Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

And I'm celebrating my Independence Day by doing homework. BUT if I get all caught up, I'm going to see Transformers at 3:40pm or 7pm (depends on the first show selling out). Followed by Independence Day on DVD.

I've always had warm fuzzy about Independence Day. Great lines, and I thought a nice update to War of the Worlds. The commentary on the DVD put a new spin on it for me. "We made a classic 70s disaster film. Only our disaster happens to be an alien invasion." Compare it to Earthquake or the Inferno; but I never saw it until they pointed it out. Yes, I am a geek who watches on the DVDs extras for surprises like that. And I got titles for Tolkien critical theory to read someday from LotR Extended box sets. (It's usually the segment on J.R.R. Tolkien and sometimes the "From Book to Script" segment.)

Hmm, comments on last post: so my rewrites to Superman aren't a good idea? I'm going to start collecting Lois & Clark on DVD; I actually enjoyed watching Dean Cain and his Clark was actually a reporter.

Anyways, I'm excited about Transformers. Everyone I've heard from has said "go see it." I haven't talked to my rabid fan friends, but I don't think I want to until after I've seen it. I thought my comment here was pretty good defense for the movie.

My back is feeling better, meaning I have a tad more mobility but I'm still downing ibuprofen like candy. I'm going to have to take my ass to the doctor and I need to go anyway, and explain I think I still need a few more weeks of therapy. Which sucks because I should be healed by now. I lost two days of writing because of it.

I did weigh myself and didn't lose or gain. I think I forgot to say that.

The project in the study carrel is just Educators' Guide. Mainly because my progress has been horrendously slow on it and on I need to concentrate on getting it finished. So I'm thinking lunchtime (if I can keep myself off the damn Internet) will be fiction once I'm caught up on homework for the day. Then there's Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays where I can't go to the carrel. Thursday is Yoga class--it might be best to make that the day off. I tend to come home right at bedtime. Friday and Saturday--once I'm sure I have all my homework assignments in--are free for fiction and Alt. BM Site, which is dragging out painfully now.

That schedule is just my thoughts so I don't forget. I'll iron out something better later.

I need to update my word counts for July and get cracking on homework.

Update: It's going to be the 7pm show, which means I've got time to kill. ID4 and leave at 6pm. I don't want to be stuck with a front row seat. Oh I finally caught up on all the comments to make--yeah! Now all I have to do for this week is answer any new ones and write my poem for submission. I tried working on it but it's getting jumbled. I'll take another stab at it tomorrow.

Update Again: Oh Holly's right. Transformers. Kicks. Ass. Go see it already!

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MerylF said...

I don't know that Superman as he is, can ever be rewritten and be decent.