Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weightlifting for women

Week 7 = 194.5
Week 6 = 194.5
Week 5 = 195.5
Week 2 = 199
Week 1 = 205

First stop: back still hurts. Why? Desk Jockey Syndrome. Orthopedic doctor named the problem muscles, gave me a specific exercise to do "100 times a day."

Second stop: I suck at counting and figured there had to be a better way to exercise those back muscles. Remembered I didn't have as long healing after last year's wreck when I had been doing weight lifting.

Third stop: Google for "weight lifting back exercises." Got really annoyed with sites found. Even googled specifically on the muscles names. Finally put in "weight lifting for women."

Fourth stop: Found women's weight training site.

I've enjoyed lifting weights a whole lot more than aerobics. The trainer (a man) I had show me around the YMCA when I joined and did my fitness assessment then actually encouraged me to lift weights in order to lose fat. The trainer (a woman) I had at school was shocked by what I could already lift. At least she had enough tact not to finish the sentence "Gee, you're strong for..." (a girl/a big fat, pig struck me as equal endings). I stopped lifting because of the 2006 wreck and the mistaken assumption I had to have more cardio.

But I always stuck by machines. Part of it was intimedation. I feel too damn self-conscious in the gym just being a fat girl in the gym. And then go to the boys' side where the boys resemble Godzilla and I'm a skyscrapper in downtown Tokoyo? Yeah, right. The second half is residual. The weight lifting class instructor I had threatened to flunk anyone on the free weights without a spotter. And that was back in 1995; how's that for intemidation! But I never had a spotter and had no desire to choke on a weight bench, so I stayed with the machines.

Now I think I'm ready to cross the gender divide in order for my back to stop hurting and to lose weight. I really don't like plateau weeks. I'm not giving up yoga, if they schedule night classes for the next semester. But while it's good for me too, I need more impressive results.

I have no desire to compete, besides when would I have the time. My ultimate goal would be to fit in the size 4 red dress I wore as a senior in high school again. Getting off the drugs and not worrying about diabeties. To be strong, confident, and able to defend myself. No more of this excess weight. And to set up a home gym as finances allow. Reading through sections, it might be more effective to work up to a workout every other day at home with just a couple days at the gym.

I start tomorrow if the gym is open, and I have time around the yoga class. Tonight is finish the damn paper and final.

Part Three: Fat or Fit? Fat and Fit? Motivational pep talk I needed. I've had moments of depression: "this will never change because my genes have doomed me." How's that for a fantasy destiny?

Stella's Kitchen The receipes look good and healthy food that cooks quick is a bonus.

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MerylF said...

I'm the opposite; weights bore me, I'd much rather run. But if you prefer weights, go for it. It's just as good for losing weight, toning up and getting fit.