Thursday, September 27, 2007

Best definition of procrastination I have found

So when others or myself say, “I’m lazy” what we really mean is “I find that particular task way too unappealing and would rather do something else.” And here lies the true problem of a procrastinator. Cranky Fitness: Guest Post: Lily on Procrastination

It's true, but it seems so much easier to loathe ourselves for it. I don't even pretend to understand the warped reasoning behind that, but I think I want to blame the Puritans.

Today has started off well. I switched the Friday and Wednesday chores around last night, and added cleaning the office to Thursday. Now this cleaning has nothing to do with filing or the computer, but taking all the damn piles sliding over every surface and consolidating them into neater piles at least if it's stuff I can't put away. So I now have desk surface again. Also today is the first day I got through everything on the chore list. My current theory on that is once I get the house clean, the chore list becomes more of a maintenance list and will be quicker to do.

Eventually, I will have to add Internet computer stuff to the schedule. At least a reminder to go check on Alt. BM Site and do so more yelling for more moderators. And to get the RSS feed set up correctly.

As I have downloaded music from the hard drive to the mp3 player, it is inescapable that My Music folder on the hard drive is a mess. So cleaning it out is something to do when I'm bored and have nothing else. Music should be organized in folders of the bands and album titles and I should leave the inspiration folders on the mp3 player, playlists, or a temp folder when I'm burning a CD. I think that will cut down on my duplicated files. Also discovered my ears are the wrong size for earbud headphones. They don't sit inside my ear hole and the ones that are supposed to wrap around the outside of the ear like glasses are too big for my ear lobes. I haven't had a chance to use the wrap-around-the-back-of-the-head headphones yet, and the way they feel on my head will take getting used to. I don't think I could run or walk very fast with them on; they don't feel like they are going to stay in place.

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