Tuesday, July 31, 2007

End of July

So I had a brainstorm over cooking. The problem has been I like to cook but I don't like washing dishes, I cook too much and either get sick of the leftovers or they go bad before I eat them. But cooking allows for better portion control and healthier food choices. I never know what is in the pantry and never have the right ingredients for a dish I get a craving for. When I shop, I buy good stuff, but it goes bad before I get a chance to cook it--fresh veggies are the worst.

Once a week cooking works best with my schedule, so I don't have to figure out what to cook and pack each day. Now, instead of trying to buy a month's worth of groceries a shopping trip, I'm just going to buy a week's worth--especially the ingredients for the planned meals. Hopefully, this will lead to me using up the stuff I have bought ahead and lessen the impulse buys. And the stuff on the I-want list can be budgeted for.

I worked with a chart to show the best way to mix and match, so I wouldn't be eating the same thing twice four days in a row. I came up with three entrees, two veggie dishes, and two desserts. Four to five portions of the entrees will be in the fridge for consumption. The remainder will be frozen. Veggies and desserts will be mixed and matched so there is more difference between meals. The desserts I'm getting from a couple of diabetic cookbooks I have, so there's more emphasis on fruits and less on sugar. And I figure adding one more dish will keep me from going to the vending machines.

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