Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday plans

Simple plans really. I have to go to AMF meeting tomorrow; so today is homework, website update, and cleaning house.

The poem I'm working on is supposed to be a response to "I Don't Like You, Poetry" and it's being tiresome. The lines are decent but not coming together to form a response. I have other poems to post up for my contribution this week, but I'd feel better about my final project if this one would bam! come together.

I'm not going to talk about Doctor Who in this post. Some of my last posts have been jumbled altogether trying to get everything in my head shared. I need to go back and edit the Highlander movie review into a new post. And remember to add my observation I wish the McLeod clan would make.

3pm Update: I have something on the poem, but I'm still not getting anywhere with it. And then wasting a few hours on fanvids at YouTube and hurting my toe, so I'm packing in the homework for website stuff.

6pm Update: Well I can't do any website updating on Alt. BM Site. And since I have now finished scrubbing everything that needed scrubbing, but don't feel like turning in yet, I think I need to go find food.

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MerylF said...

Interesting Saturday :)