Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Perfect ending

The day looked like it was getting a smidgen better, or at least I could tolerate it to barrel through. Then I found out I made a D on my first assignment in the Robert Frost class.

I have never made that low in English ever.

And I feel that I'm probably going to flunk the second annotated bibliography card because I forgot about the 5-page-long article rule and did it on a great article, printed in a tiny journal that was only 2 and half pages long. Sure nice of him to let us out early, in that case.


Why did I go back to school? Oh yeah, I missed academic discourse and it was less stressful than trying to work two full-time jobs. And I thought it would strength my resolve to write.

*Headdesk* again.

He's a resonably okay guy, the professor, when he's not grading papers. And surprisingly, I'm enjoying Frost's poetry, which I can say I would have never sought out to read without the class making me.

It's just I feel like crap warmed over, and a low grade makes me feel like stupid crap warmed over. Especially getting points off for using "But" instead of "However." It's not one of my word choices unless I'm trying to be pretentious. And pretentious papers suck.

*Headdesk* literally.

I'm going to finish the bottle of raspberry cider, buy one of the games I downloaded and play it until the cider is gone, and then I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is Thursday. If I get up on time, I can make up my workout, clean the kitchen (if I don't have a remorse attack and do it tonight), and grab some writing time before leaving for work.

That schedule would be a whole lot easier if the paying job didn't insist on a dress code.

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