Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am really tired of having the reputation of some ball-busting bitch at work. I am also equally tired of having to walk on fucking eggshells because EVERYBODY takes what comes out of my mouth personally.

That combined with the physical tired that I am now and the mentally want to strangle the idiots who write articles on Robert Frost poetry and the professor that makes me read these articles for fucking busy work because I can't use any of them in ANY of the papers I have to write in the class, yeah everything that comes out of my mouth is probably snarly. But if my back is to you and I shrug when I say "I'll go buy one at Office Depot" yanno, maybe I wasn't criticizing YOU!

Now how to apologize for that without gritting my teeth while saying it?

FUCK IT! All I want to do is stay home and clean my house. AT least there I accomplish something where I just sit on my ass here for 5 hours out of the day waiting on work to do and people snarl at me when I bring my stuff to do.

I need a vacation.

Update: I managed to apologize and civilly. After all, I didn't mean to even sound like I was "going off." I do need a day of rest, and since I doubt I can take off any time for a real vacation, that leaves the weekend. Which is already booked solid.

ARGH! But when I say "yes" to stuff it is always when I feel like doing it! Then the date looms and I don't wanna anymore! I just want to curl up in bed and then the couch and then maybe putter at something that isn't dependent on a deadline.

Operator, I think I have a bad connection between my social planning id and the rest of me. Can it be repaired?

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