Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday plans

Catch up on homework for online class.
Catch up on chores.
Buy flea medicine for Mustard.
Take Dad to belated Father's Day movie.
Finish Alt. BM Site updates.
Finish scanning the box on my desk. The stack is probably 3-inches high, but Reader's Digest articles take up a lot of scanning for something that small. (Okay, now that sounded completely random.)
Write in study carrel.
Go swimming.

We saw Live Free or Die Hard, and even though I liked the last sequel with Samuel L. Jackson, this one is on par with the first Die Hard. He kills a helicopter with a car. Dude, if that part in the trailer does not want to make you see this movie, you are not into action-adventure.

Plus, the plot is based on this article: A Farewell to Arms by John Carlin. For me as a writer, I love the fact that a nonfiction article explaining the inefficient ways the government is trying to prepare for what John Carlin calls the I-war becomes a Bruce Willis action piece. Proof that everything goes into the mill.

Now I doubt updates on Alt BM Site are happening today. Damnit, because I need to get it finished. But I didn't realize how badly behind I was on homework.

The plan today: 4pm go to the Library and work there but not homework to about 6pm.
6pm go swimming for at least an hour, that depends on how much I can do.
Home, supper, sleep on time.

Which means I got now until 4pm to work on homework and only homework. Though I think I may give myself a break in between assignments and wash clothes and dishes. And if I'm good and get caught up and maybe a little ahead, I might have time for the updates. But I'm not counting on it.

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MerylF said...

Busy Sunday. I hope it was successful!