Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just so you know

Today is a better day. Having a full night's sleep and even just half-a-workout improves things. No, I didn't get everything done on my list this morning, but after yoga class tonight is looking better for doing stuff. Especially since, yoga got moved back by a half-hour. I can eat supper early!

The grades: I'm sticking with my original ideas to write the bloody cards out ahead of time so I can get started on the real research for the papers. I am slowed down by having to throw out articles I had pick, but not as badly as I feared discussing during class break last night. But at least I'll have something to edit when I see next week instead of the vacuum of this week.

Continuing the Have You Ever Wanted to Give Up Post

Also keeping an eye on this discussion at J.A. Konrath's blog about POD. I liked one of the ideas mentioned in the comment trail: using to produce personal copies for friends and family to read, instead of giving them a manuscript. Having used Kinko's for Mama Morning's gift book, I was less than impressed with their capabilities (though that could have been mostly the tech I was working with). Lulu might have cost me more out of pocket, but I think the end result would have looked a little bit better. Also looking at a novel manuscript in the binder; it just doesn't file well. I know, I know, I need to get away from my reliance on dead trees. But... having lost the digital form of earlier stuff due to disk degradation so it only exists on the paper printout, I still get the willies. Even though I know CDs are better in that regard than floppies. A bound book would actually fit into the filing cabinet better than a binder. (Trust me, the last office cleaning had me juggling all the binders to various home spots trying to find where they would fit. One day, a real library and a real office and the office can have a bookcase sized for binders only.)

Nothing I see happening anytime soon, but I want to remember the idea.

Great post on re-motivating yourself. Aimed with fitness, but still useful.

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