Friday, October 12, 2007

Me have Plan. Plan is Good

I made my word count this week, and I could have done better on meeting writing times, but I made Thursday's so I'm not going to beat myself up. I'm going to see The Seeker: The Dark is Rising and Elizabeth: the Golden Age and there's enough time to eat real food.

I fully expect the Seeker to totally ruin the book the Dark is Rising. As such expectations, I'm filled with silly questions. "What will they use as the title if they go back and film the first book The Drew Children: Over Sea, and Under Stone or maybe The Holy Grail: Over Sea, and Under Stone?" But Christopher Eccleston is playing the Rider and I'm going to see him ooze the bad guy sexy. Just like I'm going to see Elizabeth for Raleigh to ooze the sea dog sexy and 3D recreations of the portrait gowns. And the Armada. I don't care if it is all CGI ships. :p And Geoffery Rush at his Machiavellian best. And Cate Blanchett making plate armor look sexy and regal--not an easy combination for modern movie audience. I'm atypical; I already think armor is sexy. I know I'm not getting historical accuracy in the story so I will settle for it in clothes, settings, and attitudes.

And hell, maybe I can squeeze another paper out of it for class.

Oh and movie night tonight because Doctor Who wrapped up for the US last week. Unfortunately, most of the surprises I had already found out about thanks to the Internet. Next season I must be more diligent about staying away from YouTube until I have watched it all. Though I never expected the totally Flash Gordon movie steal in the denouement--the unknown female hand picking up the Master's ring. Course in Flash, you know it's Ming's hand. In the Doctor Who universe, I think they established Time Lords don't switch sexes plus I doubt even the Master could regenerate from a burned-up body even if he changed his mind, so that rules out the Master. And it's not his wife, Lucy Saxon, because I think Captain Jack would keep her locked up, even if the Doctor didn't think it was necessary. I think the TV Squad review has it right, the Rani. Russell T. Davies also told us Saxon wasn't the Master. :p

And kudos for continuing the repeated whats with the connection to the Christmas episode. Though I think in the first one, the whats were coming from everybody but the Doctor, I love how he copies his reaction to Donna upon seeing the RMS Titanic. And for god's sake man! I know you hate staying anywhere for any length of time, but the poor TARDIS is at least 900 years old and badly abused by the Master. Give the poor thing a tune-up, over-haul, or whatever the equivalent is for a time machine.

Now for the very long wait until they start airing the next season. *Sigh* Punctuated by the DVD release on Nov. 6th. And even if you don't like Doctor Who, see "Blink" regardless. OMIG! What an incredible time travel episode. And it makes a nice balance with season two's "Love & Monsters." "Love & Monsters" shows the Doctor from the P.O.V. of people caught up in his events but not his companions, and is bit of a downer especially when we get Jackie's rant. "Blink" is more upbeat with the same type of P.O.V., despite having even sadder moments.

Now back to working on mythological creatures. In one way, I suspect it will be easier than building aliens. They're all found on Earth. In another way, I haven't narrowed down who is showing up as characters in the story. Since discovering that the Piper story, the strangely bent and colored hunter guy, and the Huldre are in the same universe as the Fairy Tale novel that has lurked in my story idea folder; most of the idea have been creating their half of the world and trying not to copy anyone. So I have a list but I don't know what species will come up first.

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