 42 flooded? That's another route I take into Baton Rouge if the main roads are congested beyond travel. I think that's what I heard on the radio.

7:00am: Got more sleep in between walk-ups. North-driven rain hitting the south side of my house came through the leaks in the back bedroom and kitchen. The rain here has slacked off to the steady drizzle. The Northshore rivers are flooding and Slidell now has a flash flood evacuation situation. I have no phone service—apparently Verizon is the only one working—and I have no idea what has happened to Baton Rouge.

The Commissioner was on the radio last night. "Call the department with your insurance problems tomorrow!" If Baton Rouge is getting what we got yesterday, nobody will go in! :p

The radio says that New Orleans is looking at 90-something temps with a heat index of 103 degrees. If the steady drizzle keeps that away, I'll take the rain.

I-55 is closed, flooded at Ponchatoula. I-10 got closed because it was flooded at LaPlace yesterday. The state trooper says "stay home and stay put."

Power went out about 1am on the 29th, so now it's been out 31 hours going on 32.

Heading out to take pictures.

Here's the satellite image so you can see the lay of my land. And here's a better map so you can see the waterways I'm most concerned about.

Now here are the pictures I have taken.

There's Mustard sneaking into the shot at the bottom. Every inch of my porches got wet.

My parents' house also came through okay. We didn't lose any trees, just branches.

My dad's tarp boat shed didn't fare so well and it dented his car when came apart. :p

This was the biggest limb we had down in all the yards. Dad had to saw it apart in order to move it to our burn piles.

It's hard to see through the foliage, but the brown in between the leaves is the creek that runs through my property. It feeds into the Natalbany River, which isn't one the flooding Northshore rivers WWL is reporting on, but it's flooding too. This picture was taken at the family dump. My family has been on this land for five generations, and they decided that dumping the garbage off the bluff and then cover it up with dirt was a good policy. *Shrug* The creek is in the dump, and that means it's coming up the bluff.

So much for Isaac blowing away the mosquitoes, I got bit twice.

1:30pm: Boy, I haven't updated. Around 11am, St. Tammany Parish president's news conference gave the news that failure of the dam at Percy Quinn State Park on the Tangipahoa River looked eminent. Tangipahoa Parish President pulled a mandatory evacuation for a half-mile on each bank. Mississippi officials are going to bleed off the reservoir but the evacuation order hasn't been lifted.

The Northshore region, also known as the Florida Parishes, stretches from my house near the Tangipahoa/Livingston parish border to the state line between Louisiana and Mississippi north of Lakes Maurepas and Pontchartrain. This map is from NOAA and has all their gauges marked. I'm not in any danger, but many of the towns and cities in the Northshore are on the rivers.

Started cleaning the front yard before it started raining again. The gusts haven't been too bad today, but have no idea when power is coming back.

1:50pm: Jindal and Burgess (Tangipahoa Parish president) flew over the damn and want Kentwood to get right now. Holy crap!

7:00pm: They actually updated COOP and DOI is open Friday. I'm going to call in because I still don't have power. I just took a tepid shower so I can sleep tonight (and not be so sticky) but I'll wake up tomorrow sticky. As of this hour today, Hammond received 11.93 inches of rain. MaComb/Lewis Field, Mississippi (just north of us) got 10.93 inches. And it hasn't stopped raining.

My plan tonight is to write on everything for at least 15 minutes. I've been concentrating the daylight hours on fanfic that doesn't stress me out. It hasn't been the best use of my time, and I'd like to change that starting now, before Perfect Girl hits the guilt button.

9:15pm: The rain stopped long enough for the full moon to come out. Wow.

Isaac Day 4
Date: 8/31/2012

7:00am: Called into the paying job and took today off. Power has been off 55 hours now. Uncle Scott said I should go in; they probably have lights and AC. Yeah, I got screwed with Gustav and they didn't. Plus I'm hot and sticky and put a shitload of overtime in during July. Don't give me any grief about taking today.

Looks like the clouds are finally gone, so the heat index will probably go into effect today. The dam is still holding, but the Mississippi Governor is arguing over what the impact could be if it does fail. 190 is closed in Robert since the Tangipahoa River is now over it.

I'm off the rake the yard before the sun gets much higher.

8:00am: They closed the new bridge over the creek just down the road from me and you can see in my neighbor's yard how much water we're dealing with. The ditch at the bottom of the ravine is usually just run off from the road and their slope.

Here's where my neighbors' ditch starts and to my surprise, a large hawk was on the bank of the water!

I was worried that it had been hurt in the weather, but while I was trying to get a better image it flew up into a tree and proved my worry groundless.

Here's the bridge out from my driveway. Dad walked down and reported that the water is over the guardrails. I didn't bother to walk it because of all the idiots who insisted on driving down beyond our driveway and then pealing back up like Moses was supposed to part the waters just for them and they're pissed he didn't. Speed limit is 45!

9:30am: I've raked all I can rake. The yard looks loads better. Off to check on my parents.

2:00pm: It's been raining off and on. I'm going to start writing work now.

8:00pm Just finished hearing the Jefferson Parish press conference in which they reamed Entergy for not making significant progress (whatever that means) when the lights flicked on! And just after I had called the parents and rest all my AC units, it went back out again. :O Dad went down to the truck and I didn't catch up with him, and then decided since I was ready for bed (no bra and short shorts), I shouldn't go down there and distract them.

Turns out the reason it kept blinking like crazy on Tuesday night was a limb on the line, which then caught on fire when they turned it on. They cut it off and turned us back on. 67 hours off, I don't think that's bad at all considering how much it rained.

Isaac Day 5
Date: 9/01/2012

8:45am: Woke up an hour ago from the best sleep in four nights and headed outside to take new pictures. The water around me has dropped down, good. I'm sorry for the foggy look. It actually isn't foggy, that the condensation on the camera lenses after it got used to the AC again.

The water got up to the base of the dead tree yesterday, you can see that it's dropped down.

And this picture explains why I'm not stacking my belongs up on cinderblocks. My house has been here since before 1920 and it hasn't flooded yet. But with Louisiana's loss of wetlands, I'm seriously considering getting flood insurance if I can afford it.

You can see the water drop at my neighbors'. This is a good thing, because there is more water north of us that must flow south.

Today I walked down to see the level at the bridge.

Now you can see the guardrails, yesterday the water was over them. You can also see the tree that is keeping my hated night-light from coming back on. I do feel bad for my neighbors on Entergy, it is humid and hot today. And they still say we have a rain chance for the rest of the weekend.

So far the death rate for Isaac is 5 people, but they are expecting to find more in Braithwaite when the water recedes and they can search.

The flooding rivers won't be over until next week. Officials are asking to be vigilant and ready to evacuate.

Entergy is getting reamed by WWL for not getting the power on fast enough. Jefferson Parish wants an investigation because they didn't get slammed with water, but they can't get the parish up and running without electricity. Today if people call in and say an area has power, they're announcing it and playing a clip from "I Got the Power."

And I'm going to cook some lunch now.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

I survived Isaac

Just got electricity back. We love Demco. :D Still have high water and the brand new bridge just down the road is closed, but our houses are fine. More details later when I have time to type.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home today and tomorrow

Politics in Louisiana; most times, it's best to do as you're told and not ask too many questions. Yesterday, Gov. Jindal says they'll close state offices Tuesday and Wednesday for sure and figure out where to go after the tropical storm/hurricane hits in one of his press conferences. However, we still were coming to work as if it was a normal day until our state agency head (Commissioner of Insurance for me) says who is essential personnel and who could stay home. Which was finally announced at 3:00pm yesterday. Why do they want to make our safety a pissing contest? I have no idea; I'm still waiting for COOP phone call to not tell me a damn thing.

T.S. Isaac is about 100 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River.

My house (and current location) is the purple pin, and it is on some of the highest ground in Pumpkin Center. Our houses were fine in the Tangipahoa Flood of 1983, which set the flood stages that haven't been broken yet. The closest body of water that the officials are worried about flooding surge from is Lake Maurepas (the smaller lake to the west of Lake Ponchatrain) and I'm 8 to 9 miles north of it. Right now, it's overcast with a slight breeze.

I'm ready as I can be to ride it out. Now I'm going to bounce between writing and daily chores and listen to my boss on the radio.

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Monday, August 27, 2012


So Friday I wrote a note to myself on the chores I needed to do this weekend, mainly because I needed to do them and a tropical storm/hurricane headed our way is just the extra push to get things done. I added to it after making the list of 25 items: "This way if I'm home thanks to Isaac I can concentrate on writing. And now that I'm planning for that, it will bypass us completely."

Yeah, I was wrong.

Jindal really should stop promising to speak at the Republican National Convention. He promised in 2008 and had to cancel because we got hit by Gustav. This year it's Isaac. :p

I gassed up the car and bought some groceries on my way into the paying job this morning. The fun has began. I have never seen Walmart that busy my time in the morning and most of the people at the gas station were filling up gas cans. We're crossing fingers that they let us go home early or at least tell us when we should try to make it back to work. I have no faith in the stupid COOP system that is never updated until AFTER I reach Baton Rouge. (See SNOW and Gustav tags) I don't expect it to be bad enough to run, unlike Katrina who was a three or four gearing up to five seven years ago. So it's a wait and see game to which way Isaac is headed, how strong it will get, and when the power will go out.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

August Reboot Not Running Yet

Getting back into my groove in August has not happened yet. What I have managed to accomplish: a Batman short story and a drabble set in the Dark Knight Rises. I'm glad I did something creative, but I need to spend this weekend working on chores and creative pursuits, while keeping a dental appointment and dealing with library books.

Laundry, dishes, the house needs a scrub over from ceiling to floor, website work, figure out where I am in writing projects, write, and cook; I'm exhausted by just the list. Course I'm also exhausted from eating too many carbs and not exercising enough. The ice cream was good though.

In other news, tabs I have left open to talk about. Time to clear them off.

Last but not least: Batman: Puppet Master! This fan film is set after the Dark Knight and introduces the Riddler and Scarface to the Nolan Bat-verse. Kudos on the effects and the Batsuit, I like the tweak they gave the Riddler (not so much the actor's choices) but the real power of the whole thing is Wesker. If the actor playing Riddler had brought the same chops to this fan film that Frank Birney did, we'd have one hell of a film here.

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Friday, August 03, 2012

Is It Really August?

Out of twenty-two working days, I had one day off (4th of July), 11 days of normal working times, and ten days of overtime. And I want to double check those dates because I really don't believe that's accurate. Meh, the paystub generator wouldn't show me the first paystub for the month and I have no time to fight with it now.

The home paystubs: I didn't earn any K-time before July 8. That matches the notes I kept on the work calendar. I earned 20.5 hours between July 9 and July 22. I signed my over time today covering July 23 to Aug. 3 and that matched my calendar notes. So now I know the overtime days are right. The bad thing about overtime is it is paid in K-time, which I can get paid for if I keep it long enough, or spend it instead of annual leave. Cash right on the paycheck would be more welcome.

It hasn't been all work and no play (though close to it). I made time to go see the Dark Knight Rises two weeks ago on the 20th. And right after I finished writing down my movie thoughts, I started a fanfic expansion of the ending--my first Batman fanfic ever--and have been working at it when I can for the past two weeks. I'm glad I finished the narrative draft of Stellar Gift of Death before this insanity started because I can't remember enough of it to work on it now. That'll come in handy once I get to edits.

Exercise time was spent sleeping and I haven't been watching my food intake as closely as I should have. August will be a regrouping month on the Hot Bod 2012 project as well as on housework. Don't ask about the state of my house. Yesterday I mustered enough energy by staying home and sleeping plenty to actually cook.

Things are quiet now, let me take advantage and type up posts.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 9

This past week, I managed to get two days of heavy lifting exercises, two days of yoga, and one day of the new sprinting routine. I have avoided the yogiliates DVD and don't know if that will change if I have to stay late at the paying job this upcoming week.

My lower back and hips still feel owie, and it just occurred to me that I may have been looking at the wrong part of anatomy for why it hurts. My abs are flabby and that is probably the reason why my back hurts. The yogilities DVD concentrates on abs, so I need to get my life in gear to use it.

My sprint session only lasted for 5 minutes, so I will need to build up to the fifteen minutes recommended. I have given up on the wall squat and moved onto the assisted squat, which I can actually do. I have hit the goals on the Elevated< Jack Knife press and the Hand/Knee Side Plank over three weeks, even with the week off, so I have moved onto the Jack Knife Press and Forearm/Knee Side Plank.

The pattern that has developed over the last six weeks over my weight loss numbers is that I hold for a week, then drop again. This is my hold week, so next week hopefully new numbers. *crossing fingers*

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Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Not at the Paying Job!

Yes, I have successfully left the paying job and now am watching to commercials at the movie theater for the Dark Knight Rises. What happened in Aurora, Colorado this morning didn't change my plans, but I am watching the people entering the theater and really took notice of the exits. It's a different world again.

Next week, I'll probably be staying late again so I deserve this treat. And getting in for a 4:30 feature was the best plan; no fighting for a seat.

After the movie: Wow, just wow. Do not wait to see this movie! I don't see any way of continuing without spoilers, so SPOILERS!

My inner Cat/Bat shipper is purring like a kitten. Bruce does show his legendary trait of picking the wrong woman, but in his defense, I think he picked up on a resemblance between Bane and Ra's al Ghul. Tom Hardy in the mask looked like Liam Neason a few time for me. And let us rejoice that there is no Damian in the Nolan Bat-verse!

Sticking with Bruce for a bit, the whole hermit/recluse thing was the one wrong note in the whole shebang. Problem one, he gives up on life because Rachel is dead. Ugh, too much power to an OC. Problem two, didn't Bruce gain an appreciation for what Wayne Enterprises meant at the end of Batman Begins? That's what I took away from him retaking control of the company.

The fanon explanation I'm building in my head: Batman vanished 8 years ago, taking the blame for Two-Face's murders. Bruce channeled money and energy into building the fusion power McGuffin, and then up pops the scientific paper that turns it into a nuclear warhead. Damnit, Gotham doesn't need Batman with the Dent Act and all he managed to do was build another weapon instead of anything useful like his father had done (the elevated train system), and that is what triggers the full recluse state a few years after Batman retires.

Anne Hathaway was brilliant as Selina Kyle! ChrisDee's Cat Tales are my favorite portrayals of Selina Kyle, but Anne was a better blend of the Frank Miller goggle-whore with the classy feline grace fans prefer than we could have gotten. Her character arc growing from a taker from the Have-Too-Much to a hero who rescues her man is pitch-perfect. THIS is the Catwoman that travesty of a Halle Berry film didn't even try to be.

Detective work unfortunately took a back seat and then was dropped by the wayside as the plot built up from the first two movies with graceful shout-outs to Knightfall and No Man's Land. But it did manage to lurk in the backstory, namely John Blake figures Batman's secret out. Then he figures out a lot more but not in time to do anything about it.

Now to talk about John Blake, the character the Internet couldn't figure out (maybe someone did guess successfully, I was avoiding spoilers). Kudos to the writers and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for pulling off a combination of traits from all the Robins: Dick Grayson's work as a cop, moral compass, and wise-ass nature; Jason Todd's anger at his orphan state, and the detective skills from Tim Drake. This is a great example of an OC done right, sorry poor dead Rachel. What I kept waiting for them to do was to tie Blake back to the kid Batman and Rachel saved in the Narrows, but they didn't.

Fanon exercise: If the timeline supports that kid being Blake, he is Blake. After all, Gordon went from having an infant in Batman Begins to two kids 10 or slightly under by the Dark Knight. If the timeline doesn't, that kid is going to become Nightwing's Robin.

Alfred, oh my god, Alfred. If you don't get teary eyes and sniffles when he breaks down at Thomas and Matha's graves saying how he failed them, you have no heart.

Which leads me to what I overheard in the theater during the credits. A couple down the row from me brought up the possibility that the last scene was a fantasy constructed by Alfred. While eating supper after the movie, I came up with an outline of why I thought it was real. Then when I got home and poked around the movie's IMDB page, I found out that Nolan constructed the ending so that both meanings could be read into it. And that was okay, because my outline of support became the basis for a fanfic expanding on what we didn't see.

Have a taste of what I came up with for the opening:

The bastard. Selina's fingers manipulated the lock picks automatically and left her mind free to run on the same track it had been running on for the past few days. The man she had mocked as a parasite, the man who gave Gotham everything he had, the man she had betrayed, the man who forgave her and trusted her to follow his path, the man she saved, the man who got past her claws and walls, the man she kissed without any ulterior motive, the man who died so a city might live.

Calling him the bastard was the trick to keeping her tears at bay.

Trust me, I have a lot more than that already. Which relieves me terribly, for it proves that all this overtime hasn't killed off all creativity.

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Question to Never Ask a BookWorm

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tales From the DOI

All in all, this week hasn't turned out as bad as I feared. Monday was the worst. In second place, Wednesday with the totally unnecessary and also not-admitted-by-the-culprit dash out to the parking lot because the smoke detectors went off. I'm guessing that Thursday is coming in at third worse since I'm still here at work trying to make paperwork get off my desk. So Tuesday was the best day and then I had to admit to the CCFairy that I had fallen off the finance wagon a bit.

Let's go in chrono order. Monday was buckets of mail. I was checking assessments and grouping them and didn't stop until 1pm, when I left for a post office run, lunch, and massage appointment. Post Office had line from hell, lunch was quick, and the massage was just what I needed. I hit the post office again after and managed to mail off my package. So feeling guilty natch, I called in. No one had done any batching on the assessments since I left. I processed 112 checks from 3:40 to 8.

Tuesday was catch up on what was left from Monday and I had no guilt about going home after my meeting.

Wednesday will not be forgotten because at 1:30pm the fire alarm goes off. Grab everything important and go down the stairs. When you hit the second floor landing, the smell of burnt popcorn hit you across your nose for daring to breath. There has already been a false alarm caused by someone burning up their popcorn once before, so to have to trudge across the hot parking lot to the safe zone for another episode of the same really ticked us off.

Turns out it wasn't popcorn, but rather someone's lunch that was left in the microwave until it caught on fire. That someone has also not come forward and admitted to walking away from the microwave, which pisses the rest of us off some more. Just apologize for your goof up so we can watch you like a hawk so the microwaves don't get taken away from the rest of us who brown bag. What's so hard about that?

Today, I'm staying late because tomorrow I will leave here on time and go straight to a movie theater and demand a ticket for The Dark Knight Rises. I'm hoping by getting a 4 or 5pm feature there will be seats available. But that also means getting the stupid paperwork done now. I'm actually on the stuff I batched today, WOOT! Maybe I'll get to sort out my inbox basket tomorrow.

Not letting the stress crack open can after can of diet soda caffeinated goodness has done the trick on returning my sleeping back to normal, even with the not leaving the DOI until 8pm. Time for me to finish things up so i can go bright and early tomorrow.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 8

Despite the week of hell and not getting proper sleep or exercise, my weight dropped to 185.5 lbs. Right now, I'm attempting to soak up some sun to keep me in a good mood for the upcoming week. Some changes I need to make the next time I attempt this: 1) buy a lawn chair (all the ants in the grass are visiting my yoga mat and towel), and 2) set up in one of the side yards because the oak tree keeps the front yard super shady until about 1pm.

Yesterday was the worse case of exhaustion I have had in years. I nearly slept for twelve hours and only got dressed to go grocery shopping. Then I had to fight with the Inner Workaholic who kept pushing that I wasn't getting website work done, I wasn't getting stories written, I wasn't washing dishes. I should have made yesterday the lay out in the sunshine day, but I was too tired to rub on the oil.

Today is better. Not only am I taking enforced outside time and plan on putting myself to bed at 7pm--with a blindfold because of Daylight Savings Time--I feel awake enough to deal with creative tasks, find the kitchen again, and cook meals for next week.

Next week: I have to have three meals for five days prepped to brown bag. Monday I have a massage session scheduled and will probably be the only day I get home at a decent hour. I already pack breakfast and lunch, but bringing supper will keep my eating normal. I tweaked my schedule to keep exercising. And I need to strictly limit the caffeine and see if that helps.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Friday Already?

Fifteen minutes late on a Friday, not that it ultimately mattered. After the insanity all week, Friday is my breakdown day. I was hoping it would wait until Saturday.

Paying bills is actually what made me late along with not getting up on time. Notice I'm not in bed yet, the posting time is actually accurate. Back on the bills: everything I thought I was doing to save money--like changing my phone plan--won't take effect until next month. I had to drop off this month's payment on a loan and misjudged the time. Then one of my coworkers called in with a car breakdown; we never saw her for the rest of the day.

After the deposit was delivered, I found a Fraud Assessment payment on my desk that I had missed yesterday. The scanner didn't work. Nobody's scanner worked because something was wrong on the other end. That was 9am. We opened mail, I put my returning check letters together, and the scanners finally came back on at 12:30pm. That set our scanning today's work back by hours.

More mail came in at 3pm, at least four full batches. Another coworker couldn't arrange a later ride home, so she left at 4pm. Since I wasn't going home until I had finished batching and had matched all the assessment payments with their copies. Yes, before we mail out the invoices, we have to make a copy for our files. This year we had to make copies of the amended invoices and keep the wrong invoices. Then we have to match the coupon the companies send back with their payments to the copies. I had two days worth of batching that I needed to match up and then separate what we are going to have to refund.

I left the building at 8pm. 7:15pm made twelve hours at the paying job.

I'm still waiting for the caffeine to wear off so I can go to bed. I'm getting there, finally. Plans for tomorrow: grocery shopping and then avoiding the public for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully, my brain will turn on so I can do something creative with it.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time Scheduled For Me

I mostly got out of the paying job on time, leaving a new problem to deal with in the morning. Good news: I believe it is just a problem for one company (Thursday morning: found a second company with the same issue, damn.) and isn't indicative of another system wide issue (Thursday: it doesn't affect every company but it may necessitate the IT contractors tweaking the program again). But I'm not putting any money on that either. (Thursday: smart, I still had functioning brain power when I composed this last night).

My chiropractor realigned my back and I scheduled an hour-long massage on next Monday, which means I'll have to take off early. Oh darn, I'm so broken up and guilty about that. Especially since I spent today in so much pain and took Aleve just after lunch to make it through the afternoon. I haven't been able to write, edit, or tweak websites in three days and that is so not helping my mental state. Exercising has been hit just as hard.

So the massage, early bedtimes for the rest of the week (hasn't happened yet damn Daylight Savings Time), and squeezing in some creative writing are on my agenda to pamper myself. The weekend day of rest will probably end up being two. I'd love to slather on some suntan oil and lay out on the lawn and bake a while, but I'm keeping my options open.

In other news, I'm wading out into active website administrating after having dropped it for years. I made a stab at it before and it didn't stick. This time I decided to put 15 minutes six days a week and an hour on Saturdays to what needs doing. Procrastination has a harder time building up if I stick with that schedule.

The test sites are still the bane of my existence on the web. I created a local server on my old computer and the motherboard fried. I created one on my current computer and found I couldn't import the databases because they were too big.

So my latest bright idea: set up the development sites as subdomains with a copy of the database. And all I can get are 500 Internal error pages. My hour ran out before I could figure out what I did wrong. What I have discovered: "copy database to" works to create a new database with the same information. You can't make the database and chose it to write over it, even if you left it blank to do that. I don't know if the old database tables are what is frakking with the sandbox sites, but I haven't crashed the live sites while I'm getting this straight. When it gets too hot or rainy to sunbath Saturday, I'll be working on them again.

I'm relieved I've left the Library as static pages. Currently, my fifteen minute days are spent on it. The project list has developed into a lengthy one while I was ignoring the sites.

That wraps up everything I had wrote at supper Wednesday night. Thursday, my supervisor returned from her trip and proceeded to go handle supervisory things with the Assessment snafu (like yell at other department heads why in the new system we can't amend our assessments when the company sends us the paperwork we have always asked for). The decision was made to accept the overpayments and use the new refund system that nobody told us was going live. I warned my contact in the Fiscal division; the rest of them are on their own. Tomorrow I should be able to actually mail back payments for the companies who owe us zero second thing in the morning that I never got a chance to do today. I'm also hoping beyond hope to get a chance to write something fictional. Don't hold your breaths on that one.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Twelve-Hour Work Day

Started on July 9, 2012: It doesn't happen often, but when it happens it is killer. I'm typically the first one in at the paying job around 6:30am. My shift runs from 7am to 3:30pm with an hour-long lunch break. Today I didn't get to leave until nearly 6:30pm and I didn't get the full lunch break.

July 1st is the beginning of our assessment season. We mail the insurance companies invoices June 30th (or as near as the calendar allows, we fix the snafus as they appear, the payments trickle then gush in, and the Department gets its operating budget for the next fiscal year. But every year there is a snafu.

Last year was the Great Address Disaster, when we lost count of how many invoices the Post Office returned to us because another division decided keeping the addresses updated was too much work. This year is so much more worse. I didn't even want to blog about it over the weekend (Author's note: and I've been too busy to type this up for two days now).

All the assessments are based on a percentage of the written premiums minus some lines that are exempted by law. Life premiums aren't assessed but half of Health and Accident premiums count. Since we have moved to sending out invoices, we've never had to mistrust our totals. When I first started this job, we let the companies do their own math and then had to double check it. The companies never got the math right.

This year the IT contractors unveiled the new tax program they built, which included our assessments. We had trouble getting our invoices printed but we mailed them out right on time. Then we came back to work after Happy United States Day to find out that over half of the invoices totals were wrong. The computer program included Life premiums, and all the excluded lines from Property and Casualty, printed out invoices that we mailed for companies that are exempted and have never had to pay.

Monday, we finally had amended invoices to mail to the companies (Yes, it took the contractors two days to fix the program to calculate the totals right.), which we got out on time at the expense of not batching the incoming mail. So we stayed late to get that done. I also have the joy of answering the emails of the companies who noticed something was wrong and contacted us, but another coworker took the phone calls so I ain't complaining about that. Then we had to separate the payments that had already started coming in: the ones that are the correct amount and the ones that aren't. We don't want to cash any checks when the company doesn't owe us a payment (those are getting sent back with an apology letter). The payments in which they overpaid we still haven't figured out the best way to deal with them.

Tuesday, more of the same but without a mail-out I got to leave at 3:30pm. But it's always something new to make the IT contractors fix. We found a company that was missed completely. 83 Risk Retention companies (which are exempted) were still listed as owing the Department assessments until I got those taken out.

Wednesday, I hurt from the base of my skull to my tailbone because my back ties itself into a pretzel when I'm stressed. New things that IT contractors have to fix: just found a company who we changed contact information last year was mailed to the same wrong address this year, which we were promised wouldn't happen when we took over updating the addresses. Wrong payments outnumbered the right payments that have arrived so far. Hopefully by the end of the week, the mail-out will reach the companies and the wrong payments will stop. We still need to contact the companies who owe us less than what they sent, because we really don't want to refund over 700 companies if we don't have to and we're pretty sure they don't want to wait for their refund checks.

Lunch is over and the companies are emailing.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 7

Another week of lingering at the previous week's progress. I didn't work out as much as I should have. Today I woke up too late to do any sprinting before the heat climbed up, and I've been avoiding the yogilities DVD. Do better next week.

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Monday, July 02, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 6

Lesson #1: Do not try to implement changes to exercise program during that special week of the month. You'll be lucky if you can maintain what you've already started.

Lesson #2: The exercise routine travels well (except for the Yogilites DVD). But if you don't DO them, it doesn't count.

Lesson #3: 80/20 rule of moderation is most definitely in effect for travel weekends. However, if I'm going to be going every other week to participate in the RPG, I will need to shop/cook stuff I can have.

Despite the setbacks, my weight dropped to 188 lbs!

Given that I ate more fried chicken than I probably should (limited options and all that), I was expecting another week at 191. So this was a great surprise to start the week.

My goals for this week: add in the more exercises I wanted to last week and keep an eye on my back. Some muscles are triggered that I didn't even know were and I can't tell this morning if it's getting better or worse.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Day of Rest Experiment

After June 2 - 3 weekend of back-to-back projects, June 9 - 10 traveling to Shreveport for my sister's version of Say Yes to the Dress, June 16 - 17 housecleaning marathon, I finally instituted a day of rest this past weekend. Two weeks after have the epiphany that I really need to take time off. So how did it go?

My ideal: wake up, finish the hunk of daily chores, and spend the rest of the day alternating between my three writing projects. Sitting down more would be insured by writing in longhand for one of the projects.

Reality: I lost the morning researching and writing my latest Hot Bod 2012 post. Then I realized I had to cook. Followed by alternating my daily writing and editing on the chores list with my earned fun writing. I never got a chance to work extra on Stellar or Forget. I didn't finish off all the daily chores before bedtime.

I don't feel frazzled or drained this morning, which is a success. I also realize I need to shed some to do items from Sunday if I want to continue attempting my ideal day of rest.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 5

Two weeks of exercising and eating mostly Primal (I think I overdid cheese and commercially fried chicken is not Primal, but I didn't order any Popeye's biscuits!) and if I had any progress it got lost with my period starting yesterday. :p TMI ALERT Feel free to skip On the upside, last month I was unnerved that I had an entire week of menses that did not want to flow out of my body. It was always dark brown and spotted the pads. I'm not exactly happy to report that this month that flow is back to its gushing bright red self because the cramps are killing me. I avoided taking anything for the pain yesterday because pain medication always affects the flow, but today I have a cramp and a headache. Fine, medication wins. END OF TMI Good news, I didn't notice any PMS mood swings or craved any chocolate, so something's working.

This past week I changed my vitamins. I had a few days during the first week where I couldn't eat enough. At least, I thought I had a reasonable meal felt full and had a rumbling tummy and hour later. First, I packed more snacks to the paying job. Then when I snacked at home, I started worrying that I was in a mindless eating rut. Second: added 1200mg of fish oil and 415mg of cod liver oil to the vitamins to balance out my Omega3s to Omega6s ratios. My hope is that they add to the fat = satiety. I also upped my potassium to 550mg after having leg cramps last week. It would probably be healthier to just eat bananas, but fresh fruit doesn't keep well in my kitchen.

Exercise: Habit is well on its way of being formed. The only day I came close to missing was this past Thursday when I woke up late thanks to interrupted sleep. Sore lower back is plaguing me too. I don't feel it sitting down, which worries me that my desk job and weight have knocked it off kilter. It's not a sharp while in use pain, more like a dull ache over the back of my hips that makes me what to pop joints.

Last week's goal was to fin a better spot for the wall squat and I did, but I don't feel like I'm progressing as I should. A feel strengthened when the scale nor the measurements didn't really move this week. (For my mental health, I'll post those results on a monthly basis so not to get discouraged.) I don't think it's my impatience showing, but I'm reviewing Primal Blueprint Fitness to double-check what I'm doing.

Problems: Not spending enough time exercising: *Snort* I should have realized it was going too easy. The three Move Slowly days, which I've been doing yoga on) need to equal 3 – 5 hours of low aerobic activity for the week. Yoga is not enough. But what to fill in the rest of the time with?

Walking is an approved exercise; I miss walking. My neighborhood is not set up for walking. More sidewalks were laid down around the park at work, but we're in the 90 degrees (F) is low temps for the day part of the year. Yes, I realize these sound like excuses.

What about more yoga? I have DVDs that I haven't used in years. Okay that's my new plan for Move Slowly Days: yoga routine in the morning fresh out of bed. Yogilates DVD when I get home before supper. I'll buy another yoga mat for the living room too.

Lifting Heavy Things: Oops, I'm supposed to do two sets of the exercises. I can progress to the next level when I meet the goal for the exercises during both sets.

Sprints I need to do longer and more off. Full out jump rope, rest, repeat until fifteen minutes are done.

Not doing the movement right: I reviewed Mark's video and discovered I was trying to keep my feet positioned for a regular squat and the stance should be wider for a wall squat. I'll fix that for next week.

I've got a lot to work on next week, but I can do it.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nightmares of writers

Those who follow Discipline Under Fire already know I have finished Chapter Twenty-Three i.e the climax of Stellar Gift of Death and now am working on the wrapping-up loose threads final chapter. Those who didn't know now know too, and you need to know that along with the fact that I set up Chapter Twenty-Four by deleting Chapter Twenty-Three, tweaking the title, and saving as Chapter Twenty-Four back on Tuesday. It was an attempt to preserve formatting that didn't work. And I'm not going off on a tangent how much I don't like the formatting of Microsoft Word 2010 (what we have at the paying job) but haven't reached the point of figuring out how to make it the same as my Microsoft Word 2003 at home. It's not part of the story.

So Wednesday's writing time was spent all in Chapter Twenty-Four, and it was a great session. Moved onto other things throughout the day, went to bed, and dreamed I had deleted Chapter Twenty-Three, and saved it as Chapter Twenty-Three instead of Chapter Twenty-Four. I saw the proof on my home computer screen. I opened the file and nothing was there but the title Chapter Twenty-Four. "You have to rewrite the whole thing," an unseen voice told me. It wrenched me out of sleep, though at least not to the stereotypical cliche of sitting upright with heaving bosom. My eyes just opened and I realized I was in my bedroom and not my office and I felt a little panicky.

"Don't be silly. Chapter Twenty-Three was fine when you accidentally opened it yesterday before working on Chapter Twenty-Four." Panicky feeling subsided, and I rolled over to go back to sleep.

And just when I was at that dropping off point to deeper slumber, the voice came back. "Chapter Twenty-Three is gone, you have to rewrite the whole thing, and you have no notes for the 2000 words you added to it."

Wrenched awake again with a hearty "Goddammit!" Threw off the covers and marched to my alarm clock. Past midnight. Marched to the bathroom, and then the office, where I proceeded to open Chapters Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four off the flash drive and resave them to my home desktop without ever putting my glasses on. Back to bed and I finally slept so good I didn't wake up on time this morning.

Hardly the same nightmare fuel that gave me "the Bloody Hand," but I'm backing up to my GoogleDocs account today. Just in case my subconscious knows something I don't.

And now for my feelings on Word 2012 formatting: Hey Microsoft, stop dicking with the program to justify the price you put on it!

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Stellar Gift of Death Word Count

Progress Bar from Writertopia

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 4

WOOT! I'm so proud of myself. Seven days of exercise, so the whole roll out of bed and exercise was the step in the right direction. Now I didn't take measurements back on June 10th like I should have (driving home from Shreveport most of the day will wipe anyone out), but I dropped 2.5 pounds since I last measured on April 22nd. PROGRESS!

Today is tweaking paperwork so I don't have to spend time in the morning looking things up. The Lift Goals are now on my log sheet so I don't have to guess how close I am to the goal. Two days of lifting, four days of yoga, and one day of sprinting—which I used my new ropeless jump rope. That device is awesome; I didn't trip at all! What I don't like is the wall squat. I get stuck and can't slide. That's my goal for next week, to not get stuck.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Bod 2012 Post 3

Break time is over; it's time to get in shape.  Between wedding dress appointments for my baby sister, she and our mother kept finding lovely sundresses for me in my current size. I loathe my current shape of all belly and it's all because I'm lazy to do what I know I have to do. Don't reward that, people! Time to move Hot Bod project to the front of the list.

So that was the first motivator to pick up my slack. The second was waking up this morning and realizing since moving the portabe AC unit into the bedroom and moving my bedroom furniture to make room I now have room for the yoga mat in the bedroom. I have tried using the living room as the exercise area and it's just too easy to ignore it in the morning since none of the rest of the morning routine uses the room. I can literally roll out of bed and exercise by moving the task to the bedroom.

Along with kicking my ass in gear with exercise, I'm restarting primal eating and avoiding sugar when I next buy food. Today is off to a decent start, I have avoided the vending machines so far.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury died today.

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His bastard child* in mourning

*When I was an undergrad (probably around 1998-99), a gang of us drove down from Natchitoches to attend a lecture he gave at LSU. I forget the context--I think it was to do with writing--but after the enthusiastic response from the audience, he called us "the bastard children I never knew I had." I've claimed it with pride since he has been a writing father of mine for such a long time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Front Porch Makeover


Front Porch Makeover, a set on Flickr.

First attempt at doing this, so I hope it works.