Friday, October 05, 2007

When in Doubt, go Pirate

Especially since I don't have the time, the money, our the body to pull off one of the Stephanie Brown redesigns (I really love the Spoiler version). So I decided to go fantasy pirate. Finish the bulletproof effigy corset that I started between PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest and pair it with my sexy pirate pants that I retired as part of the official pirate garb because they were not historical accurate clothing.

The last time I wore the sexy pirate pants was probably 2002. So pulling them out and seeing the size 14 label and the darts where Mom had taken the garment in after I had lost weight back then caused me to change plans. I'll try them on but I'll have to wear the breeches. Pulled out the upper middle-class Elizabethan gown too for the 29th (for the Queen Elizabeth I class).

Tried things on this morning. Now I missed Monday and Wednesday workouts and only made it to Thursday yoga class, so add in the my-body-is-not-changing-fast-enough-because-I'm-a-lazy-bitch mindset. I'm close enough to where I was when I started the bulletproof effigy corset that it should fit fine. That was a cheer-up. The Elizabethan gown skirt needs me to lose 5 to 10 inches in the waist, but it was way closer to meeting than the doublet bodice. That may cause a swear-off-all-carbs-until-after-Halloween-and-with-the-corset-I-might-fit plan to go into effect. So then came the sexy pirate pants, which I already had a back-up plan for because they won't fit.

AND THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEE*

Mind you, I wouldn't want to try climbing rigging in them for fear of splitting a seam. But for a Halloween costume party, they should be fine. I don't even have to let the darts out. Though I do have a temptation to take them apart and construct all my work pants from the pattern from the waistband to the start of the legs.

Anyway, time to start sewing.

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cat said...

Piccies Halloween night at the party??? Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Ain't it great when you suddenly fit into your 'skinny' clothes again?