Friday, July 20, 2007

Alt. BM Site goals

Don't freak out. The major work is done. This is stuff I want to get done before I can back off for a month.
  1. Set up the test version in a subdirectory off of Alt. Biker Mice Site.
  2. Use test site to figure out
    1. the need to log in twice
    2. how to fix the log out so you go to the splash page
    3. block and page listing users who want to see mature content with their DOBs and showing the check mark is checked yes
    4. Long range - how the bloody hell to do Torture posts
  3. Update all rules listed. Maybe in one spot separate from the FAQ. Also use less words in them.
  4. Are nodes still open to anonymous viewers? Used to be they could read or see and not comment.
  5. Set up moderators.
  6. Figure out why the Syndication block isn't working with Bloglines.
  7. Start a contest for a new layout.
  8. Better exposure to and Red Planet
  9. Make a decision on webrings
  10. Add the who's online block. I can't tell if anybody's using the site at the same time I am.F Figure out how to hide the Who's online block so just me and moderators see it.
  11. See if we need to add the Abuse module
  12. Find a way to send out mass emails to all users, because I doubt the read rule changes

A lot of stuff should be done to the test site first, before moving it to the live site. And some stuff listed doesn't have to happen before I slack off. I just wanted to have it listed so I won't forget it.

And if anyone else has noticed something else it needs, tell me and I'll add it to the list.

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