Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend blahs

I don't want to work on homework this weekend.
I'd rather clean my InBasket.
I'd rather clean my kitchen.
I'd rather ... *sigh.*

But I realize I need to do homework and this is just the Procrastinator talking. But having grown up in an environment of half-finished projects, I have no desire to live that way yet still manage to duplicate it. Which gives fuel to the Procrastinator. "You hate tripping over the stuff for the back porch. Install it this weekend. Forget about that class you hate and you're going to flunk anyway so why bother with it."

At the same time the Procrastinator is trying to get me in a deadline pinch, it has a point. The messy house is dangerous and I don't like it. And I need to spend all weekend on it so I don't have to spend another weekend on it again.

I should get sponsorship for these displays of circular logic. I'd get paid and then I could add the disclaimer: "This display of circular logic was brought to you by Tire Kingdom. Because it is round and so are your tires."

Then added to the mix is the Evil Optimist. "You can do it all! Just do it and don't sleep! You will finish it all!"

Yes, listening to the Evil Optimist is hazardous to your health. And I'm trying not to give into it. Too many times I have and it never ends well. Not this time.

This is where GTD help with rewiring your brain. I need to pick out a couple of projects along with homework and create next action lists for them. Then when I'm ready to beat my brains out with a reference book, I have something that is not homework ready to do.

Now that sounds like a sane plan. Wow, sometimes I surprise myself.

The list of things to do by project and next actions:
  • AB #9 = 310 words
    1. Download article that fits parameters.
    2. Read article and take notes with highlighter. Find thesis.
    3. Write AB card.
  • AB #10 = 310 words
    1. Download article that fits parameters.
    2. Read article and take notes with highlighter. Find thesis.
    3. Write AB card.
  • Frost bio review = 500 words
    1. Finish reading Robert Frost: The Years of Triumph.
    2. Articulate Laurence Thompson's bias/slant in one sentence.
    3. Declare my thesis statement.
    4. Write bio review.
  • Frost long paper = 1250 words
    1. Figure out what subject to write on.
    2. Research on the subject.
    3. Declare my thesis statement.
    4. Write paper.
  • Queen Elizabeth long paper/project: crossdressing = ? words
    1. Declare my thesis statement.
    2. Write paper.
  • AMF Educator's Guide = 250 words
    1. Add Wade's notes to Knights section.
    2. Write the Canterbury Cathedral section.
  • Collecting Chad's stuff into boxes
    1. Move stuff in laundry basket into box.
    2. Move lamp and magazines out of office.
    3. Pull his patterns out of the pattern files.
    4. Find blankets and sheets in back bedroom.
    5. Did he leave any luggage? Check the luggage pile in back bedroom.
    6. Pack clothes out of dresser into luggage or plastic bags before putting into box.
    7. Get his stuff out from behind the couch.
    8. Try to get him to take the slide projector and screen. I don't need it. If he doesn't want them, give-away box.
  • Relocate home gym
    1. Decided where it is going: front porch or back bedroom.
    2. Clean the area.
    3. Cover the exercise boards in something to present splinters and slipping.
    4. Move the weights, weight bench, yoga mat, boards, and Swissball.
  • Hang stuff on back porch
    1. Charge up cordless drill.
    2. If screws were not included, find screws that will keep them up.
    3. T-hangers go on the rafters. See if they will hold the stuff without leveling.
    4. If not, add wood to the rafters to level the T-hangers.
    5. Screw in all the T-hangers.
    6. Put pipes up on T-hangers.
    7. Hang up hose support near the ladder.
    8. Get sawhorses back from Mom.
    9. Put sawhorses on hose support.
  • Finish processing InBasket
    1. Take out top item and process it.
    2. Repeat until basket is empty.
  • Clean fridge and mop kitchen
    1. Pick up all items that can't get wet and move them somewhere else.
    2. Throw out bad food.
    3. Wipe out fridge shelves with vinegar and baking soda.
    4. Reload good food.
    5. Move stuff out of mini fridge to big fridge.
    6. Wipe out mini fridge with vinegar and baking soda
    7. Unplug mini fridge and put a towel in freezer section to mop up water.
    8. Use steamer on floor and outside of appliances and cabinet doors.
    9. Use mop to dry floor.
  • Clean carpets
    1. Wash red bedroom rugs in washer.
    2. Hang red bedroom rugs out to dry.
    3. Use carpet cleaning spray on red living room rug.
    4. Vacuum red living room rug.
  • Clean out emails and reconfigure Outlook
    1. Make sure I have Outlook 2003 and it is installed
    2. Delete all accounts that I no longer use, or set up accounts I am using.
    3. Set up folders: Archive, Respond, and Action. Archive can have other folders by subject if necessary.
    4. Get BackUp Tiger for Outlook
    5. Set up filters for mailing lists to go automatically to folders for them. (This may be a Gmail only fix.)
    6. Make sure popup alerts are off.
    7. Set up template answers for the common questions.
    8. Try for three months. If the Outlook set up doesn't work, switch to Thunderbird.

Most of the homework HAS to be done. The rest of it will be handled during the day between homework assignments. And I'm crossing my fingers that I can finish homework on Saturday and have Sunday for housework.

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