Monday, October 01, 2007

Crazy weekend

I didn't make my word count. :( This week is going to be better with that.

Why I didn't make the word count is Friday and Saturday I got started cleaning up the hard drive and the paper filing system with dealing with what I write. Mainly, consolidating virtual folders and actually going through them and then burning one CD to go in the paper folder that has all the story related files on it. Then I would delete the virtual folder out of the new "My Writing" directory. I got finished with the fanfiction side of the drawer, and still need to do the original side. Once done, the only files left on the computer will be what I am really working on and a lot less to go through while working on it.

Then Saturday and Sunday were also spent catching up with friends: Saturday with Misty and her cutie-pie daughter Kay and Sunday with Marcie. But I put off my shopping on Saturday, did it on Sunday, and started cooking at 7:30pm.

After the last clean out of the fridge and throwing away more food I never got around to cooking, I decided I must cook as soon as I put the groceries on the counter otherwise I won't. The menu was ambitious but I didn't think it would be too bad: chicken veggie soup, Basil Tuna Steaks and Tomatoes, spinach souffle, 2 spinach and mushroom quiches, bok choy salad, roasted eggplant and tomatoes, an artichoke dish I can't remember the name of, and Lemony-Herb Veggies (to use up what is open in the freezer). I figured I could get stuff started, sit down, and get back up when the timer went off.

That never happened.

I got the chicken veggie soup, spinach souffle, and the 2 quiches done by midnight. I only got to sit at the computer while waiting for the quiches to finish baking and after I washed the dishes (that should get me brownie points for something). They didn't look completely finished when the timer went off so I put them in for another ten minutes.

Then five minutes later I realized that my contacts didn't have eye gooky clouding them up, rather my house was filling up with smoke. The quiches were fine, but drippings in the oven were merrily smoking away. Cleared out the aluminum foil, put the quiches in the fridge, opened the window and front door and aimed the fans out them to draw the smoke out, and started getting ready for bed. And then I realized Mustard wasn't under my feet. Back to the kitchen. He's poised on the windowsill to jump down. He wasn't happy when I hauled his ass back inside. I was not happy having to close that window with still a lot of smoke to get out.

So fixing the screens and putting them back on the windows has been bumped up the priority list now.

Crawled into bed. Next thing I know, the Wall Street Journal-less people are on the radio and Mustard is tapping my face with his paw to make me get up. So then it was a mad dash scramble to get everything done in an hour, and I left late still. No workout today either.

So it's a new month. Things can only get better. Sleep tonight will be an improvement.

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