Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Schedule changes continued

I love it when I can cross something off the list, even if it means I have to redo the schedule.

Note to me: Give smut moderator feedback privileges - i.e. the feedback email and password.

Back on topic: I need to check in Alt. BM Site once a week until I get all the moderators set up when I can scale back to once a month and emergencies. I think six months before tweaking modules and operating system is a good wait. Plus gives people plenty of time to work on the layout contest I'm going to start.

Also in the mean time, I need to follow Drupal directions and set up a dev site attached to the same database and in the same account. The current one is in the Library's account and a pain in the arse to get to.

I'm thinking of checking in on Fridays before Doctor Who, so if I need to spend more time on it I can plan my weekend.

But in the upswing, I got two days back. Or two partial days, I still have homework to do. Either way to look at it still involves the dance of joy. With three days invested in the Educators' Guide, I can devote the time to fiction for now.

Fiction Projects
  1. "The Blue Man on the Porch"
  2. Zy's Novel
  3. Strix webcomic
  4. Zy's vacation story
  5. "Underneath the Colored Lights
  6. Canterbury Murder Mystery
  7. Evil Jack: For Worse
  8. Wars Are Won: Turbo
  9. "Covenant of the Restless"
  10. Strix prequel short story

"The Blue Man on the Porch"
is almost done. The last edits should be chopping the word count down to a marketable level. So I really need to be looking for the next thing to step up.

Zy's Novel
I really want to get its first draft done this year. But I'm looking at being very close to thesis time, and only having 4 short stories for it ("The Blue Man on the Porch,""Covenant of the Restless," "The Gingerbread Girl," and "The Hitchhiking Highwayman"). I have no idea how many are required, but I'd like to get some more done. And let me spend some time in a different universe.

Strix Webcomic
Alas, must wait until there is no thesis pressure.

Zy's vacation story
This story hasn't completely gelled yet and I want to get out of this universe for a while.

"Underneath the Colored Lights"
the plot needs an overhaul and probably the characters too. And I don't want to do dark and disturbing right now.

Canterbury Murder Mystery
is a possibility except it's a script and I need to work on short stories. Okay, that stray idea is only because I want to do something head-explodey different for a thesis. :P

"Evil Jack: For Worse"
up next in the unopened fanfic slot. The story would be fun and a breeze, unlike having to fight with edits and aliens I got to design. But, but, but thesis. *Sigh* But it's supposed to be fun! *Sigh*.

"Wars Are Won: Turbo"
need to write "For Worse" first.

"Covenant of the Restless"
is in editing because it needs expanding and world building. But since it's already started, it's not a new project.

Strix prequel story
is already started-ish but still have a lot of world building and character building. But it still feels new and exciting. I think because I want to avoid superhero romance stereotypes and stereotypes in my own writing. And that really sounds like the fun.

So it boils down to I'm torn between Martian mice, vampire superheroes, and Elizabethan sea dogs. Which would you rather read?

Read Free!
The BookWorm

There is a new renaissance festival in Louisiana! Check out the Acadiana Medieval Faire at: http://www.acadianafaire.org/

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