Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend with an Action Plan

So with 17 projects (3 more got added I will explain) and at least 71 actions with all of them, I got 4 projects and 24 actions completed.

I forgot to list shopping and bloodwork as projects both finished on Saturday. Organizing the sewing patterns got added Saturday night when I realized I was halfway through with doing that project.

I got both AB cards done (unless the professor decides we need to have another group one), finished reading the bio, and figured out the Frost long paper topic. While it only counts as two finished projects, I still feel pretty good about the state of things. I'd have a lot more on the finished list except that one or two actions haven't been finished yet.

For example: relocating the gym.

Yeap, I decided on the front porch. If it doesn't work out temperature-wise, it will go in the back bedroom somehow.

Here you can see one of the two actions that haven't been done yet, so the project isn't done. The boards sticking out of the purple box on the left need to be covered still. I also need to add more air to the Swissballs, though the one in the picture needs less than the one in my office.

And it unwittingly sent me to the store. I thought I could use some leftover wood to make a storage unit for the weights, dumbbells, and Swissball. Free-style carpenter, I ain't. I had to go to Wal-Mart for spaghetti sauce I forgot yesterday, and found the tub just when I thought I'd have to spend 50 to 100 dollars at Lowe's for something that would hold up the weight. I still want a weight stand, but now the need isn't as pressing.

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