Sunday, September 02, 2007

Change my genre, STAT!

After today, I have decided my life is either a sitcom or one of those Mexican soap operas (I forget what they are called exactly, but they at least have a conclusion unlike their American counterparts). I don't like being the comedy relief. I am petitioning to be moved to a supernatural thriller. Shooting monsters I can handle. Or possible a cozy mystery. I could so totally handle Jessica Fletcher's job. But nothing too graphic, I don't handle gore well.

Flippant tone translation: Nothing went as planned. NOTHING! My brave stance of seizing the situation and dealing with it turned into a farce. Even the secondary mission to Lafayette went astray. The only good things was finally finding raspberry cider and Pan's Labyrinth only cost me $9.99.

And I don't want to discuss it. So I'm sorry for skipping out on online stuff tonight, but I need to rehydrate and veg-out. So I'm going to trade out the non-working DVD player for one I borrowed from my parents, put on TMNT, drink Powerade until my headache goes away. If I feel up to it after the movie I might be back tonight, but overall how I feel I doubt it.

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