Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stuff I didn't get to yesterday

The Elizabeth I class professor sorta gave me approval on my idea for the big project if I could work Queen Elizabeth in. Since I don't have the garb to play Elizabeth, I think my original idea is out. Maybe I could do something on John Dowland instead.

I was still pondering Joe's Goals, until I found out I was a thundering idiot today. You pick the days you track under options. I only discovered that after I went back to add tags.

Finished cleaning the rest of the counters last night, and the stove and oven this morning. The stove hasn't been that white since it was bought. I don't think I want to keep pots on the stove anymore, not after I had to blast them with the steamer to get them clean too. I still have to go under the rest of the cabinets, but they lack the ability to get to the usable space in order to use it. When I rebuild the kitchen, the cabinetry will be a lot of drawers, pull-out shelves, and built in lazy-susans. I have short arms and boobs that don't allow for crawling into tight places.

So the kitchen is looking damn good. I wish I could say the same about the rest of the house. Okay, the bathroom is fine right now and the back bedroom needs some minor tweaks. The living room and bedroom fall under the needing tweaks category. The office is (as usual) a working disaster area. Wednesday has been the day to deal with that chaos, but that hasn't been working on the chores list for a couple of months now. Maybe I can switch with the weekend chores, but those chores need to be done on Saturday and Sunday for other reasons. Maybe Friday, clean the bathroom and cat things on Wednesday, office mess on Friday. That sounds more doable than the weekend.

Yeap, this is my blog. Watching me work out my nesting problems. And just for the record, if I don't schedule the chores, I will do them all at one time and drive myself batty and beat myself up for not having a Martha Stewart house.

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