Monday, September 17, 2007

Robert Jordon

I hadn't had the guts to start on the Wheel of Time series, having seen the rabid devotion to it first hand. (Wise person knows their limitations.) But I hoped he would be able to finish what he had started.

Unfortunately, he won't. Making Light: Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney), 1948-2007

The best comment in the thread so far is #47 from Diane Duane:
Ah, hell. We didn't know him well, but the time we met in Dublin, he was just a joy to be around.

(sigh) At the moment, seems like the best way to honor his memory is to go work on a book.

And as usual Eric Burns at Websnark nails the feeling.

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Sharp said...

Actually, it will be finished. According to his blog and Wikipedia, he left enough notes for the last book to be written. Who knows who'll manage it, though. That'll be no small task, wrapping up such a huge story with so many loose ends to tie up.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

But it still not the same. It's like saying the Children of Hurin is all J.R.R. Tolkien's work. Or the last smattering of Dune books are all Frank Hebert's. Yeah, they are based on notes and stuff but it's just as much shaped by the others who finished them.

And Jordan still didn't get the miracle to let him write "The End."

So unlike the Pern series that one of the kids took over, I can read Wheel of Time and finish it. But it still doesn't diminish the disappointment.