Friday, September 07, 2007

New month, new plans

The relentless goal to improve myself marches on. Though I'm not sure that the goal is relentless or marching.

Tortured metaphors aside, this time of a fresh new month is a time to assess and reaffirm.

Weight loss: is about a pound a week as long as I
Exercise: according to the schedule. Home workout is slowly getting crammed into my schedule and I need to go to yoga class more regularly. Of course, over-doing it and injuring myself for the remainder of the week doesn't help the schedule. And stick to more veggies or otherwise known as
Healthy Eating: cooking and shopping groove hasn't been found yet. Also need a bigger lunch box and healthy snacks for the job. But cost is less of a worry now that the
Budget: is working. I need to fill out last month's tracking charts and finish the exercises in Suze Orman's book, but at least I don't feel like I'm falling into an abyss anymore.

Now for the items to concentrate on in September.

Writing: including homework. Yes, it will have to be shoved to grabbed time and marathon sessions on the weekend. But I have a sane weekly word count goal; just write already! And study.
Internet usage: I came across a crackpot idea of assigning time a day as the only Internet time as a way to save time or at least not waste it. I know I spend way too much time watching the 'Net and not even participating any more. But how much time is enough time to check? That will take some experimenting. For now, all I'm definite on is while at work before 7:30am and when I get home until 9:00pm. Lunch hour will now be homework/writing time. (Other people manage this, I can too.)
House projects: Use holidays to cross something off the list and try to do more regularly.
Friend time: reach out and connect. And then try to suck them into my blog. (Out-of-town friends are already in my blog, and the personal touch will have to wait until vacation time.)
Free time: Yes, have some. I don't know when, but go see movies, visit the national parks, do something touristy.
Anything unresolved: deal with it as soon as physically possible.
Update Google Calender: self-explanatory.

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