Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden

I don't often talk about the webcomics I read, but MNT Gaiden is special. And I'm not going on about how it's special because I'm really sleepy. GO READ IT! Then why I squealed with joy over the page this panel was on might make sense.

Okay, you might also need to know that Michaelangelo was probably my first non-human crush. Forget the stupid teen idols, I wanted a mutant turtle who cracked surfing jokes way back in 1987. And even through the overhauls the Turtles have gone through over the decades, Mikey is always underestimated. Always.

One of the friends I got to see the new TMNT movie with had this question: "Who do you think has the most strength, agility, probably the best fighter of the group?" I think my guess was Leo, after all it hard to argue with his battle brains. "Nope, it's Mikey. He keeps up with Leo and Raph and he only does the bare minimum of training Splinter lets him get away with."

To which I added, "His skateboard stunts. And he should be dead from some of them by now. You're right."

So even Mikey's biggest fan underestimated him.

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