Tuesday, January 07, 2014

But I Don't Want to be a Special Snowflake!

The temperature on my computer's desktop weather app was 19 degrees Fahrenheit when I got to work. I didn't check it when I left the house, but that's what the news said Hammond was reporting too. In Louisiana, our idea of cold is still above freezing. Part of me was glad I wasn't a customer of the electrical company that had 7000 power outages last night (though natural gas is my main source of heat, I just wouldn't have woke up with my alarms off), and glad there is not snow or ice to contend with and make everyone on the roads bad drivers. Then I realized snow and ice would have given me an excuse to stay home in my nice warm BED!

Now that I made it here, I think the state of my body that I ignored while getting dressed should have made me call in and go back to sleep. My FSA is working again, my body is in bad shape, so I went for a massage yesterday after work to work the kinks out before my exercise program made them worse. Of course we found kinks that my body was dutifully ignoring. I went home, drank lots of water, took a hot shower, and went to bed. I wanted a hot bath with Epson salt, but there's not enough insulation around my bathtub and the hot bath would have become a lukewarm one as the outside temperatures dropped. This morning, my back is on strike. The two Aleve pills have kicked in, but I'd still rather be in bed.

Alternate title for this post: I'd Still Rather Be In Bed.

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