Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching up

I've spent most of this week getting my sleep schedule back on track. I have to stop and do research on the next sections of the Educators' Guide. I finished rough drafts of all 10 poems needed for class and have to get that together tonight and tomorrow night. So probably no Yoga again this week. Bad Kindra, no bicuit.

Week 6 = 194.5
Week 5 = 195.5
Week 2 = 199
Week 1 = 205

Got new shoes and in the I-hate-breaking-shoes-in phase now. Dug through one set of saved clothing to find the size 16 stuff to retry on. I still have one more place to check. (Third spot I have I know is size 12s only.)

Succeeded in cleaning off a whole lot of my work desk--only leaving filing to do. Now if I could just do that with the home desks.

Been going through the Ikea catalogue and website to find new office furniture. Problem one: my back problems aren't helped by my habit of leaning over my papers. Problem two: I broke the computer desk last time I moved it and whatever I get from Ikea I have to put castors on it to access the wires. The current desk is propped up until I can afford a new desk.
So I'm in the making cutouts and see what will work in the space on paper phase. But I suck at seeing things three-dimensionally and I worry that if I invest it won't do the job of what I have currently.

Do you think Ikea will let me bring boxes to represent my current office equipment to put on their display models? They're really nice about letting you try things out in the store.

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