Friday, September 14, 2007

While finding quotes

And Google Books went right to the page I needed. Make of that what you will.

However one of the links that came up was this: Placet: timeline. Course I had to click around to answer the WTF?! echoing silently in my head. (Not out loud because my coworkers don't like displays of random like that.) They give explanation in Placet 101.

I need pictures to add to the blog very quickly. Words fail me right now, but I think a dumbfounded face would work. Hell, it could even be of cat.

Edit: Okay, found one. lolcats funny cat pictures

And I suppose someone is going to say I have no write to be astonished. After all I mixed BMFM, TMNT, and Kung Fu: the Legend Continues into one universe. And sent one character visiting across dimensions so he landed with Legend of Zelda and Gargoyles.

And it not the most convuluted mash-up I've ran across. That honor belongs to a Gargoyles fanfic that mixed Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, X-Men, Highlander, and possibly a few more I can't remember. Brooklyn's kid became a Slayer triggering a prophecy about when the three races all had a slayer (Gargoyle: Arianna, Human: Faith, Fae: Buffy because she's related to a certain Scott Summers and mutants are the result of human/fae crossbreeding.)

The chorus from Monty Python's Holy Grail sprang to mind and I obeyed after just that much.

And I adore both Harry Potter and Lord Peter. Hell, I want Universal Studios to open Harry Potter World and figure out how to run a LARP in it. But meshing two worlds so separated by time and genre, I can't figure out how and have no desire to read it. Good luck with it. And I hope the Sayer estate isn't as go-get-'em when it's people who aren't selling it. Laurie R. King's story

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