Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good mood replaced by peeved

Supposed to be more fun time today, but Mom would rather sulk because I didn't do things exactly the way she thought they should have been done. And she's pissed off at Dad.

Any wonderings where I got my fucking martyr complex from? From the house next door and she's going to stay sore at me all week. Instead of getting out of bed when I said we could go to the 1:35 feature. My compromise for having slept late. But no I was supposed to call at midnight and wake her up or something.

So yeah, my good mood over actual time off and fitting into another paid of size 16 jeans is evaporated. So I'm concentrating on homework. I'd be willing to give up library time today if I get everything on the list done ahead of time and turned in. No panic on July 30 this way.

I already got another poem done.

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