Friday, July 06, 2007

Schedule Changes in Progress

This week has been impossible to stick to anything between a holiday and back pain. I have realized I need to change the schedule, and this is what I have come up with so far:

Lunchtime at work: split between homework and fiction. Fiction right now means "Blue Man."

Sunday - Educator's Guide / website update
Monday - Educator's Guide
Tuesday - Educator's Guide
Wednesday - Educator's Guide
Thursday - Homework/Fiction
Friday - OFF!!!!!!!
Saturday - Homework / website update

I'm trying not to fall behind on homework again. And I'm not too worried about scheduling another day off a week because there are Sundays and Saturdays I have other obligations and won't get to do what I have listed here. And once I get the Educator's Guide done, I move a new project into the study carrel. Which may be world building for Zy's Novel or "Covenant With the Restless."

But Fridays, *happy, dreamy sigh* I have a date with David Tennant and the programming people at the Sci-Fi Channel are incapable of making it the same hour week from week. I got the TV over my father's non-serious objections--i.e. I don't like the new Doctor; I like the old Doctor. I'm guessing he means Tom Baker 'cause that's the only Doctor Who I remember him watching. So now I think he needs to see "School Reunion," which I rank up there as one of the best episodes of the new set. And I don't even remember seeing any episodes with Sarah Jane Smith. (Romona, yeah, I remember her, sorta.)

In the meantime, I went looking for the Transformers movie soundtrack, which isn't available yet (or maybe just at Target), and ended up with Highlander: The Search for Vengence, Lost Boys, and The Frightners on DVD; the two Velvet Revolver albums that are out, and CD DVD 2-disc set of Sting's television special on the John Dowland album he did.

That one worried me because I just bought it for the DVD and I thought I got another copy of the "Songs from the Labyrinth" with it. It's the concert versions of 7 songs from the album and the eighth song is "Message in a Bottle" from the concert and I think he accompanied it to the lute. I need to double check the bonus features on the DVD, which include more songs from the concert but "Fields of Gold" instead of Message in a Bottle." And Sting has a labyrinth on his estate. I want one. The problem is I'm rapidly running out of private space to put one. (I will not gripe about my stupid, white-trash step-cousins; Mom has that covered.)

Moving onto happier topics: I love the Highlander mythos. I love the first movie. I love parts of the second movie (Remerez in Hamlet and buying modern clothes; the extended/director's/tried-to-fix-the-problems had great transactions between flashbacks and the opera Connor is watching in the present (a copy of the wrestling scene in the first)). The third movie was the first movie plus an adopted kid, though I give them points for bringing back Garfield. (Or was that Endgame?) I was glad they killed off Connor in Endgame and was already annoyed that the TV series--which I otherwise enjoyed--destroyed the first movie ending.

Highlander: The Search for Vengence is a new McLeod, who keeps wasting his time getting his ass kicked trying to kill the Roman General who killed his wife and Celtic clan for over 2000 years. Only it's animated by the same people who did Ninja Scroll and produced by the Highlander producers. And wow, this animation is better than all the other movie sequels combined. My one complaint was that the transitions between past and present weren't as good as the first Highlander movie, but it's a hard act to follow.

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