Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend over, thank Goddess

I had a blast and we had a 500% increase in customers from last year to the Haunted Backyard fundraiser, but I don't want to drift that close to sleep-deprived hallucination territory again for a while. And I will post pictures for this and last week's party, I just have to remember to downloaded them from the camera.

And somebody else go see Elizabeth: the Golden Age so I have somebody to help me dissect Phillip II of Spain's walk. I didn't get to see the Seeker because the movie house decided to change the movie times and didn't inform the website I had checked. Traffic made me miss the last showing. :p

That it worked out well, since I got to do my shopping before the movie. Bought a Halloween costume and was feeling ambivalent about it. Mom had done my colors back when I was a teenager and black wasn't one of them. But that's what I ended up with, a black and red Gothic robe.

So I got home, made sure it fit, and then proceeded to decimate my closet again. All size 18 pants are gone! And I was worried I would have to buy jeans to get me through to the next size, but I found some size 14s that fit. I'm trying not to spend money on clothes until I have nearly nothing that fits.

Left home on Saturday to help set up. Then got dressed. Then had Eric tell me I looked hot. Then had three different people notice I have lost weight and congratulate me on it. And apparently got voted into the sexy vampire category. Stayed up way too late, got up way too late, and helped in the cleaning up. And Sunday was an Acadiana Medieval Faire meeting, which I ended up missing. Reason: Susanna and I are in the bathroom and I'm leaning against the wall waiting for her to finish.

Me: "Okay, I'm not going. I'm really not going. I'll drop stuff off, say sorry, and head home."
Susanna: "You really think you need to?"
Me: "Considering that I'm leaning against the wall, and falling asleep with my eyes open, yeap. That'll be worse trying to leave at 4pm."

Made it home by 4pm in a loopy state of mind and too wired on caffeine to sleep yet. Computer and Yahoo are not on friendly terms right now. I ended up playing the new DVD of Rocky Horror Picture Show with a whole lot of extra features. I only really got through Richard O'Brian and Pat O'Quinn's commentary. I tried to listen to the call backs but I don't know how they set up the mics for it. Only when the crowd got into unison could I understand. So I only made it through "Science Fiction Double Feature" on that feature. Hopefully they subtitled it. Drug myself with non-aspirin PM and went to bed on time.

Still kind of fuzzy this morning but I got up on time. But because of the fuzzy, I forgot I needed to workout. *headdesk*

And Simon Pegg to play Scotty? SQUEE! Though how the heck is Leonard Nimoy going to play a twenty/thirty something Spock? Oh they have two Spocks. Story told in flashback: probable.

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cat said...

Syler (from Heroes) is playing Spock?!?!?!?!? VOMIT!!!! I'm so annoyed, they're gonna ruin my favorite character.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Well, the last time they tried that cloning Hollywood stars it ended in disaster. I guess they figured this was the better solution.

cat said...

Can they clone me a Orlando Bloom, please? If he's not too bright that's okay, as long as he can do housework. And look WAY TOO HOT doing it.