Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Iron Experiment: Reflection

Yeap, BMI has a lot of problems with it as a tool to measure health and fitness levels. But do you throw it completely out the window as stupid in my case?

When I started I was 205 pounds and had a BMI of 37.2, which falls in the severly obese category. While relatively fit, I still had a time with aerobic activities despite my strength, healing was slow on my body, and my period had stopped. If I breathed in the same kitchen as baking bread, I gained weight. That doesn't fit anyone's category of healthy.

My BMI is now at 33.8, which is only obese. But it is a measurement that is going down and that makes me happy.

I also started using FitDay.com to keep track of weight measurements, based on recommendation from PastaQueen's Half of Me blog. It keeps track of a lot of nutritional stuff and calories burned, but so far I'm just in awe of the line graph of weight change. Worth the price of admission for a graph I don't have to set up.

Also pondering if I should save one garment from my huge period to do one of those Jenny Craig pictures. But then storage is at a premium in my house. I may just have to use the Biggest Loser style pictures instead.

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