Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cue the 80's nostalgia vibe!

My favourite scene!

Everybody else's favorite scene:

And the reason why it's important:

July 24th!

I cannot stress how much I love this movie. First off, one of the first books I ever had about the folklore around monsters worked off the Universal movie monsters. Then they went from being respected scary villans to comic fodder in Abbott and Castello movies. Van Helsing I think tried to invoke the classic horror movie vibe, but the movie had other failings that even Hugh Jackman in TIGHT, LEATHER, PANTS! (Yummy) couldn't fix.

The Monster Squad worked! Sure, it's a comedy and for those who like their horror served to them in a bloodfest will be disappointed. But the monsters are back and they are scary. Cops get slaughtered left and right. Dracula is a nigh unstoppable villian, even after he gets staked.

July can't get any better. Harry and more Harry and now the Monster Squad.

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