Friday, September 28, 2007

Rewards in action

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I have at least two free books at for buying the mp3 player. I may have more with a friend's recommendation of; I haven't checked that yet. I know I want The Chopin Manuscript and Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. But I can't get them this weekend until I meet my weekly word count. And I'm behind because I've missed the Tuesday and Thursday writing sessions.

Today and tonight is going to be ... interesting. *in best Spock impersonation*

11:00am Update

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Where I got when I had to stop and do paying job stuff. What I have discovered is this universe is the same as a novel that has been lurking in my story idea file that I just titled "Fairy Tale Novel." Me like. :)

1:00pm Update

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Didn't get too far during lunch. I'm stuck on black magic. With what I have it is possible, but what would be the consequences of such actions? Course, I'm using Holly Lisle's worldbuilding exercise to help me with that, and her example is so clean an elegant, I'm afraid I'm going to steal it.

3:50pm Update

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Have two pages of handwrittten notes thought up while waiting on the Regulator. But I'm out of time right now to type them into the file. Mostly a lot of number work, I spent too much of the 2 hours it took to get through the batch trying to figure out the ratio of humans to Hidden Ones and serial killers of each population.

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