Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House chores catch up

Since school started, I let the housework really go. The red rug in my bedroom is orange now because Mustard likes sleeping on it. I started tweaking the chore list and getting stuff done.I hoped yesterday would get a lot off the list, but about four hours of the day was spent at the doctor's office with Uncle Scott. Between that and the presentation for class, I didn't accomplish much. It always has been a chip-away process.

But I've been chipping for a whole week and what have I accomplished? I reorganized the bathroom and discovered I don't need to buy shampoo, soap, or lotion for a while. The last two thanks to easy gifts from coworkers (when in doubt get a bath set). I have no idea why I have more shampoo than I can use in a year.

Press 'n stick tile on the bottom of the kitchen sink cabinet. I had laid down leftover linoleum in the cabinets but I didn't have enough for all of them, didn't really like it in there, and never glued it down. So when I decided to install pullout baskets to organize the cleaning supplies, the baskets got caught on the linoleum and didn't pull out. I thought I had to wait until Mom was done with her remodeling project to get tile, but I found a box I had bought and forgot about. Cleaning out the cabinets is on the list, so I got one cabinet finished. I do need a paper cutter to get my lines straighter before tackling another cabinet.

After Mom bragged about how well her steamer cleaned her floors, I finally dragged out the unit that was given to me. Steam Zapper, a hand-held model with more steaming power than the tiny ones for clothes. I think Mom found it at a garage sale or something and gave it to me two or three years ago. I finally open it this morning with the idea that if I don't have to pull out the mop bucket it is a good thing and maybe it could perform a miracle on the stove mess.

The only piece missing was the measuring cup, so I had to guess the correct water level. I aimed it at the counter first. It worked great getting the junk off with needing to use any cleaners. I wasn't as impressed with the faucet; it probably needs cleaner. But the real test was the electric can opener that has collected a residue of grease from the stove that nothing would cut through. The steamer did. I'm thinking now it may work faster with a few squirts of lemon juice or vinegar. By the time I'm finished with the counters and stove, I'll be ready to try the floor. And the vacuuming will be done to.

Another reason to start now on the slow and steady cleaning movement (slow is down pat) is Chad will be coming to get his stuff soonish. It doesn't add a lot of space to the house, but I will be able to move some things around. Namely boxes of mine out of the office where they impede the path, maybe in the hall where his closet is now. Redecorating ideas like that. Maybe I'll move the chair from the living room to where his dresser is now in the bedroom. At least most of his stuff in the kitchen and back bedroom are boxed up. And the fridge! We were using his dorm fridge for a separate drink fridge. I measured and if I move the shelves and move the big fridge four inches closer to the doorway, there is enough room for the portable dishwasher I found without it living in the middle of the kitchen all the time! Where to put the dishwasher has been one of my major brakes on buying one.

Mustard using me as a jungle gym I have already covered. Now I need to figure out do I move my workouts to the porch or move the bench inside.
Pro outside: away from Mustard, rest of family still has access to bench, no tripping over weights in living room.
Con outside: fluctuating temperatures, can't listen to the radio or watch TV while working out, creating a show for the neighbors, weather affecting my weights, will need to clean porch, Mom will yell about me buying weight.

I'm still undecided.

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