Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I promised pictures

First: we're going to see how linking to the page works. If it doesn't work, I'll try something else.

Update: Okay, links only work for people with accounts with Kodak Gallery. *Sigh* It came with my camera; it's insanely easy to upload to, so there had to be a catch, right?

I don't really want to get a picture posting account, because I don't really post that many pictures. If Blogger decides to eat them for room for something else, I have webspace. I just usually don't have the time or energy to deal with. Because if I'm going to store them on the website, I need to crop and resize, and tweak color issues, etc. And people usually want to see them NOW!

Picture One from October 6th: Mom was too tired to understand that a costume picture means a full-length picture, and I had to run for the party and couldn't explain it. This picture will get reused on the Garb Closet blog (once I get to write to Effigy Corset post).

Picture Two from October 6th: Full-blown sexy leggness. Will need to invest in a smaller shirt. It didn't feel like I was swimming in it while wearing it, just a little big.

Picture Number One from October 13th: I don't have a copy of my scene in the Haunted House yet, so this will have to do. But I wish we had picked a better background. The black behind me just blends with my costume.

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Sharp said...

Please, please, please get a flickr, PicasaWeb, or PhotoBucket account and put the pictures up there. You can share the pictures without requiring viewers to get an account. I REALLY don't want to sign up for ANOTHER online account.

cat said...

Link won't work for me. :( I use photobucket myself.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Well, it came with my camera so it was an experiment to see if linking would work. It doesn't. I'll edit tomorrow.