Wednesday, October 03, 2007

YouTube TimeSuck

The goal last night was to go home, eat supper, finish homework, and go to bed early.

While eating, I decided to close out some tabs by watching YouTube stuff that had been blogged about and I had set aside to watch later. Then I started clicking links inside YouTube. The next thing I know, Mustard is biting my pants and it's past 9:45pm. How the hell did he learn how to tell time?

My thoughts this morning is I may need a night alarm clock. One set to go off at 9pm, so I can take my ass to bed when I get distracted by something. I thought I had a third one not in use, but I just remembered I got rid of it because it started losing time. I could switch over the living room alarm clock and still use its radio in the morning if I need to.

So "I'm a Disney Girl" skit at one of the ComicCons was entertaining, but cost me writing time, homework time, and workout time this morning since I got up late.

So I'm off to work on homework and when I get sick of Robert Frost, physics refresher course. It's been a long time since I wrote fantasy--not counting "Covenant"--and I think Hyrule was the only world I built semi-successfully. It's easy to say "magic follows the laws of physics" but when you can't remember what they are in order to describe the magic spell, you now have homework. physics writer has the best condensed version I've found online.

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