Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Breaking Round-up

I just finished the short Robert Frost paper due today. So I get to write a few sentences here. Yeah! Then jump back into the one and a half AB cards due today. *Sigh* I hate those damn things so much, this weekend will involve me spitting out the last two of them. Course, I have been promising myself that every weekend this month even the busy ones, but now I have at least three other graded writing projects due dates approaching and I need to get the hustle on.

But I'm also going to buy Transformers. I should wait but when I start feeling that bullheaded "I don't want to wait" voice in my head, it's best to go ahead and get the one movie and run out of the store before anything else leaps into my hands and demands to go home with me. Plus I want to share it with Dad. So that should take care of some family obligations until Thanksgiving. Kai's hosting, and I got to figure out what time I can take off without pissing off family and work.

Last thing: new chiropractor. After reading Mistress Krista rave about ART, I decided to give it a try next time my back went to shit. The next time was the end of September. And I tried ignoring it 'cause it was mostly in my upper back where I carry all the stress any way, until a yoga class when we went into a twist that I could do at the beginning of summer. The joint between my hips and legs refused to put my legs in any position but straight out, and if I tried regardless, stabbing pain in the joint was my reward.

Lots of people in my area of Louisiana that are certified in ART, great! Almost all of them are physical therapist who are required by law to have a doctor's referral. I really didn't want to waste a doctor visit for me to convince him that there was something wrong with me. I like my doctor, but I think I scared him after the April accident and I started reciting the advice right along with him. One chiropractor in Baton Rouge certified in ART: Sonnier Chiro. Clinic.

Got the results back from the X-rays and tests yesterday. My neck is fucked up, and my lower back has some inflamed nerves but its curve is good. My neck has no curve again (though they call it a reverse curve--it looked straight to me), and my head extends past my shoulders. The last time I saw my x-ray look this bad was when Dad took me to his chiro, Dr. Gideon way back in 2000. The reason: I popped my neck and couldn't move it again plus pain radiating down my arm. It got better then, but has always flared up again. The Sonnier team is pretty sure we can restore the curve, though I will probably have to go in for check up once a month for the rest of my life. Since the alternative is back pain, neck pain, and eventually lost ability to type because my nerves are all tied up in knots, I can live with that.

Back to Robert Frost.

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