Friday, October 26, 2007

Metabolic Syndrome Update

Went in yesterday for my roughly three month check-up. My doctor was really pleased with my numbers and weight loss so far. Saturday I have to go in for more blood work, the fasting variety. We are changing the metformin amount I'm taking though, up to three pills a day. I just hope my pharmacy will understand the new prescription because I sure can't read it.

Bought a new cervical pillow from the chiropractor because mine totally sucked, even though it is made of memory foam and shaped to cradle your head and support your neck. It was too soft and not the right size to hold my neck up. I don't know if that is due to having a fat neck, memory foam not strong enough to force a curve in my straight neck, or if my neck/shoulder space is oddly-sized. I woke up on my side Thursday with my shoulder in my ear. The new pillow is similar to a waterbed, but there is pillow stuff between your head and the water pouch. Didn't wake up in pain this morning, but it was a lot more pillowy softness than I'm used to. (Before giving the memory foam pillow a while, I used a pillow filled with barley husks.) I put more water in it this morning to make it firmer, and I may have to repeat that.

Oh, also found a nifty exercise journal at GNC, but I'm waiting for the Gold card discounts at the beginning of the month before buying. One part I really liked about it was a spot to list the amount of supplements you're taking. Since I never can remember numbers whenever I have to fill out paperwork (or correct spelling of names), I'd like a neat easy way to reference it.

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