Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No wonder I don't want to write anything else!

Elizabeth short paper

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Explication of Robert Frost's "The Flood"

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Annotated Bibliography Card #6

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Progress Bar from Writertopia

Coupled with while I was going back through my notes last nights so I could figure out the feet of the poem (I have come to the conclusion it is related to my keeping rhythm with a song--I CANNOT do it.), and discovered that I wrote down a different biography title on the day he assigned them. I marched over to the library and checked out the second volume instead of the third. What are the odds I wrote down the wrong note?

Wednesday didn't start off well, and I skipped yoga class last night to get the explication done. I didn't finish it last night because of the above mentioned meter-figuring-out problem, so it carried over to this morning and I skipped the Iron experiment workout. I'm really hating this class for making me miss my workouts. And I will never be a poet or a poet critic nor possibly just teach poetry. EXPLICATIONS SUCK!

I still have to read the selections for today AND read whatever I'm going to do the AB card on. I had made the decision to fuck it and use the remainders for research for the two other papers I have to write in this class. WHICH IS WHAT THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR, NOT FUCKING BUSY WORK! But guess what I haven't had a chance to do? That's right, research.

All the library books are overdue, and I probably can't renew them until I pay off the fines. I can't pay the fines because the controller's office closes by the time I get there. I owe 13.25 as of today. Great. And I probably can't renew what I need to until it is paid. *headdesk* But they have online renewal now. Must remember that for the next cycle.

It's lunch time. I have to heat up food and start reading.

Update 1:00pm: I can't access the online journal collections because my library account has been blocked. Because of the overdue books. So I guess I will have to do the AB card on a poem criticism I already have printed out regardless.

Or not do it at all, which is looking really tempting.

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