Friday, July 27, 2007

Homework, what's left

Poems written, but need another edit before declared finished.
Write 1500 word paper examining 3 or 4 poems from Reading Diaries.
Put together Final Portfolio of all poems I wrote.
Take Final Exam which is already posted.

And after I finish all that, I have to do budget math again. Yeap, I've let myself get thrown way off course again. And while doing budget math, I'm going to finish the filing that has been piling up in the home office.

I have three weeks before classes start again. I'd like to know exactly how to deal with the school money when I get it. And I'd like to spend those weeks on writing. Mostly the Educators' Guide, but I'm down to what I really have to research.

I hope they aren't going to close the library completely those three weeks. Better go check.

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